Alex Hern: Working Towards the Future

Entrepreneur, Alex Hern, has been in the business for over 25 years. His focus has been on up and coming companies and the development of technology companies. Hern has served as a Director and Founder on several early stage companies throughout his career in the technology industry. All of which have stemmed to be profitable and beneficial to his wealth and reputation in the industry.

Alex Hern’s idea for the Tsunami came from his realization that as they entered and shifted from the CPU-driven computer decade there was going to be a need for new technologies and software to become available. He wanted to leverage new capabilities of the graphic procession available on PCs and mobile devices. Read more about Alex Hern at

Spending 4-5 hours each day concentrating on one thing allows Alex Hern to advance in Hern’s career endeavors and obtain his goals with his company. He does not believe in “multitasking” when it comes to his work. Studies show that the more we try to do and the more tasks you take on at once the worse we perform. He spends most of his nights focusing on building his brand and different innovations. He focuses on technology that drives his business and how to further expand its capabilities and applications.


Although an innovator, Alex Hern does pay attention to trends. Al and machine learning is something that excites him at the moment, as well as cloud-based computer generators for graphic-intense applications. Focusing on how these technologies can be applied to augmented reality and XR. The advice he would give to young entrepreneurs is it is a marathon. Take your time. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Impressionable Facts about Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is an experienced market trend analyst that has proven expertise in the field. She has gained a lot of fame for her ability to identify the various trends that are likely to affect the market, and through her counsel, a vast number of entrepreneurs have benefited. She studied at the University of Colorado, where she attained her degree in journalism before enrolling for her fashion history course at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, which is based in London. She has paid a significant focus on fashion and gives people on the various fashion trends taking place in today’s modernized world.

Victoria Doramus has experienced many challenges in her career, and through her bold nature, she has overcome them. She suffered from addiction, and her ability to overcome the problem is impressive. The renowned marketing analyst began her recovery journey with the aim of helping other people suffering from her similar situation recover. Additionally, she has also aimed at assisting animals to overcome the challenge, and as a result, she joined hands with the Best Friends Animal Society, with the aim of accomplishing her goals. The firm was established in the early 1980`s with the purpose of helping animals that are unwanted in the community. Through the firm, Victoria Doramus aims at reducing the unwanted killings that happen to such unwanted animals even at their shelter. As an active member of the foundation, she has taken part in the launch of building community programs to handle the issues. Any people have accredited her for the bold steps she has made in her recovery journey, with a significant number of them striving to emulate her.

The renowned marketing expert is also a skilled writer and editor. She has worked with some of the world’s largest writing companies, and her ability to bring out the best out of her career has served on her favor.

Promoting From Within

Living in and of itself carries with it many distractions. It is easy to forget what has to be done, or to make a slip. When you are CEO of a publicly traded company, however, making a slip can be quite costly. John Schnatter , CEO of Papa John’s, made a costly slip on a conference call that subsequently was disseminated to the media and now things have taken a downturn for him quite quickly. His name is being removed from a stadium in Louisville and his image has been tarnished to the point where his name and face is being removed from Papa John’s marketing materials.

According to, Papa John’s second-in-line, Steve Ritchie, released a letter of apology that kept drawing the reader back to the fact that the company is not at all on-board with that line of commenting and that their only concern is providing better service and pizza to their many customers. Most importantly, Mr. Ritchie’s letter included specific actions that are being taken to ameliorate the situation, as best they can, and all the actions being taken were in a bulleted list in their apology letter.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was vulnerable in the apology and came across as human, deeply concerned with the feelings of people that had been hurt and how the line of commenting was completely unwarranted. Mr. Ritchie started with Papa John’s as a customer service rep in 2006, and just 22 years later, at the age of 43, he has now been promoted to Chief Executive Officer. There might not be a better story regarding rocket-like progression of a professional trajectory than that of Mr. Ritchie.

As it turns out, this home-grown path-of-advancement is atypical of the corporate culture at this 3rd-largest deliverer of pizza in this country. Nearly 100% of all of their managers started out as delivery staff, in customer service and other hourly positions. Steve Ritchie has achieved an enormous amount of success for a still rather young man. At his age, most people are looking at another 25 years in the workforce before retirement. It will be interesting to see how the rest of his career takes shape in the coming years.

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Robert Ivy: Empowering Architects Everywhere

Robert Ivy was born and raised in Florida, United States of America. He also completed his Bachelor of Arts in English there, before receiving a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane. During his time at school he was highly respected and given numerous awards for his ability to communicate the value of design and was honored by the national architecture fraternity as a Master Architect, one of only seven in the fraternity’s 100 year existence. However, he wasn’t destined to peter out after his time at school, he was meant to achieve great things. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy was appointed to be the Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. Under his guidance, the journal became the most widespread architectural journal worldwide. This was in part due to his dedication on expanding McGraw-Hill’s market and translating the journal into more languages for overseas expansion. His hard work means that the journal is now being published in seven languages in numerous countries around the world. This is no easy feat and required massive effort and dedication.


