Tempus, co-founder Eric Lefkosky secures additional funding

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan, and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky, recently announced the company he co-founded Tempus, has achieved a feat only a few startups have every done. Tempus is now among the “unicorn” startup companies. Since 2015, Tempus secured $210 million in investments. Eric Lefkofksy attributed the recent investment of an additional $80 million was invested by Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates. With this latest $80 million investment, Tempus is worth about $1.1 billion. Tempus currently employees about 400 employees and hires about 30 new people each month.

Tempus is a healthcare company that provides a tool, which helps create a personalized healthcare plan for cancer patients. Tempus utilizes data from various sources, such as electronic health records, patient historical medical charts, and the molecular data from patients, to identify correlations and trends in order to create a more personalized healthcare experience.

Eric Lefkofsky is also co-founder of Uptake Technologies. Uptake Technologies is data analytical platform currently being utilized by Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistic, and InnerWorking. Uptake Technologies, extracts value from data, creating predictive models, identify data anomalies and trends, in an effort to create actionable plans for execution.

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky, and his wife Liz Lefkofsky, founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, is a private charity whose primary goal is to improve the quality of life of the people in the community. Lefkofsky Family Foundation, ensures access to an education, human rights for women and girls in neglected areas, encouragement of innovative medical research, and generally the expansion of cultural initiatives.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the Art Institute, the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.

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Glen Wakeman Unveils New Organization

Building a successful business is a dream that many people have. While creating a small business and turning it into a successful organization is a big challenge, some individuals continue to show that they have the ability to turn new ideas into successful ventures in a quick period of time.

One person that has show that he has the ability to turn a new business idea into a successful venture is Glen Wakeman. Glen Wakeman is a successful business owner and consultant that has helped to grow a variety of organizations. Today, he is best known for starting Launchpad Holdings, LLC. This organization is a new business concept that was formed in 2017. The business is a new consulting organization that aims to help new business owners turn their business idea into a successful career and organization. This new concept goes along with the rest of his career that has been dedicated in building new businesses from the ground up.

What helps to separate Glen Wakeman and his new company from other consulting firms is that he has a proven strategy that can be used to help any business in any industry. Today, his business focuses on helping grow other organizations using his five pillar approach to success. To be a successful organization, Glen Wakeman believes that a business will need to excel at business execution and sales, human resources and employee management, leadership development, risk management, and finance. Those that are able to excel in these five areas will soon find that they are able to do very well in any industry that they operate in.

The main reason why Glen Wakeman started his new venture was that he wanted to help other companies grow. Over the course of his career, Glen Wakeman has seen many new organizations come up with a great idea but fail to get the business off of the ground. The reason why an organization will fail varies considerably from one business to the next. However, it tends to date back to the fact that it is not meeting one of the areas of focus that his company specializes in.

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“Sujit Choudhry, the Advisor of Advisors”

Sujit Choudhry, the Dean and I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, hold law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He is recognized internationally as an authority on comparative constitutional politics as well as constitutional laws in general. Mr. Choudhry has spoken in well over two dozen countries; combining a wide-range of research plans, with in-depth field skills as an advisor to constitution building actions. Sujit Choudhry is known for his research and how it sheds the light on political topics such as violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics, semi-presidentialism, proportionality; and constitution building. Mr. Choudhry is a constitutional advisor and over his 20 years of researching and working in a broad variety of contexts, he has demonstrated time and time again that he is deserving of his seat on the United Nations Mediation Roster.

Professor Choudhry is well known for his commentary on several aspects of the current political conditions in the nations around the world. For example, the tweet left December 2017 by former Attorney General, Eric Holder, who served under the Obama Administration, became a central point of one of Mr. Choudhry’s commentary. Eric Holder was bothered there was an option of either the firing of Bob Mueller or the crippling the special counsel’s office. Mr. Holder thought it was a no brainer to let the American people decide. He went on to further say that the American people must be heard and seen. Professor Choudhry dissected the comment made by Eric Holder and came up with two short dissertations. Sujit Choudhry stated that Eric Holder was using symbolism in his tweet dealing with the unquestionable constitutional barrier in American democracy, and also, that he was sharing his opinion about the ideas of the governing hopes of citizens and officials that gyrate around the suitability of the behavior of social authorities.

