What Southridge Capital Does Best

Did you know that Southridge Capital is now considered a top advisory firm? Focused on structured finance for public companies, Southridge Capital is now gaining speed with their service offerings. Although they are now being elevated in the news, the firm continues to focus on how they can best serve their clients fully. With a strong team of advisors and strong leadership, they are able to continuously execute the best plans for everyone they work with.

The growth that Southridge has enjoyed since 1996 is stellar, totaling more than $1.8 billion. This figure is completely based on what the firm does globally. As of today, the company has been able to finance more than 250 companies. Skills for consulting are strong, lending credence to the foundation that the company was built on upon its inception. Southridge knows that each company will face its own unique challenges as they continue to grow. This means that each client needs a tailor made strategy to excel and grow in their marketplace.  You can visit their facebook page and twitter account.

What is the major highlight with this firm? It is their ability to serve clients in a myriad of ways. Finance is one marketplace in which there are many variables, so it’s no surprise that the firm strives to serve their clients in all things financial. One of the very first steps is a Financial Analysis for their clients. This includes looking at their balance sheet, daily operations, and long-term operational challenges. Regardless of what lies ahead the firm continues to observe market trends and new opportunities for growth for all clients.

Balancing debt and equity are both important for Southridge Capital. Since the firm opened in 1996, their growth and momentum are two areas in which the company has excelled in. The founders, Steve and Mary Hicks are also noted for their effective leadership and those they have chosen to be a part of the executive team. One of the ways in which they choose to give back to the community is through the Daystar Foundation, which was designed to aid in giving back through arts and preservation of the sense of the community.

Southridge Capital has donated thousands over the years, including organizations like the Ridgefield Community Center, LounsBury House, and many other faith-based organizations. Stephen Hicks has made it known that the firm, in his opinion has a social responsibility to the community in which they operate. It seems Southridge Capital is the firm to watch.

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