After leaving McGraw-Hill, Robert Ivy became the EVP or Executive Vice President and CEO at the American Institute of Architects as well as writing a personal book. Since joining AIA, the AIA has grown globally and reached a record high in number of members and currently has seven chapters spread across the globe, bringing more attention to the architectural arts. While there is much more to his story, these examples start to show why he has been considered for so many awards. He has continually striven to grow the architectural community and better communicate its values to every single person that may encounter his works.

As a Mississipi native, Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive the Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, and considered to be a prime example of what an architect should strive to be. Another celebrity to receive this award was Morgan Freeman in 2007 as well as other actors, artists, and contributors with strong ties to Mississippi. He has made architecture more accessible and more easily understandable to every member of the general public and there’s really no one else like him from Mississippi. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Jason Hope is an Unorthodox Futurist

Eternal youth has long been thought of as impossible. “Everything dies” is a longstanding law of the land. However, thanks to Rejuvenation Biotechnologies this law may be able to be reformed. The SENS Foundation has been a driving force in trying to make eternal youth a reality for several years. It has received support and funding from multiple investors who believe the organization may be the key to ending aging. See more of Jason Hope on Medium.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and also one of the most dedicated supporters of the SENS Foundation. He first joined the company when it was still relatively unknown. Hope is very opinionated and open about his thoughts on the current standing of the anti-aging industry. The reason he is such an advocate of the SENS Foundation is its interest in anti-aging expands beyond just wanting to live forever. It wants to help people live longer and more fulfilling lives.

Jason Hope has been supporting the SENS Foundation for nearly a decade. Back then many people thought he was losing it after he donated half a million dollars to the laboratory dedicated to research on anti-aging. He didn’t let the doubters deter him however, as he continues to give regular donations. In all, it is estimated that he’s donated well over $1 million.

Having such a strong interest in technology Hope invests and supports many companies in the tech industry. He is a master at discovering tech trends that will be successful in the market. This has made him a world renowned futurist.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University. Hope is constantly involved in several businesses and projects as well as being an avid philanthropist. He invests in many things that will help causes he has interest in. He is mostly enamored with innovative thinking technology.



Meet the Multi-Faceted Milan Kordestani

If you need inspiration to keep moving toward achieving your goals, you need look no further than at the accomplishments of Milan Kordestani. He may not yet be a household name but as a college student, Mr. Kordestani is already a company founder and CEO, accomplished equestrian, and widely read author.

Mr. Kordestani has many passions and pursues each of them with the same fervor. He has been riding horses since he was 10 years old and has a love for these animals and a natural ability that is impossible to teach. He began competing early on and in 2015 and 2016 won two out of three legs of the Worlds Championship Horse Show and is currently ranked second in his division.

His greatest love may be his farm. His agricultural goal was to raise poultry in a humane way and in 2015, while still only a sophomore in high school, he founded Milan Farms. The farm sells eggs, saffron, and herbs that are completely organic, pesticide free, and non-GMO. The chickens are free ranging and eat only organic feed and vegetables. This all natural, caring approach is part of the company mission and Milan Kordestani puts his personal message directly on the company’s homepage. He refers to Milan Farms as a family and wants to offer products that make customers experience that same type of feeling.

Milan Farms is already a successful venture that connects farms across the nation with similar missions. But Mr. Kordestani is always seeking to improve and so he is conducting growing saffron using hydroponic and aquaponic systems in addition to the traditional drip irrigation method. He informs the public of his agricultural studies and of recent events in the fields of politics and mental health by writing for the Huffington Post on a regular basis. He has always believed that the consumer wants honest and wholesome options and he has worked to provide that type of choice in all of his endeavors.

Victoria Doramus, A Marketing Guru

Victoria Doramus is a print and digital media professional currently working as a self-employed director of philanthropy. Previously, Doramus has worked for various companies including as a personal assistant to producer/director Peter Berg. She has also served as a research assistant and writer for various media outlets including Huffington Post,

As a digital and print media professional, Doramus, has an extensive background in advertising, media, communication and branding. To this end, she is also always looking for new as well as innovative mechanisms to combine all these fields.

Victoria attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she graduated with a degree in mass communication and journalism. Over the years he has gained a long history, in media background creative work experience with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency and Trendera.

More recently she is currently involved in charity work. To this end, she works with Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society. Room to Read as well as the Women’s Prison Association. Notably, according to IMDB, the Amy Winehouse Foundation deals with preventing the youths from being addicted to alcohol and drugs. The foundation was established after Amy Winehouse a famous British pop star died early in her life.

In her role at the Foundation, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) leads a team which provided the young people with education concerning the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction. She also provides support to young people who are at risk of being addicted to alcohol and drug. Lastly, she also supports young people to develop through music. In the last few years that the foundation has been in existence, it has helped many young people to change their ways in Britain and Wales.

Through charity work, Victoria has contributed immensely to helping and supporting youths who at the risk of engaging in drug abuse. She has also helped the foundation to set up homes for women who are recovering from drug abuse.

