NewsWatch TV offers a review on a Sweet Solution for Bees

All people need food to eat. Most foods are sourced by commercial farming and technology. But most people don’t realize that ⅓ of the food is provided through pollination from bees, which also provide the sweet honey we all know and love. This article summarizes the review of a modern solution to beekeeping that supports the longevity and sustainability of bees.

Honey Bee City is an initiative that was created as a response to countless bees disappearing. This impacted the growth of food dramatically over the years. Honey Bee City encourages people living in suburban or urban communities to own their own beehive starter kit. The aim from this is to improve bee population and implement preventative measures in the bee count decline.

The starter kit hive appears to be exceptionally user-friendly that caters to the less experienced beehive owner up to all levels of beekeeping. Which allows proper safety precautions from outside elements that can heavily impact the quality of life for bees. This includes roofing for enhanced protection, and it includes an internal feeding and watering system so that bees can receive the maximum nutrients required.

From this, it will require purchasing your own personal beehive from participating websites. If you require more information on the website, you can visit Honey Bee City as a reference. So for those that live in suburban or urban areas and are looking at wanting to be more in touch with nature and contribute to an environmental cause. This would be a remarkable way to participate in something that can introduce massive change.

This review originates from NewsWatch; a well-known tv production series which focuses on bringing nationwide media to consumers on product reviews in technology, entertainment, and many other subjects.

NewsWatch TV airs weekly and has aired well over 1,000 episodes for over 25 years. These series also include showcasing major brands and companies. They also host special appearances from celebrities which highlight various causes.


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