Revolutions Of OSI Industries

OSI industries are listed in among the largest organizations in providing food in the world, having more than 20,000 workers in its 65 facilities that base in 17 countries. The organization started humbly, and it is now a significant corporate business and offers a substantial role in American economic history. OSI industries are growing presently to the modern globalised economy.

The history of OSI industries roots from the experience of an American immigrant. At 20th century, Kolschowsky, a German man who had migrated in Chicago joined booming community of German-immigrants. The people with German descent had formed the city’s quarter population during that time. Chicago city was thriving as nations industrial centre.

Two years after Kolschowsky arrived in the city, he opened a small butcher shop and retail meat market to serve the community. After a decade, his business was thriving, and he began a wholesale. He moved his operations to Chicago suburb in Maywood.

In another decade, his business was following the same familiar story, and it was rebranded in 1928 and named as Otto and Sons. And within a period after that, the company was becoming more stable and prosperous local business. The organization was small but vital part in the American community. This success continued even after the world war two.

In two decades, Otto & Sons that was regional supplier transitioned to become a global corporation called OSI Industries. One of the primary element of the Kroc’s franchising was to ensure they have supplied each restaurant consistently. The pressure for Otto & Sons was to produce affordable, consumer-driven and consistent product that required to transport for a long distance to McDonald’s restaurants.

The technology breakthrough in the 1960s made it easier for McDonald’s and Otto & Sons. The Flash-freezing food processing that quickly freezes food and uses liquid nitrogen brought new opportunities for the expansion of product and reduction in cost at the food industry.

Due to this transition in technology and the recognition of their core nature in their business, in 1975, Otto & Sons turned to become OSI Industries. It was a 75 years transition after it started with a family butcher and currently an advanced technology company.

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