Discover How Michel Terpins Pulls into the Rally with his Partner to Success

Lately, driver Michel Terpins and pilot Maykel Justo of the Bull Sertões Rally Team are going to mount the track for longer than 3,300 kms.


With various off-road directions, Terpins and Justo composed the second model in the T1 prototype class on the leaderboard, the T-Rex, produced by MEM Motorsport for the following continuous year. The vehicle underwent a few changes which allowed it to be a lot more robust and ambitious for this release,


Currently, Michel Terpins finishes his 10th partnership in the race. His start in the bike class in 2002 was his premier, which then soared for his sibling Rodrigo Terpins cars and, in the past four years, transitioned into his driving with T-Rex. The pilot from Taubaté who has a decade of Sertões Rally in the program and has now obtained four titles. Terpins says that Maykel has profound rally expertise and provides him with added protection with immaculate tuning, allowing them to lead the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototypes T1. It’s also valuable to mention that the first two stages of the tournament will ramp up to the national championship position. You can check out Ideamensch for more.


It’s extremely satisfying being able to participate in the 25-year release along with Michel Terpins, described the racer. Let’s concentrate on the several stages and compete for a great position in this mentioned Justo, previously navigating in seven tournaments in the truck class and going on to the fifth edition in the car category, successfully adding to his vast experience. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Several years ago, the enthusiasm for agility and off-road racing got the siblings from São Paulo Rodrigo Terpins (44 years and with 5 Rallies in Sertões racing in the tournament) and Michel Terpins (40 years and 9 participation in the Sertões Rally) to create the group Bull Sertões Rally. Each pilot has competed for four periods with the T-Rex vehicle, produced by aforementioned MEM Motorsport, for the Sertões Rally. Concurrently, they race in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and hasten into the Mitsubishi Cup.


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