Picking the Brain of Neuroscientist Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll has a profound history in the medical field. He received his MD and completed his residency in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Moll later received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University. D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro is the birthplace of Brazil’s innovative and modern class education, research, and healthcare. Jorge Moll founded this institute to fulfill his dream of helping others who suffer from various conditions that affect their quality of life. Jorge Moll’s interest in technological fields such as Artificial Intelligence, cognitive systems, and the integration between brain science and machines could further improve healthcare triggers his plentiful ideas that he constantly drives on a daily basis. Dr. Moll tends to solve his problems by not finding the true solution, but by discovering the strengths and weaknesses. The humble businessman keeps himself transparent and skillful, thus giving his career an edge in his field. The art of running his business model is to always question it, minimizing the chances of repeating the same mistakes. As he often reflects on his mistakes, he is genuinely discovering new problems to be solved and often collaborates with many peers within his community. Although his life is very busy with meetings on various topics, Jorge Moll is devoted to his family and makes no excuses for spending time with them. He is able to juggle his professional life and personal life all the while keeping his dream a reality for many people in his country. To Jorge Moll, building a company that meets the needs of people and provides an enjoyable and memorable experience drives his ambition to change how hospitals are currently operated today (http://inspirery.com/jorge-moll/). He is an inspiration to the world, as medical science exponentially changes with today’s rapid growth in technology.

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