Sujit Choudhry is known for his expertise in political affairs and has touched on many topics. If you look up Mr. Choudhry you will find his commentary on subjects ranging from constitutional democracy opposed in Poland, housekeeping matters that lies within the capacity of consistent constitutional designs, and reasonable arguments to American’s input to constitutional ideas globally. One might assume that Sujit Choudhry, a trusty constitutional advisor for over twenty years, will continue to offer his expertise while facilitating public exchange sessions with civil commonwealth groups. As long as Mr. Choudhry is able, he will continue to raise the bar for political researchers and discourses, check law.nyu.edu.

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SoftBank Group Acquires Fortress Investment Group

SoftBank Group Corp is a leading organization that commands respect because of the success it enjoys in the competitive market. The company announced last December that it had managed to complete the acquisition of the prestigious Fortress Investment Group LCC. The acquisition process was announced several months ago, and everyone was looking forward for the completion of the complex procedure. SoftBank Group stated that it had to part with more than three and half billion dollars in cash for the acquisition. After the transaction, Fortress shares will now be owned and managed by SBG. The management of the organization is very excited about the new transaction, and it is looking forward for a better future. Before the acquisition process was completed, all the conditions set by Fortress had to be satisfactory so that the deal could be approved. All the regulatory approvals were also received by the authorities so that the deal could be complete.

After the new development, the company has announced that all of the Fortress Class A shares will now be converted to have a right to acquire eight dollars in cash. All the merge proceeds will be distributed to the right candidates according to the procedures that have been stated in the definitive proxy that was laid down in June last year. The common stocks from Fortress will no longer be trading in the market after the acquisition. The organization will also be delisted from the popular New York Stock Exchange. The financial results from the successful company will now be consolidated and later on reflected in financial statements. The public will be allowed to access all the information needed about all the financial details taking place in the popular institution. SBG has also stated that it will be announcing any results from the consolidation whenever it is needed.

Thanks to the acquisition, Fortress will be expected to work within SBG as one of the independent businesses. The organization main offices will be in New York City. The management of Fortress will continue to hold their top positions. According to the news shared by the two organizations, the main principals, Randy Nardone, Pete Briger and Wes Edens will be the top leaders in investment company. SoftBank has made it very clear that it will not be changing the business model, leadership, personnel, brand, culture and processes that have been taking place in Fortress so that it cannot affect the success the organization has experienced over the years.

Fortress is not a new company in the American market. The institution has been operating for a long time, and it has managed to capture attention of the people living in the country because of various reasons. First of all, the company has professionals who are highly experienced when it comes to investment activities, and they are willing to go the extra mile to make the customers happy because of the kind of services they give. Under the new management, Fortress is expected to impress customers and offer better services.

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Wes Edens executive sportsman

Wes Edens is a known entrepreneur who owns a sports team and an investor in private equity. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from Oregon state university. He previously worked at Lehman Brothers as a managing director and a partner before joining BlackRock investment management company. He is one of the founders of Fortress Investment company which comprises of five principals. He has been part of Fortress since 1998 beside his interest in property ownership. Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment management firm and has worked with several other companies which give financial management services such as Springleaf company, National star mortgage, Intrawest and New Media Investment. Being a parent to these institutions makes the company stand out in the competitive financial services industry.

Wes Edens has been the co-chairman at the Fortress board of directors from 2009. Fortress Investment company is a firm which manages assets on behalf of investors it also deals with private equity where he is interested in. He played a unique role in the acquisition of Springleaf financial services which Fortress acquired eighty percent of it in the year 2010. This was when he emerged in the papers as a leading lender; he has been the Chairman of the institution since then. He is also in charge of Nation Star Mortgage which is a leading mortgage lender to homeowners. The firm was acquired in 2006 by Fortress Investment Group. While at Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors company he served as the Chairman from 2015 to 2016.

Wes Edens is one of the highest paid executives in the country. He takes home over fifty million dollars annually for the total compensation and dividends which is worth forty-one million dollars. Forbes magazine stated that Wes Edens is worth two and half billion dollars. He was ranked position 369 Forbes 2007 edition, and in 2008 they were position 962 with fellow principals at Fortress Investment Group; Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz. Besides that, Wes owns a basketball team with Larry, a fellow billionaire executive. The own Milwaukee Bucks of National Basketball Association. They acquired the team for five hundred and fifty million of dollars and set to change basketball scene given that they are basketball lovers with their daughters being basketball players. He also has shares worth millions of dollars at Fortress which manages lots of assets worth millions for its clients.

A milestone to Wes Edens entrepreneurship happened in 2017. Its sports team joined e-sports as part of its ventures. The Bucks as there are commonly referred to change its way of doing things using technology. Being part of the NBA teams recognized in the video game was a great achievement to its branding. The esports team is known as Fly quest. The involvement of the team in North American League of Legends Championship meant a great deal being in the championship series is always a good thing for the sports teams. This development, therefore, attracted lots of attention from video games fans.

