Securus Technologies Changing How Prison Violence is Addressed

If you had to work inside the prison I am employed, most would not last the day. The crowded conditions in our facility mean that inmates are right up and close to every officer working today. If we have to patrol the yard, the inmates have us severely outnumbered and we could be in significant danger if they rallied together against us. When inmates attack rival gang member with weapons, me and my fellow officers must get in that mix and that is where the chance for an officer to get hurt occurs.


Employing more officers is not something the budget could sustain, so officers are given ways to deal with violence that does seem to be having a huge positive impact on the facility as a whole. Case in point, we reached out to Securus Technologies to bring in their telephone call monitoring system to replace the unit we have been using for decades. Right out of the gate we realized this was going to change things quickly because officers are no longer required to sit in that call center and listen to the inmates, it all runs by way of software now.



Securus Technologies has already improved the conditions in well over 2,000 jails in this country, and now our facility was about to experience a transformation. Within hours of the telephone monitoring system in place and running, we were getting alerts to all sorts of issues. Now we get a jump on trouble like when an inmate is taking about how he uses drugs in his cell, how he has a weapon at the ready for a rival gang fight, or when he is begging family to sneak in some medication through our visitor center. The facility has had less violent incidents and everyone is safer as a result now too.


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