Be Different Get A Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires have been used to make rings and other jewellery for centuries. This comes from the fact that sapphires have been considered one of the hardest gemstones. In the Moh’s Scale, the gemstones scoops a nine out of ten score. This hardness makes it a durable gemstone for rings. Moreover, sapphire maintains its lather even under harsh conditions. When used to make engagement rings, the buyer is sure to use the ring for years, and can be passed on for centuries still maintaining its luster and beauty.

Contrary to the belief that sapphires are only found in crystal blue color, sapphires come in a variety of colors. The gemstone contains iron and traces of chromium which play a huge role in color variation. The gemstone is also found in shades of pink, purple, grey and even black. This guarantees the buyer of a wide variety of colors. When looking for a sapphire ring, you can use the color of the eye to match the color of the ring.

Sapphire gemstones have been treasured for so many years by the medieval world. Sapphires symbolize royalty, power and respect in the Greek and also with the British. The Greek kings used the sapphire for good fortune. For important documents, they would use it during signing of contracts for good luck. Additionally, the gemstone signified faithfulness, trust and wisdom, which was why the gemstone was used to make rings for weddings and engagements.

Having seventy seven years of experience in sapphires, the Naturals Sapphire Company has adequate knowledge of the gem. The company specializes in natural sapphires straight from the suppliers’ mines. They buy these gemstones from authentic and reliable suppliers, cut it and come up with the most elegant rings the world has ever seen.

The Natural Sapphire Company is a great listener to its customers. The company is well versed with sapphires and thus shares the information with their clients. They walk the clients through the selection and helps them come to a desired choice. After which, the company listens to what type of ring they want and goes ahead to manufacture them. The experience is wonderful and the sapphire rings are exquisite.

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