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Awesomize Your Potential with Jeunesse Global

Nowadays, we hear about youth-enhancement companies that are fixated on some proprietary, synthetic formula or technology that capitalizes on spurious breakthroughs of uncertain origin. It’s a meme of Internet culture that’s done more harm than not, but not all health companies subscribe to this model of marketing. Jeunesse Global is an example of such a company that promotes wellness the proper way, focusing on a complete restorative regimen built from totally natural ingredients.

Jeunesse was given life on September 9, 2009 in a move by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to show commitment to their vision of youthful wellness for everyone in the world regardless of age, sex or beliefs. The company was fired up over the coals of other successful ventures that the duo had found, and the best of their entrepreneurial knowledge came together under the banner of what would one day join the ranks of the fastest-growing direct-sales names in the world. With their loyal base of followers (the “Jeunesse family”), Randy and Wendy have expanded their offerings and developed into a company of excellent repute.

What They Offer

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is Jeunesse’s proprietary nine-step system to restore complete youthfulness on both functional and aesthetic fronts. Each step consists of a array of products under a banner name, and they all target a different series of problems in the human body that result in aging and general breakdown over the years of wear and tear. As such, the administration of each product line varies in approach and aims to tactically introduce essential resources that the body can then use to naturally regulate its own ailments.

These products cover everything from energy- and mood-boosting supplements for daytime performance to mind-sharpening blends that keep you on top of your game wherever you are. For the night, there’s a natural sleep-enhancing aid that promotes restful sleep and synergizes beautifully with the daytime line of get-it-done products. For those who take interest, there are also immune supplements, free radical defense blends, topical creams, coffee alternatives and fitness product lines to help you round out your wellness and bring back your lost potential once more.


The Successful Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali’s History & Career Background

The business industry, in general, is seen as one of the most lucrative and profitable industries around. This is one of the main reasons why many individuals choose to work in this field instead of other working industries. However, what many young professionals or businessman in this industry fail to recognize is the amount of sacrifice that it takes to succeed. In addition to this, it takes a vast amount of time, money, and dedication to thrive under the pressures of business. Worth mentioning, this is important to understand because it allows us to appreciate this industry and its professionals on another level. Read this article at Seeking Alpha. With that said, there have been many successful professionals in business over the years. Although, perhaps none have been as impressive and as effective as has Matt Badiali in his career. As a highly-regarded professional in business, Matt Badiali has created a career resume for himself that his peers can’t compete with. Despite this fact, he has established many business connections that have benefited him along his rise to the top of his field. The fact that he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers speaks volumes about how great he is at what he does. All in all, there are still many other factors that contribute to Matt Badiali’s overall success. So, to better understand his career and how he has managed to achieve so much, here is more on Matt Badiali and his current position. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

More on Matt Badiali & His Role At Banyan Hill Company

Again, Matt Badiali has achieved so much in his career by diversifying his tactics to meet different needs. However, perhaps his best recognitions have come from his efforts at Banyan Hill Company. At Banyan Hill Company, which is one of the nation’s leading sources for safe and reliable investing, Matt Badiali has been a leading force in the company’s success. As a senior editor and prominent executive at the company, Matt Badiali has become one of the best leaders in all of the business. As impressive as that is, it may come as no surprise considering his experience in the field throughout the years. Regardless of his many accomplishments, there is no denying Matt Badiali’s greatness in his area of expertise. With plans to continue to grow Banyan Hill Company, he will surely achieve that goal considering his past successes in business.

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Adam Milstein Encourages Young Generation Jews to Become Leaders

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, investor, and Hager Pacific Properties’ Managing Partner. He is responsible for the accounting, disposition, and financing of the firm. Hager Pacific Properties is a company engaged in rehabilitating, repositioning, and acquiring multi-family, office, retail and industrial properties.

In his early days after college, Adam Milstein assisted his father in the expansion of their development and real construction business. In 1974 he and Gila got married in Haifa, and in 1981 they came to the United States where Milstein obtained an MBA degree from the Southern California University and went to work as a real estate agent.

In the new article he wrote on The Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein talked about antisemitism, how the younger generation of American Jews feel about being a Jew, and what it takes to be a leader. In the article, he revealed that there is an alarming increase of antisemitism in 2017 that hit the social media as well as the media across the United States as well as in Europe.

The Millennial Jews feel unsafe that they hardly even want to admit being Jewish. The BDS campaign is succeeding in eliminating and dividing the State of Israel worldwide, which is why there is a need to find new leaders within the younger American Jew generation.

