Sujit Choudhry Believes Constitutional Democracies Are Threatened

The unfortunate truth about society is that no system is truly capable of existing forever simply because of the nature of humanity, and Professor Sujit Choudhry has to deal with the way constitutional democracies and politics in general evolve as society changes over the course of time. Choudhry is one of the world’s leading experts on these subjects thanks to his impressive real-world experience and his thorough technical knowledge of the material. He recently released a piece of published content that details an upcoming crisis in the way the world operates with constitutional democracies (

Choudhry is a professor at Berkeley, so he most certainly knows how to formulate a point ( In this most recent work, he starts with a description of a tweet that spoke to the idea of mass public protests in the event that President Trump decides to fire Bob Mueller from the special counsel in charge of the investigation into Russia’s activities or interference in the 2016 presidential race. It would be clear that if Trump were to do so, it would be a fairly clear breach of the constitution, but the question is whether or not the United States would hold Trump responsible for the breach or simply allow it to happen.

Taking on Another Country as Example

Take Poland as an example. The nation is no longer what it used to be since the constitution of the nation was redone by the new controlling party of the legislature. In 2015, the nation voted in a number of right-wing nationalists using fear-mongering to stoke the fires of voters, and it worked. This sort of ‘legal’ breakdown of the democratic process is what Choudhry warns against in other parts of the world.  Read more about Choudhry and his works, check

With a president who seems so willing to cross any red lines placed before him, and a support system that seems relatively unwilling to stand up to Trump, it is highly possible that the United States could experience democratic backsliding and return to an autocratic sort of society under Trump. Choudhry makes a point to say that society has reached the point where it can be overtaken with the proper rules and protocols and no one blinks an eye.

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