Ryan Seacrest Does it All….and Then Some

Since taking over for Michael Strahan more than a year ago as Kelly Ripa’s Live co-host, the already busy life of Ryan Seacrest has reached unprecedented levels. The successful Live with Kelly and Ryan morning variety show is the start of Seacrest’s jam-packed day. In addition to filming five episodes of Live with Kelly and Ryan each week, Seacrest also just wrapped up another season of hosting the venerable American Idol reality show. Juggling these two shows is just the tip of the iceberg, as Seacrest also is a prominent radio host, leading a nationally-syndicated radio show with KIIS-FM, On Air with Ryan.

The work does not stop there for Seacrest. As a budding entrepreneur, Seacrest has launched both the Polished skincare line, as well as a men’s clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Both of these lines showcase trends, materials, and ingredients that are important to him and his lifestyle. Throughout all these business ventures, Seacrest takes time to give up to the communities in his life. The nonprofit Ryan Seacrest Foundation operates locations at nine children’s hospitals located throughout the country, established to provide joy to ill children and their caregivers.

According to nytimes.com, despite all of these duties, Seacrest is still committed to finding time for himself and nurturing himself both physically and mentally. Seacrest is a believer in beginning each day with a matcha tea, in an effort to bring clarity and cleanliness to his day. Seacrest, the producer and TV host, also takes care to nurture his physical health with a regimented exercise routine, going as far as to bring his personal trainer along with him on business trips. As a vegan, Seacrest also recognizes that balance is the key to a healthy life and as such, he does not feel guilty when he wants to indulge in good food and drink. In recent months, Seacrest has discovered the value of unplugging from life and letting his mind relax. Although his diagnosed attention deficit disorder prevents him from fully engaging in meditation, Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is an advocate of disconnecting from his phone in an effort to unwind and gain inner peace.

Feel free to connect with Ryan on InstaGram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Agora Financial Helps Businesses Manage Costs And Improve Its Bottom Line

Many small or midsize businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the bottom line. By seeking the proper financial advice and cost-effective strategies, these businesses can improve their financial structure in more ways than they would’ve ever imagined. Agora Financial is one of the most reputable sources in the world that offer top quality financial advice, unbiased investment opportunities, economic commentary, analysis and so much more through its sought-after analysts and publications. Agora Financial is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, they have provided millions of consumers with its series of premier publications, videos and online seminars that has helped each individual secure their financial future.

Agora Financial’s talented team of editors are dedicated to offer their insights on the current economic climate and provide superior strategies to substantially build your investment portfolio. Businesses must be mindful of their marketing approaches and curtail massive email campaigns. Agora Financial believes that by following a more customer-centric approach, it will generate more sales and repeating clients that will overtime take part in improving the bottom line. By adopting this approach for marketing your business in general will make the potential customers feel more comfortable, well-educated and trusting of your products or services. Popular search engines such as Google are now penalizing online content that come off as too “promotional” and are focusing on a more customer-centric approach as well.

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Innovation Training Through Neurocore

It has not been many seasons that have passed since Portland Trail brazers found themselves in trouble. The strings of being defeated were the thing crushing their spirit. They didn’t point their fingers or even lose they had to pull themselves in a close way where they came to find a way to raise their game. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

It is an innovative way where athlete training is done by protocol, but biofeedback has become the successful way where they can be able to treat the conditions like high blood pressure or chronic pain. Having more information regarding the brain’s electrical function, the patient will be able to learn how to control what becomes essentially involuntary role like heart rate. By doing so, why can’t it be able to help those athletes doing it professionally, who can achieve the peak performance in case they are able to keep their game at the head?

Both the Cousins and Trail Blazers had to seek a help from the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. This organization was founded by Dr. Tim Royer who is a neuropsychologist. According to Dr. Tim, he is much convinced that having brain training might be the next level for the world athletics performance. It’s something that everyone’s is not doing.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

The doctor’s processes are able to teach the athletes how they will get into the zone of their peak performance willingly. They will be able to slow down their brain down which will help it to recover efficiently together with other body systems. The athletes are not only good with athletics but have also strong mentally. They can be able to perform no matter the pressure they are put under them. What can they do because they have been prepared mentally for it?

When they finish their game, they then use training to wind down which help to lower the activity of their brain so that it can be more tranquil level and they will have restorative sleep following.

The mind doesn’t play a new concept but just a very important role in the body’s performance. Having mental strength is for the military training. Athletes restore their memory and slow their brain when they start psyching themselves. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Heather Russell: Beating the Odds

It is common knowledge that more men than women hold leadership positions within companies. However, in the last several years, there has been a huge push to close the gender gaps. While those gaps are becoming narrower, there is still a long way to go until complete equality is reached. A study conducted out of the University of California, Davis, suggests that companies who had at least a couple of women in leadership positions out-performed those who had only men holding the same positions. Heather Russell is a prime example of one of these women who holds a leadership position in a large corporation.

