EOS is a Popular Lip Balm Giant

Lip balm has been a popular grocery store and drugstore product for many decades at this point. There weren’t always many exciting options in lip balm products available to shoppers, however. Shoppers often had to resort to bland “original” products. If they were lucky, they had access to flavors such as mint and cherry, too. EOS is a lip balm company that has relatively recently given the lip balm world a major overhaul. It’s been a big force in the lip balm universe for roughly seven years now. People began seeing EOS’ distinctive lip balms in stores everywhere slowly but surely. These products were available in Walmart, Target and Walgreens locations. They became tough for shoppers to ignore. People responded extremely well to them. Top national beauty writers couldn’t resist them, either. They frequently waxed poetic about EOS’ exciting and diverse flavors. Grapefruit and honeydew lip balms were particularly beloved. Celebrities also took the cue. People noticed big stars like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus making use of EOS lip balm products.

EOS’ (Evolution of Smooth) items were all the rage. Readers saw them grace the pages of popular magazines. EOS quickly became a major phenomenon. The company’s leadership division is only now discussing its impressive business approach. EOS’ seemingly meteoric rise to fame has been quite a mystery until now. EOS’ team members established an enormous $250 million business that doesn’t look to be slowing down any time in the near future. Kline is a notable research and consulting business that indicates that EOS is the United States’ number two lip balm manufacturer, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html. Burt’s Bees is actually the only brand that beats EOS. Although Blistex and Chapstick have been popular lip balm manufacturers for many decades, EOS has actually managed to surpass both of them, interestingly enough. EOS is a lip balm giant.


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