Miracles of Saad Saad

Lives are precious yet every moment it’s at risk from an infinite amount of sources. Either it’s from disease, natural disasters, or even as a victim of some sort. No matter what, people as doctors and police officers do their very best to protect. Even if that means ending their own lives for the others. Why would they do that? That would lead to multiple factors such as conscience, instinct, personality and other factors. Doctor Saad, has tried his best in improving the lives of patients he has made in contact with and hopefully, the wealth would spread to the entire world. He has created two inventions that would lower the pain index and the level of risk for people.

His first invention would be the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device. Once a catheter is inside the body doctors cannot find the location of it with the naked eye. Which is a problem, the solution normally is to perform x-rays. While one getting scanned once or twice for mere nanoseconds may not be a problem, but in the long run, too much of it severely increases the rate for illness. What Doctor Saad has done is he utilizes the parts of a catheter which are the magnetically permeable material inside the coil and the pair of wires inside its walls. With that, he makes a scanning device that focuses on electromagnetic energy. So when scanning the body the device will light up when it is directly above the catheter. Simply remarkable.

Aside from this invention, his next invention involves visual contact of an endoscope. The endoscope is a scope used inside the body to see what is going on. Like for example if a bouncy ball is lodged inside a child’s intestines the endoscope goes inside the intestine through the rectum to locate it. The problem is the body is filled with all sorts of liquid that either fog the lens of the scope or just completely blocks off the view. If this happens doctors must take out the scope insert suction tubes. Suck the muck away insert the scope again. Imagine this happening several times. It’s incredibly annoying. Doctor Saad’s tech addresses this problem. His innovated endoscope can simply suck away the fluids and also pour in fluids to wash away excess fluid.

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