Focus on Diversant and the Principal Executive John Goullet

Diversant refers to a fully certified MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise) and also the largest IT staffing firm based in United States and owned by African-Americans. It offers a wide range of IT staffing as well as other diversity products like direct hire, innovative diversity resolutions and IT staff augmentation. Diversant offers services and products based on transformative ideas to meet the needs of associates and their clients and not forgetting the communities they usually serve. Diversant uses a consultative type of approach and engages its clients like business partners. It assists clients to solve some of their critical issues as opposed to just acting as simple commodity suppliers.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is the current Principal of Diversant, LLC. John started his career as a consultant in IT before he switched to the IT staffing sector in 1994. As he clearly understood the market trends that were emerging, he founded an IT staffing company, Info Technologies. It aimed at providing solutions to the Fortune 500 organizations that existed nationwide. In a span of 5 years, Info Technologies managed to grow up to $30 M, this earned it number 8 on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing private firms present in United States.

In the year 2010, he and Gene merged DIVERSANT Inc. and Info Technologies to form the present DIVERSANT LLC. John, as the Principal, is now able to continue with his passion of developing new forms of facing the challenges that are present in the IT marketplace that is ever-evolving. Previously, he had served at the Computer Sciences Corp., 1981 – 1983. He also had a stint at the Constell Group, Piscataway from 1983 – 1986 among other various other corporations. As an entrepreneur, John loves working hard for all he has in life and he does not like getting things handed down to him. He handles IT with a lot of respect, dignity, class and honor. This is what makes him different from the rest. He graduated from the Ursinus College.

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