David Giertz and Social Security Knowledge

David Giertz is a reputable professional who works for a company that’s known as Nationwide Financial. He’s the firm’s distribution and sales sector President. That’s the reason he takes charge of many duties that relate to both of those topics. People frequently call him “Dave” as a nickname. Giertz regularly provides professional advisors with knowledge that relates to money management tasks. He often tells them to talk to all of their clients about an important subject that’s called social security. Social security knowledge can be useful to people who want to get ready for retirements that are easy, stress-free and comfortable.

David Giertz is always a credible source of information that involves the finance world. His educational background proves that to the planet as well. Giertz earned a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from Decatur, Illinois’ Millikin University. He earned an executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Coral Gables, Florida’s University of Miami.

Giertz has the ability to give advisors advice that’s thorough and dependable. That’s because he’s a professional who honestly cares. He genuinely wants people to figure out how to plan for strong retirements. He wants people to get rid of all of the financial burdens that are taking up space in their lives and minds, too. He takes part in various community groups that are nearby. He used to be on Millikin University’s Board of Trustees. He was the organization’s Chair for a while. He’s committed to assisting the girl scouts who are located in his area, too. Giertz was on the Girl Scouts of Broward County’s Board of Directors for some time.

This is a finance specialist who has a work background that covers so many topics and territories. He used to work as Southeastern USA’s Regional Vice President. He’s a financial services authority.

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