Ricardo Tosto is the Best Brazilian Business Lawyer

For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, he/she is required to pursue an undergraduate law degree after which he/she has to pass the bar exam. Brazil has the 3rd largest number of lawyers in the entire world. Ricardo Tosto is among the very prominent lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is a co-founder as well as a partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates. This is the biggest law firm in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto mainly deals with the business law. Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates law firm is composed of over 400 staff members. This law firm is based in Sao Paulo with its satellite officers set in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo Tosto is the one in charge of guiding all the business strategies such as mentoring the junior partners through helping them to build the winning case strategies as well as reviewing their progress in conjunction with handling the ongoing litigation and advisory. This practice handle cases such as business law, corporate litigation, commercial law, as well as banking in conjunction with finance advisory among many other services.

Ricardo Tosto was once rewarded for the establishment of the most prominent mass litigation segment of this law firm. He is highly recognized for his innovativeness in leading the industry. This law firm has a great foundation in both law and finance across Brazil. It serves the largest number of institutional clients and corporates in its portfolio. Ricardo Tosto in conjunction with his associates has a powerful approach. They have intensive and credible experience serving in the Brazilian market. They are tremendously good at analyzing cases and offer significant legal advice in regard to business opportunity and credit recovery. Ricardo Tosto is a specialist in business restriction, banking, credit recovery, mergers, and acquisitions, in conjunction with commercial, administrative and election law among others.

Ricardo Tosto previously served as a the Judicial Reform Committee president of the Brazilian Bar Association based in Sao Paulo. He is associated with the Internationally Bar Association. He is the founder of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party in conjunction with Election Law Studies. RocardoTosto was recently recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best commercial litigation lawyers. Ricardo Tosto dominates the business law. He has published several journals on the subject and given lectures in various universities across Brazil as well.

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