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Southridge Capital: Leading financial solutions provider

Southridge Capital is a financial company that offers structured finance and advisory service to public companies. It helps companies to accomplish their financial goals by offering them innovative financial solutions. The company offers services to diverse clients who seek their services. It is the best company to deal with when in need of financial solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of the people.




Southridge Capital is headed by a team of executives which have experience in the marketplace. They have expertise that is needed to guide small and large business organizations. The executives can draw up financial plans that can work for the benefit of the people. Since 10996 when it was established, it has directed over $1.8 billion into investments in various companies.




Southridge has financed over 250 companies since it was started. The experience they have gained working with these companies, makes them keep on improving service delivery. The company can now be consulted on almost all corporate issues that affect companies. This company avails all services needed by companies from how to become a public company to optimizing balance sheet management.




Southridge Capital offers services that cover all the important aspects of a business. They offer financial analysis services where a company comes up with highly detailed financial statements. Southbridge Capital also offers balance sheet optimization which is one of the ways through which they help companies to maintain a good balance between debt and equity. Check out for more.





Southridge Capital offers other services in Mergers and Acquisitions. They pick the best plan that will allow companies that are to undergo such processes to do so smoothly and effectively. In restructuring, they ensure that the companies they are working with get the best results. In cases of bankruptcy, they help the company emerge stronger in light of the challenges that are brought about by this problem. You can visit their Twitter page.


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Southridge Capital goes the extra step of helping businesses resolve legal challenges that may exist. They are for the apt solutions to challenges that face businesses, and that is why they are always looking for the best solutions for their clients.



US Money Reserve: Winning Another Adsphere Award

The US Reserve is one of the leading distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products like coins and bouillons in the United States. They have been in partnership with the United States government for years, and they also have contracts with other governments around the world.

The US Money Reserve is well known among the coin collectors because of the wide array of products that they sell. Sometimes, rare coins from other countries are being sold exclusively by the company, and it is why so many coin collectors are trying to get hold of the product by working with them directly. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The US Money Reserve has recently updated their website to provide more information to their page visitors. One of the most striking changes to their website is the addition of a coin gallery wherein stories about each coin that they sell is displayed.

Visitors could read how and why the coins were created, and they would learn a lot from the special section inside their page. Visitors can also order their coins through the website, and the US Money Reserve assures its clients that their orders will be delivered in the shortest time possible, despite the rising demand for their products.

Recently, the US Money Reserve was awarded by the Adsphere Awards because of their infomercials. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The Adsphere Awards has recognized advertisement creators for years, and they have been awarding them based on the category that their advertisement falls into. Across the United States, advertisers are submitting their entries hoping that the competition’s judge will choose it.

This year alone, more than 7,000 entries were received by the organizers of Adsphere Awards, but only a few would end up as winners. The organizers have set up their rules and regulations, as well as the criteria which would be the basis to determine the winners. Follow US Reserve on Twitter

One of the criteria stated that the advertisement should have a lasting impact on those who will watch it. The advertisement from the US Money Reserve bagged two awards – it was recognized as the best infomercial and the best lead generation ad.

The US Reserve thanked the Adsphere Awards for the recognition that they have given, and they assured all of their clients that they would continue to deliver world-class service and they will continue to focus their dedication on creating an educational advertisement that would accompany the products that they are selling.

The U.S. Money Reserve And All Of Its Sparkle

There’s endless recognition that we can give to the U.S. Reserve.

It’s recent recognition is based on what AdSphere felt was tremendous agency performance by the U.S. firm. The Reserve is an American agency that buys and sells gold products for the entire world to enjoy.

This enjoyment comes from the sparkle of precious metals like gold and silver. These metals are sought by investors who rely on bullion.

Bullion is traded as physical metal that can be shipped to your doorstep. The U.S. firm is recognized for the year 2018 due to its marketing campaigns that used fair and ethical methods to spread the word about gold investments. This word is one that inspires traders with an opportunity to protect their money over the long haul.

Why The U.S. Money Reserve Matters

The Reserve makes a difference in how investors acquire gold investments. One method is based on the actual form of the gold products you buy. You can buy precious metals as gold, silver or platinum and in the form of coins, bars or ingots. These forms are based on your trading style.

Coins are considered a collectable regardless of their market value and based on the actual precious metal used. You can benefit from gold’s rising values if you have gold when the price of gold rises. You can also benefit from the value of a coin’s rarity that attracts collectors to the special item you’re holding.

The U.S. Reserve truly matters because it enables investors to get their gold.

Expanding Its Collection And Improving Its Rarity

The collection of the U.S. Reserve is only expanding.

This expansion is based on the type of precious metals the agency has collected and the type of items that each metal is made into. One of the most popular gold coins to consider includes the Buffalo gold coin that shows a stunning buffalo image on one side with a life like resemblance of a Native American on the opposite site. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The American Golden Eagle displays Lady Liberty in a gown while holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. The opposite side shows an eagle landing into its nest of newborn chicks while holding an olive branch. These coins are great collectables and are provided to the entire world through the U.S. Money Reserve.

Expand your collection with this agency today, and don’t waste time speculating. Precious metals continue to show profit over time, and you can benefit for them now.