Bruno Fagali Provides Top Legal Services in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer based out of Brazil that is well known for his business practices as well as his advocacy program. FAGALI advocacy is a leading organization in Brazil that is best known for its ability to provide legal services to people that were previously considered underserved by the legal community.

Today, Bruno Fagali is also an employee of Nova S/B. In his current role of the corporate compliance manager, Bruno Fagali is responsible for developing and maintaining the overall corporate compliance. This ensures that employees and clients are fully aware of the compliance program that the company has. He is also a member of several different legal organizations that are located all over the country. These include a number of different professional organizations as well as organizations that are able to provide legal support to others.

While Bruno Fagali is currently an employee at Nova S/B, he has had a range of roles in the past. He started his legal career as an intern working for various law firms across South America. After finishing school at Pontifical Catholic University and passing the legal exams, Bruno Fagali went on to work for Calil, Radi and Associados.

Jennifer Walden Takes Plastic Surgery to the next level

Jennifer Walden grew up in her home town, Austin. Walden attended Texas Medical University, the Galveston branch. In her class, Jennifer Walden was the salutatorian. She participated in a fellowship that entailed aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital. After that, she continued a successful practice in the city of New York. In 2011, Jennifer Walden went back to her hometown. She is recognized as the co-author of a resourceful book known as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Jennifer Walden has been in the surgery field for eight years. She focuses on cosmetic surgery including facelifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentations, and rhinoplasties. She has set customer friendly prices for her clients. Development cost is around $7,000 while the cost of face-lifts is approximate $10,000. Nose jobs charges run from between $8,000 and $9,000. Jennifer has another line of activities in her career. She performs liposuction on the inner thighs, abdomen and the arms. She also carries out minimal invasive procedures like soft-tissue fillers and the Botox injection.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews is among the 851 women in the medical field carrying out plastic surgery. She is also among the 180 members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The organization is the leading professional platform for the connection of many board-certified cosmetic surgeons. As a member of the organization, she is guaranteed the enhancement of her skills and support from her colleagues. Of the board members, Jennifer Walden is among the few living in Texas.

Jennifer is a sole proprietor. She is the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D, PLLC which is a private plastic surgery practice. The practice is also a center for ambulation based in Austin. Walden has a mentor, Dr. Sherrell Aston, who inspires her to be a better doctor. In 2014, she was named the Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Beauty Surgeons. She has also featured in the ABC News desk as the best plastic surgery commentator.



The main reason why people use lip balm is to provide a layer on the lip surface to seal moisture and protect the lips from exposure to harsh elements. Cold temperatures, the wind, and dry air all draw moisture away from the body hence drying the lips or skin. Several colored balls of lip balm known as EOS began to pop up everywhere years ago. They were everywhere from in Walgreens to Walmart and Target.Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are currently using the EOS. Evolution of Smooth or EOS images are also all over beauty and style magazines.

The demand for EOS has surpassed other brands because of their specialty which is the production of natural and organic products. These products are packed with 95 percent organic ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, berry ketones and flavor from fruits like lemon, blueberry, raspberry, and watermelon. Evolution of Smooth products does not contain petroleum or paraben.

Therefore, you can moisturize your lips organically and naturally, even if you are allergic to regular lip balms. You can buy your first EOS lip balm by choosing any favorite flavor since there are several to pick from. They come in original, unique and adorable sphere case packing in vibrant colors and affordable pricing. Read more related articles here on

One of the most loved flavors is the EOS lemon lip balm. The standard EOS lemon lip balm is manufacture natural lemon flavoring and sweetener and has a mild citrus scent. The lemon flavored brand is an ideal summer lip balm that offers the lips protection against UV rays, hop over this site. It can also resist water for more than one hour, making it perfect for swimming, diving, going to the beach, and whenever you get in and out of the water frequently.It also comes in a medicated version is perfect for those with sores or chapped lips and want their lips to heal as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Tammy Mazzocco Uses Deliberate Tactics To Obtain Real Estate Sales

When Tammy Mazzocco started in the real estate business it was as a secretary for a nine-man real estate company. She stayed at that job and similar ones for a few more years until she decided to give sales a try. She had known people who had gone into the sales end of real estate and several of them were doing well.

She had a friend who managed a unit for RE/MAX so Tammy joined that group and her life has not been the same since. First of all, she couldn’t believe the freedom she had, and she took advantage of it right away. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy quickly figured out that the best activity that was the most profitable was to be out in the field showing houses to prospective buyers. So she began to organize her time so that showing houses was taking up at least 80 percent of her time. The office duties like email, follow ups, paperwork and the like can be delegated, so that is what she did.

