Bruce Levenson, Managing Partner Of Atlanta Hawks And Founder of UCG

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur who is best known for being the managing partner of one of the biggest NBA teams, that being the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the most prestigious teams in the American Basketball scene and are also known to be one of the richest teams among the lot. A lot of the team’s progress and development can be attributed to the help from Bruce Levenson, and all the positives that he had brought along with him when he became managing partner of the team. He leads this position along with his long-time friend and business partner Ed Peskowitz. The duo had formed a company together back in 1977 which is what raked them a fortune which was enough to buy out a $750 million men’s basketball team, reveals Forbes Magazibe. The duo acquired possession of the team in 2006 as part of an auction, where they emerged victorious among other bidders. With the experience that Bruce Levenson had gained all through the years while working with numerous companies, he helped the team become what it is today. By giving the team all the help they need and the best of resources to guide them, the Atlanta Hawks have shattered all expectations to emerge as one of the best teams in the NBA.

Bruce Levenson has always been an entrepreneur who has possessed a relatively good business sense. When he started United Communications Group (UCG), he had no idea how big the company would end up being, as it is today. Through hard work and dedication, he took the brand and brought it up right from its roots to make it the company it currently is.

When Bruce Levenson first had the idea to start up his company, he was faced with numerous challenges which stood in between him and his success. He began working at United Communications Group right out of his home in Maryland with his business partner. Back then, the company began as a newsletter which gave readers all the necessary information regarding the oil and petroleum sector. The newsletter quickly caught on, and its viewership began to increase, soon gaining the attention of big oil companies who wanted to invest into it.

Today, United Communications Group offers database management services to oil companies and provides other industries all the necessary information regarding the oil and petroleum sector. The company also provides analytics to these businesses and helps them develop their companies further.

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