Adam Milstein calls for the support of the entire Jewish community to engage and inspire the young to fight back against antisemitism since these are the individuals who will assist in molding the future of the Jews around the world.

He continues to state that it is the duty of everyone to provide the means for the new leaders to succeed, because if they are proud of their culture and realize the history of the Jewish people, then they will stand up and protect it.

Adam Milstein says he understands that being a leader is not simple and painless because most of the time true leaders have to make difficult decisions that result in being mocked and being isolated from the society. However, hard that may be, great leaders are still essential – so everyone concerned must support them, cultivate them and invest in them to secure the future of the Jews.


Graham Edwards Does It All

For many of us the prospect of owning just one home or property can seem a bit overwhelming but for Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium, overseeing a company that owns over 1 million square feet of real estate is just all in a day’s work (http://www.fasttrack.co.uk/company_profile/telereal-trillium/). But as if that wasn’t enough on the man’s plate, Edwards has also added numerous charities to his docket in an effort to give back to the community he loves so dearly. As you’ll see, being the head of one of England’s largest private companies is just part of the persona of Graham Edwards.

Educated at both Cambridge University and King’s College London, Graham Edwards began with the Telereal Trillium corporation during the famed merger of 2001. That original contract in 2001 covered over £2.38 billion in strategic real estate development and was the beginning of a 30-year contract that has been wildly successful so far. Since then, he has been instrumental in guiding the companies acquisition of over 8,000 properties and amassing a business portfolio that ticks over £6 billion euros. His even-handed approach to running a business has earned him praise from his peers and employees and allowed the two companies to hit the ground running after the merger.

But it is not all just business success for Mr. Edwards, he is also extremely philanthropic. He serves on the boards of many different charities including OneVoice International which works to support grassroots activists in the Israel and Palestine region. Additionally, he serves on the board of Pennies a dynamic new charity that seeks to turn regular pocket change into life changing donations for needy folks around the globe. For many businessman it seems that charity is just seen as a form of good PR, but Graham Edwards Telereal does his charity work for the right reasons — not to simply just seek out the limelight.

Commanding such a massive private company can not be easy work, but Graham Edwards has handled it with a steady and consistent approach that has won him great success in the field of business. Going forward it will be interesting to watch what other massive deals Mr. Edwards can pull off.


History Of Fortress Investment Group

Over the last several decade’s private equity investments has grown to become one of the largest sectors of the finance industry. Leading the way in the North American constant one company known as Fortress Investment Group has become the first company to be publicly traded on the public market in the United States of America as private equity firm. It may be hard to believe, but simply 20 years ago there were no publicly traded private equity companies available on the markets. This all changed in 2007 when Fortress Investment Group held their initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange during the spring of that year. The Corporation began its history as a simple private equity management firm under the leadership of five individuals including current chairman and president of the Corporation Wes Edens. During the last year, Corporation was acquired by Japanese technology giant Softbank group. During this corporate acquisition, the company shares were sold at a premium of $2.25 per share leading to an overall increase evaluation of over $140 million.
Fortress Investment Group has a wide variety of services that it offers clients and is well known as one of the leaders in alternative asset management for the entire world. It functions primarily based off of private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. At the end of 2016, the Corporation was handling over $70 billion worth of alternative assets.

The Corporation was first founded in 1998 by Wes Edens. Wes Edens was a former partner for Blackrock financial management and had also served as a managing director for Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens along with the four other principal founding members of Fortress Investment Group managed to quickly expand the Corporation’s operations to include hedge funds, as well as real estate related investments and other securities. This was along with Pete Bridger another of the corporations founding members. Pete Bridger was a former partner at Goldman Sachs prior to working for Fortress Investment Group. For the period of 1999 to 2006 Fortress Investment Group experience significantly rapid expansion of its business operations. In 2007 with the help of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers Fortress Investment Group held its initial public offering and became the first large private equity firm to be publicly traded in North America. This may have been bad timing is not long after the initial public offering the financial crisis of 2008 took its toll on the company’s finances. This was not the end of the world however as since the end of this financial crisis the organization has managed to become one of the leading alternative asset managers.

Just four years ago Fortress Investment Group was awarded recognition as the hedge fund manager of the year by investment magazine Institutional Investor. Following the company’s rapid growth during the last several years many other corporations have taken a keen look at Fortress Investment Group, but none more so than Softbank group Corporation which required Fortress Investment Group early in 2017 for $3.3 billion. This corporate aggravation was closed in December 2017.

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