Beginning June 4, 2018, Heather Russell took on the roles of Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President at Transunion. Russell, who is replacing John Blenke, will have a number of responsibilities at Transunion which will include all legal responsibilities, government interactions, company governance and obedience, and consumer confidentiality functions.

Before joining the Transunion’s team, Heather Russell was a partner at the law firm Buckley Sandler. During her time at Buckley Sandler, Russell was the in charge of running the FIRST department, which stands for Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology. Her responsibility in this position consisted of helping clients evaluate and address their challenges related to regulations; an example would be helping a client with their mergers and acquisitions.

Before her time at Buckley Sandler, Heather Russell held a number of other positions that gave her the experience necessary for her leadership role at Transunion. For example, she held executive and leadership positions at Fifth Third Bank, Bank of America, and Bank of New York Mellon.

Heather Russell received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and English from The College of William and Mary. She continued her education at American University’s Washington College, where she graduated cum lade with her law degree.

Additional source: https://math.richmond.edu/faculty/hrussell/

Equities First Holdings Uses Their Position In Australia

Since Equities First Holdings started working in Australia, they knew how to help people and give them positive experiences. They also knew there were things they could do that would make a difference for all their clients. Because Equities First Holdings worked so hard on their Australia office, it made sense for them to continue offering positive experiences for all their customers. They always wanted people to realize they could enjoy different opportunities while they were using the business for every purpose. It was their goal of creating positive outcomes that allowed the company to keep performing no matter what they did. It was also something they were comfortable with no matter what issues people had with them.

By the time the company started offering experiences in Australia, more people were interested than ever before. In fact, Equities First Holdings grew a lot when they started working in Australia. They help individuals who have a lot of net worth and businesses get the solutions they need. They are one of the only companies that offer non-purpose capital loans for people who are in these positions. They do what they can do give their customers the best experiences no matter what issues they have.

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OSI Food Solutions Gets Bigger By Buying Unprofitable Stores

Then they close the unprofitable stores.

They have the complication of the prices established by the companies, especially for the sale items. OSI Food Solutions Keeps prices stable. They tend to be large and need many businesses to be profitable, as they keep profit margins low on most items.

But in areas where there are few profits or where food habits make the products transported by a large supermarket chain have little demand, there is still a niche market for small and inde cpendent markets. OSI Food Solutions just recently acquired Tyson Foods. OSI Food Solutions has gotten a large share of unperforming stores, and has made them profitable, under their guidance.

Most of these are members of a cooperative where they have access to a larger selection but choose products that sell well in their store; and they can set their own prices and profit margins. OSI Food Solutions has become the go-to company for food store acquisitions and knowledge.

One of the important factors in the food deserts is not the economic level of the population, but the lack of diversity. People eat foods that they are familiar with and know how to make them.OSI Food Solutions has brought a “new world” flavor to a uncompetitive establishments. In old neighborhoods and rural areas where there is not much migration (people entering and leaving) there may be a stratification effect. Only some vegetables are sold, as well as certain cuts of meat, certain grains.

This becomes an important factor in which grocery stores remain in business there. However, they lack the big picture of conglomeration, and going with a problem solving definition of quality, and sustenance. Sustainability is key factor to overcoming poor business structure.

This is a stagnation of business…the owners only deal with their regular customers and have no intention of diverse dealings with the public outside their environment. This is bad, and can cause low business, or unperformance in their stores. They are thus scaring away new customers by operating in such a closed and exclusive manner.

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Talos Energy Is Changing The Energy Business With The Acquisition Of Stone Energy

Instead of getting their own initial public offering, which is often referred to as IPO, it seems that the mega company Talos Energy instead decided to acquire the controlling interests in the company Stone Energy and with this acquisition created an even stronger offshore energy player who has its main focus in the US and Mexican sides of the Gulf of Mexico. Even though it is a private equity firm this company is Houston based and now trading on the New York stock exchange under the symbol TALO. Chief Executive Tim Duncan with Talos Energy now owns a large majority 63% of the combined company and the Stone Energy shareholders have the remaining 37%.

It seems that with the excellent assets and capital programs that are purely focus on returns Talos is becoming an extremely likely business opportunity for others outside of the US and offshore of the Gulf of Mexico and is continually positioning themselves to capitalize on greater opportunities as well. Even though Talos Energy was only founded 6 years ago the idea was always to take Talos public. The idea of IPO was had previously as a desire to do so in 2014 or 2015, however, with the oil industry not doing so well then those plans were put on hold and an even greater opportunity was granted with Stone acquisition. We also see that other Apollo Global Management and another major private equity firm River Stone Holdings added significant influence on the financial stability and foundation of Talos Energy.

Striking it big and the previous summer when off shore of Mexico see that Talos had received some of its first in major bids when Mexico had it energy reform process and is opened up many avenues for Talos Energy to invest abroad with foreign investors. Stone energy also had to file bankruptcy in 2016 to protect themselves during the collapse of oil prices the year before and had been operating for over 20 years previously. The powerhouse company was acquired and with Talos Energy and Stone remaining resources is now proving to be a powerful combination.