Tammy Mazzocco also surmised that people who are buying new homes are somewhat out of their normal pattern, and for the most part are somewhat uncomfortable. First, they are out of their comfort zone geographically. Second, they are just about to part with a great deal of money which makes anyone uncomfortable.

Consequently, Tammy Mazzocco has made it a point over the years to make things very comfortable for her clients to be. She always has the coffee on in the office, and she always buys the family lunch when they are out hunting for houses. It is the little things that count.

Tammy also makes it a point to put herself in her clients’ shoes, so she listens very carefully to their concerns and what they like about the houses they see. It is the bonding that gives them confidence, and they usually buy.

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4 EOS Balms For Girly Girls

If you’re a girly girl, chances are you love makeup and body care. Why not treat yourself to the best with fun and nourishing EOS lip balms? Check out our 4 feminine EOS  favorites below.


  1. Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere

If the pretty pink packaging doesn’t hook you, the sweet flavor will. It tastes like your favorite (totally Instagrammable) summer treat without the calories. You’ll want to use this balm every day!


  1. Coconut Milk Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere

This yummy balm smells like tropical coconut, subtly sweet and heavenly! Its combination of natural oils will make your pout noticeably softer in an instant. Plus the striped pink packaging looks so darn cute!


  1. Sheer Pink Shimmer Smooth Sphere

Add a touch of sparkle while you nourish with this shimmery balm. It gives the same amazing moisture as other EOS balms, but ups your game with a hint of color and glitter. Perfect for a special occasion.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Stick

Swipe on your balm in a flash with the easy-to-apply stick format. The sweet and tart combination of pomegranate and raspberry will make your mouth water. Not to mention the elegant dark pink packaging!


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Based, EOS lip balms heal your lips the natural way. With 100 percent natural, 95 percent organic ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, you never have to worry about what’s going into your body. You’ll get instant, long-lasting moisture and nothing else! With tons of yummy flavors, these balms are sure to become your go-to.

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Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

JMH Development is a full-service company specialized in real estate development. Its headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. For the enterprise, hey are boasting because they are one of the leading loyal companies concerning the development of state-of-the-art properties in the region. For over two decades of professional experience, the company has issued its services to the development of high-end properties in the area. They are also specialized in the development of one-of-a-kind properties in the United States. While this is true, they always work to attain beer business management through sustainability and productivity. For this reason, the development of high-end properties in this state is very essential.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Or the company, they always work to provide the most sophisticated innovation to any project at hand. Because of their updated technology in this field, they will keep on meeting and exceed the expectations of their clients in a manner that is unparalleled in this industry. JMH Development is a pioneer in the development of the well-positioned properties in the heart of Brooklyn. For this reason, they have kept a high name over their shoulders to boast about their achievements. JMH Development is also specialized in the development of fast working capital in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For this reason, people end up working for different capabilities in a way that has no common innovation strategy in his structure.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

JMH Development was awarded after completing 184 Kent Street that was one of the most innovative structures in the heart of New York. For this reason, the company ended up activating a new era of contraction. Because of this contract, other contracts came their way concerning major renovations in the United States. JMH Development has also developed high-end capabilities in the heart of the country in a manner that is not paralleled in this region. For this reason, you might also consider spending much of their time developing high-end capabilities. JMH Development is also committed to the creation of high-quality properties in the region.


DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Jason Halpern is the leader of the company. He has initiated most of the development productions that are recognized worldwide. For him, he delights in the company developing high-end capabilities. Therefore, he works to oversee that JMH Development always meets and exceeds the needs of their clients. As a matter of fact, no one has ever met the company interception in a better way than ever. JMH Development has announced that they have reached the topping of the South Aloft Beach. This is a great achievement for the company. However, they view this as a normal achievement because they must work to reach the completion of the structure. The South Aloft Beach will be open by the end of 2015.


Staying Healthy with Life Line Screening

A prevention and wellness company, Life Line Screening has come up with tips that men can use to prevent different medical conditions and improve their health. When an individual has continuous stress, their cortisol level may go up and this may in turn make the immune system weak. This then reduces energy and also affects critical thinking. Some of the things that decrease stress include meditation, enjoying music, relaxing in a warm tub and participating in social gatherings. According to Life Line Screening, it is important for men to complete training sessions that are meant to enhance cardiovascular health. Consistent exercise is also known to reduce blood pressure and also reduce the cholesterol in your blood.

