Tinder Tried Bullying Whitney Wolfe and Other Companies

     Since Tinder has been in the dating app business, they’ve been bullying people to get their way. They don’t understand the right way to do their business practice and that makes things extremely hard for people who are trying to get ahead in their lives. For Whitney Wolfe, the point of starting a company like Bumble was helping women. She didn’t want to be successful at the same level as Tinder. She didn’t want to make money and she didn’t even want to try things that could make it harder for people to do the dating app experience. It was her way of allowing people to see the differences in the options they had.

Depending on the hard work that Whitney Wolfe put into the business, she felt good about the options that were available to her. She also felt there were things that happened that she could take care of on her own. Since Whitney Wolfe knew there were things that would change and things that would get better for her, she felt good about the business. Bumble was thriving and Whitney Wolfe knew this. She knew they had to do everything they could that would allow them to grow on their own.

When Tinder started harassing her to give her the business, she knew there was a problem. She saw them as a nuisance and not a threat. It made things harder for her to do her business, but she wasn’t going to give in. They wanted it because they knew it was successful and it was going to bring a lot of money in. They didn’t realize she had worked so hard for it with her own time and her own money. They also didn’t care what it took. They’d get what they wanted from the business and succeed.

Tinder’s parent company couldn’t get Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. That was a major problem for them, but they felt comfortable using extreme measures to make it happen. They decided to bully her to make her do what they wanted. By bullying her on different things, they felt they were making it hard for people to get what they wanted out of Bumble. It was their way of making sure people could see there were things they were doing. It was also something that continued bringing opportunities to people who were trying to make the most out of different situations.

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