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Jed McCaleb- Innovator in the Cryptocurrencies Industry And Co-Founder Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder Stellar Development Foundation, an organization that is looking for ways of making the cryptocurrencies industry safe. The company is currently involved in projects that could finally give the world, a safe payment network that will be used for cryptocurrencies. Jed McCaleb started the company in 2014. He had worked with other firms which gave him experience in the industry. He was then ready to manage his business, and that is how Stellar came to be born. McCaleb is one of the committed fellows in the industry who want to see the industry grow and cryptocurrencies get the attention they deserve.

Jed McCaleb is interested in growing the core business of Stellar, which is to facilitate better payments and remittances. The main goal he has is to create a network that will be the standard way of transacting money and which people will learn about organically. It is expected that Stellar will launch its exchange in 2018 which will include fiat to fiat capabilities as well as token sales and ICO fundraising. The organization will be working with various financial institutions to ensure that the new exchange succeeds.

Jed McCaleb joined this industry in 2010 when he learned about the emergence of a cryptocurrency that could not be controlled. He read about it in an article and immediately started following up on the topic. Bitcoin had just been launched, but very few people knew about it. McCaleb was among the first people who joined Bitcointalk and helped in creating awareness about it.

Jed McCaleb can be talked about as one of the biggest innovators in the blockchain industry. In 2011, he created one of the best exchanges that the industry have seen. Mt. Gox was a centralized bitcoin exchange platform. It was one of its kind since all others were needed one to cooperate with others. He later sold Mt. Gox but retained a 12% stake in it. He needed to concentrate on other activities in the industry. In 2014, Mt. Gox was hacked, and it went down due to bankruptcy.

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Jeunesse Global spreads health and wealth with its Youth Enhancement System

One of the most talked-about success stories to come out of the global health and beauty industry over the last 10 years has been that of Jeunesse Global. The company was founded in 2009 by a pair of Florida retirees who were just looking for a way to pass the time. But over the following 9 years, Jeunesse global would grow into one of the most important brands in the global health and beauty space, taking on some of the biggest and most well established names in the industry.

When founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started Jeunesse Global out of their Florida garage back in 2009, they knew that they wanted to do things a little differently. The couple had already experienced a decades-long career of creating some of the most successful startups in the North American direct-selling business. Millionaires by the age of 30, Ray and Lewis had little interest in accumulating more material wealth; they already had far more money than they could spend in three lifetimes.

Instead, the couple wanted to create a company that would help people across the globe, no matter what country or socioeconomic class they were from, to reach their health, beauty and financial goals. The result has been a company with more than a dozen highly innovative health and beauty products that has thousands of active distributors across the planet.

The magnum opus for Jeunesse Global has been its Youth Enhancement System, a basket of more than a dozen products that help people stay looking young, feeling great and operating at peak performance. The Youth Enhancement System helps people to get all of their health and beauty needs taken care of in one place. Whereas someone may have needed to go to 14 different sources in the past to get all of the top-quality beauty and health products that they needed, now, with the Youth Enhancement System, their Jeunesse Global distributor can put them on an automatically recurring order plan, requiring no effort at all to obtain their needed health and beauty supplies.

The Youth Enhancement System is helping people across the globe to stay looking and feeling young.


From Production Duo to Band – An Interview with Alex Pall

One of the many collaborators that have worked with The Chainsmokers is Halsey. She teamed up with Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall for “Closer,” one of the biggest songs created by The Chainsmokers.


The song was historic because it was the first time either of The Chainsmokers performed the vocals on their own song. In the past, The Chainsmokers were a production group, relying on other artists to work with them to provide vocals for their tracks. Now, with Andrew Taggart acting as front man, the career of The Chainsmokers can only improve.


During the promo tour for “Closer,” Alex Pall conducted an interview where he revealed the origin story of The Chainsmokers, discussed future music, and talked about how their live show may be changing in the future. He also talked about Halsey, describing her as incredible, cool, and unique.


Pall said music was taking over his life, even before he was introduced to Andrew Taggart. Taggart was going to college in Maine when Pall’s manager contacted him and set up a meeting between the two musicians.


“So I took the bus down to New York City from Maine, where I’m from, and met Alex,” said Andrew Taggart, who was also in attendance for the interview.


According to Alex Pall, both members of the group knew things would work out fine from the beginning. Their first couple of times seeing each other consisted of conversations about important topics like music interests and motivations. This lead to a trusting understanding of each other because they knew each other had similar goals and ambitions.


“It was like 9 AM to 7 PM,” Alex Pall said. “We got together every day and worked on music and created out identity as artists.”


As previously stated, they also talked about their live show, telling the interviewer about the progress possible due to having a new lead singer.


[“Closer”] is going to dramatically change the way our shows work,” said Alex Pall. The Chainsmokers will be able to deliver fans a more streamline concert experience now that the band has an official lead singer.