Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Fosters Work Ethics in Banco Bradesco

     More than three decades ago, a humble boy from Brazil dared to dream of starting a small financial firm that would support small business owners and government employees. Initially, Brazilian banks focused on helping the wealthy, and high profile investors. Therefore, there services were accessed by the few minorities. Amador Aguiar’s modest beginnings sensitized him to the situation that required ‘fixing’. In 1943, Mr. Aguiar established Banco Bradesco, an industrious Brazilian bank that spread its services across different dockets with the aim of supporting low income earners, and emerging entrepreneurs that needed financial support in starting business. Under his leadership, Banco Bradesco revolutionized the banking industry of Brazil by using a broad spectrum of technological foresight in addition to dedication to service. Today, Banco Bradesco is an international financial services provider that offers diversified services to the greater world’s population. Behind this success story are the likes of Brando de Mello and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco.


When Brandao de Mello took over Aguiar in 1981, he was expected to usher in a powerful reign that would continue to cement the organization’s ethics. Of course, he had vast experience given his close relationship with Mr. Aguiar. For decades, he remained Spartan to the work ethics instigated by his superior. In late 2017, Brandao de Mello stepped down citing voluntary resignation. However, he would still guide his employees on the sidelines of the bank. According to him, Banco Bradesco needed to elect a leader from within. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco would however, hold the mantle until then. Of course, this was solely because of his invaluable leadership input. Besides, as the chairman of the bank, he was in a position to leverage excellent banking services to clients.

The Observation

Carlos Trabuco Bradesco has been instrumental in creating fair pension reforms for the people. Furthermore, he has also excelled in cementing Banco’s superior work ethics in the system. When it was time to choose a new president, he supported the board of directors. That is why it was possible to elect Octavio de Lazari for the job. Not only is he qualified to serve but also has vast experience in management and customer care. As such, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco will guide him through the different banking leadership styles that he should familiarize with. Carlos Trabuco Bradesco, who joined the bank as a teenager is retaining his initial position.

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