The Life Of Tony Petrello

The story of Tony Petrello is unlike any other story a majority of corporate CEOs and executives may have about their success. He grew up in a humble background in Newark, New Jersey around a working-class environment. He, later on, became the CEO of the largest drilling land based Company in the world. He is not only an established leader but also a philanthropist. He helps fund millions of dollars that help in researching global neurological diseases. His success and achievements make him an undistinguished CEO when it comes to achieving more than what people expect.

In 2015, Tony Petrello was among the highest compensated CEOs in the country. The achievements of Tony Petrello extend much further than his term as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industry. His many achievements have been a product of the hard work and determination he puts into everything he undertakes. His creative thinking has also enabled him to span his career over a period. The efforts he puts in giving back to society help to make his life admirable. His contributions to the research of global neurological diseases make it easy for researchers to come up with ways to ensure children who suffer from such diseases receive ample treatment.

However, it is impossible to talk about Tony Petrello’s achievements without looking at the beginning of his Journey. Like mentioned earlier, he was born in Newark, New Jersey and began his education in a public school. The one thing that made him different from his classmates was his willingness to talk about the subjects he liked studying. A majority of his classmates knew him as an extrovert who had an outstanding personality. His incredible mathematics abilities made him famous while in high school. Most of his times were spent jotting down equations and proofs that he would later solve.

His intelligence landed him a scholarship in Yale University under the guidance of Serge Lang. It was in Yale, that he decided to pursue a degree in Law. He also pursued his masters in Yale University. Upon graduating, he took a bold step and enrolled in Harvard School of Law, which as a step that surprised his classmates and professors. His career journey began and it was in 1968, that he began working with Nabors Industries as a client. The relationship between him and Nabors industries grew and he eventually became its CEO. The rest, as they say, is history.

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