IAP Worldwide Services’ Achievements during Disaster Relief

Background of IAP

IAP Worldwide Services is a world-class provider of global-scale logistics, professionals, and technical services to support the mission of the U.S. military. With over 1,600 employees in over 110 locations across 25 countries, IAP addresses logistical and technological problems experienced in the public and private sectors. For IAP, field specialists engage the unexpected ranging from natural calamities to mission support. With an extensive experience in planning and execution of logistical and technical projects, IAP responds at a moment of notice. IAP Worldwide Services maintains and manages remote research centers, temporary military installations, and civilian facilities. IAP delivers professionals, program management, and technology required to support workforce flexibility in the world.

For over six decades, IAP Worldwide Services has built an excellent reputation as a responsive and dependable market leader committed to meeting customers’ expectations. At IAP, the issues that keep customers restless are the same that maintain the company on toes. By adopting customers’ mission as theirs, IAP stands out the pact amid increased competition. IAP channels its passion, commitment, and expertise into innovative solutions and exceptional results.

IAP acquires DRS Technologies’ business units

As part of its long-term development strategy, IAP Worldwide has integrated two of DRS Technologies’ business units to form, Aviation and Engineering Solution. DRS Technologies’ business units include A&L located in Oklahoma City and Aberdeen-based Tactical Communications & Solutions. A&L specializes in logistics and aircraft repair whereas TCNS provides mission support services, IT, and engineering.

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According to Doug Kitani, IAP’s head of operations, integrating DRS Technologies’ business units expands IAP’s addressable market more than double. Integration of aircraft, networking technologies, and communication services is a natural fit for IAP, as it expands the portfolio of services and solutions to the U.S. Defense Department.

The acquisition strategy was established earlier in 2015 based on organic and inorganic growth. IAP Worldwide Services experienced organic growth through continuous innovation, customer focus, and adopting the lean concept. Conversely, inorganic growth is experienced by integrating complementary business units. Doug believes that the acquisition demonstrates support of IAP’s shareholders and its commitment to providing solutions to complex technological and logistical problems.

IAP responds to the Hurricane

According to a recent PRNewswire, IAP has been called upon to provide disaster relief in support of Hurricane Mathew for FEMA regions IV and V. IAP’s emergency response to Hurricane Mathew include emergency power generation, commodities, rescue personnel, and communication systems. In 2011, during the hurricane season, IAP deployed over 100 power generation experts to activate emergency power throughout Maryland, New York, and New Jersey.

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