Something You Didn’t Know About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a known 45 years old Legendary Brazilian whose music history few know about. Due to the demands of his career, and the success, few would not think that he started as an instrumentalist in his teenage years. He took up the music in a quest to fulfill the interest and desire to be popular in the world.

a) Casio Audio’s Background
Casio Audi is a Brazilian-financial management expert, who has worked with various companies like Gillette, and Dow chemicals among others. Audi holds an MBA from Sao Paulo University. His fame is attributed to his skills in the management field, which include critical thinking, team leadership, and strategic planning.

b) What You May Not Know About Cassio Audi
Besides the success Cassio holds in the financial management arena, most people do not know that he has a music history. Like most youths, Cassio was keen and explored every opportunity he could find along the way. As a young man in his teen years, together with some children from the same neighborhood, formed a rock music band popularly known in the 80s and 90s, as the Viper.

c) Cassio’s Early Music Life
Cassio’s history in music dates back in 1985 when a band called the Viper was formed. The band produced major hits for both albums and solos, while Cassio was the drummer and instrumentalist. The viper band is known for its production of pop and rock songs, something that was rare in those days.Cassio was involved in the production of popular hits like the ‘Theatre of Fate’ and the ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in the 1980s.These songs became a mega hit leading to the influence of classical music.

d) Viper Band
Cassio’s band formed a metal and neoclassical type of songs, as a result of the metal and classic mix. He took the greatest role of consolidating the band and composing the lyrics and beats. Due to demands his career had, Cassio could not do music full time, however, when time allows, he practices his drumming skills with the band members.Cassio took the greatest role of consolidating the band and composing the lyrics and beats.

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