NuoDB: Bring the Past to the Future

NuoDB is an SQL database for cloud technologies. It was created to create efficient and distributed deployment in the cloud. When a new server is added to the NuoDB database, it runs faster and without sharding.
NuoDB differs from traditional SQL databases in its use of a three-tier structure that works in a more layered approach. This allows NuoDB to work without close coupling an application which has often proved a disadvantage in other databases. The system ensures all data objects are protected and stored properly by using a unique distribution of atoms and data. NuoDB also uses a multi-version concurrency control to protect all data and prevent any issues that might arise.
For customer support, this cloud database allows customers to safely migrate their applications to the cloud, build new applications, and modernize these applications to fit the current requirements of the ever-changing business and technology world. The user interface is streamlined and simple enough for anyone to use.
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