Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new technology that gets defined as the ability of a machine or a system to perform tasks that essentially require human intelligence. Such includes reasoning, generalizing, and making informed decisions. AI technology aims to enable businesses to engage customers in ways that are exciting and motivating. AI has the capability to change and improve every customer interaction.

AI technology has many roles it plays in improving customer experience in shopping and funneling optimization. First and foremost, AI helps to provide product recommendations to customers from which they choose what they prefer. A machine learning marketing platform developed using AI technology helps to identify patterns of behavior of an online customer. It gets these patterns by gathering and analyzing data from different sources such as their search behavior. From this analysis, the platform can determine the kind of experience the customer expects.

Secondly, AI technology provides an AI-powered matching algorithm which does visual processing when a customer is doing online shopping. It can use images instead of words to analyze a customer’s product search, optimize the results of the search and return similar products. It helps the customer to get what he or she loves and is looking for within a short time and less hassle.

Thirdly, AI technology helps in the personalization of customer experience. Each customer has a unique way of shopping and hence needs to get handled differently. AI, therefore, comes in to analyze each customer’s unique behavior. It does this by gathering intelligence about customers such analyzing consumer’s data, finding trends and preferences that even the dealers themselves may not know. This functions, in turn, helps to personalize the online shopping experience. It also allows retailers to achieve their sales targets.

AI technology is also able to improve customer service. It can provide an algorithm that can analyze and learn from the interactions between shoppers and customer care representatives. The algorithm can, in turn, use the harvested data to optimize customer interactions and handle each customer is a personalized manner.

AI technology does also help in demand forecasting especially during peak seasons. With AI technology, the retailer can know in advance the amount of product they expect to sell during a particular period. It also helps in maintaining the right product mix. As such, this gets achieved by analyzing customer shopping trends. A retailer, therefore, gets insulated from overstocking or understocking situations. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

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