According to studies, frequent exercise triggers the release of excess norepinephrine, which enhances motivation, improves cognitive function and minimizes chronic stress. Regulating your blood pressure is another tip to prevent some medical conditions. Life Line Screening states that there are 3 daily tests that can be performed to evaluate a man’s blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then you have high chances of experiencing a stroke. Studies also suggest that chronic stress may be brought about by high blood pressure. Life Line Screening encourages all men to schedule a minimum of two medical appointments each year. You should also let your doctor know of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Established in 1993, Life Line Screening is a prevention and wellness company that is run privately. With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the company offers health screening services that are community-based for all adults throughout the US. Timothy Philips and Colin Scully are the founders of Life Line Screening. The company provides screenings to approximately 500,000 people in the United States and has even expanded to the United Kingdom. Life Line Screening started offering atrial fibrillation screenings in 2008.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega: An Attorney with Keen Eye for Corporate Management

     Grupo Televisa is one of the world’s leading media conglomerate with dozens of subsidiaries and an audience base beyond Mexico where it was founded in 1955. The company’s successes over the years have been built on various strategic initiatives including hiring of the best talents across various industries. One such excellent talent that has proven to be a shrewd acquisition by the company is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega; a trained lawyer with an excellent track record of corporate management. Currently serving as Grupo Televisa’s vice president, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega also serves on the board of various companies and has extensive experience as a professional attorney and corporate executive.

Career Background

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega started out as an attorney at White & Case LLP where he gained valuable experience working in the U.S. business environment as the firm was based in New York City. He cofounded the law firm, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. where he served as a founding partner between 1994 and 1999. Since 1998, he has served as the secretary of Grupo Televisa’s board of directors. He was also appointed as the mass media conglomerate’s chief financial officer in 1998. Between 1999 and 2003, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega served as the company’s executive vice president where he was put in charge of administration and finance docket. He also served as the overall company executive vice president; a position he has held since his appointment in 2000. His tenure at company has been marked with significant operational successes including financial restructuring and signing of a partnership deal with Univision. He subsequently became a director at Univision. He also serves on the board of several companies including Sky, Empresas Cablevisión and Pepsi Bottling Group (Mexico) among others.

Education Background and Philanthropy

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s mastery of the financial environment and how it affects business operations is built on his solid academic background. He is trained lawyer having graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with a LLB degree. In addition to corporate duties, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has strong interest in philanthropic activities. He was appointed to serve on the board of trustees of Kardias A.C where he is the chairman.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors for Your Personality Type

EOS, which stands for evolution of smooth, provides many indulgent products that are enjoyed by customers all around the world. Evolution of smooth couldn’t be a closer fit to describe their products. One of the most well-known items that EOS sells are the lip balm spheres and sticks. Chances are very high that you have seen one of your friends applying EOS to their lips, or maybe you’ve seen one of the many Instagram photos out there of celebrities boasting about their favorite flavor, refer also to One thing is for sure: no matter what type of personality you have, you’re bound to have a favorite flavor of EOS lip balm. Here is a guide on which flavor (or type) of EOS lip balm to start out with depending on your personality!

Sweet: If you’re a sweetheart, then you’ll love the sweet mint or strawberry sorbet flavors.

Girly girl: The perfect type of EOS lip balm for you would be the shimmer lip balm collection, which comes in either pearl or sheer pink. This delivers all of the fundamentals of lip balm while providing a gorgeous hint of color and shimmer as well!

Flirt: For for the flirts, passion fruit is definitely your flavor. You can taste like delicious exotic fruits after you kiss that special somebody.

Tomboy: Blueberry Acai is screaming your name! A tasty flavor in a blue sphere, you’ll be sure to enjoy applying EOS lip balm after an intense game.

Trendsetter: For all the trendsetters out there, you’ll want to go with coconut milk. The smell and taste will entice others to ask what you’re using. Then you can tell them and set yet another trend, view latest trend of lip balms here on

Truth be told, no matter what personality type you have, EOS lip balm is perfect for any occasion. If you want visibly soft lips, then pick up a sphere of this wonderful lip balm and buy now here at


The Hardworking Businessman: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has accomplished many things, including being an author, public speaker, and technologist. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment comes in the form of his business ventures. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has made spectacular career for himself through his hard work and unfailing dedication.

Throughout his life, Eric Pulier has always been a hard worker. Straight from high school, he went to Harvard University where he studied vigorously eventually graduated with high honors. While at school he studied several subjects including computer science, literature, and environmental studies. His hard work throughout college was merely the beginning of what would be a fulfilling career.

After graduating college, Eric Pulier went on to start Eric Pulier impressive career. Some of his more notable accomplishments include co-founding multiple companies including US Interactive, Akana, Desktstone, and Digital Evolution. His love for technology and digital base endeavors is clear in his business choices. Although he is a business man, not all of his notable actions come from his businesses.

Although he is an accomplished businessman, Eric Pulier has also made many amazing contributions to charitable organizations and other special causes. In the beginning of his career, Eric Pulier made a multimedia educational program that was designed to teach people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis about the disease they were living with. This program was the first one to exist and made it possible for other programs to developed to further help people suffering with different illnesses and diseases.

Throughout his career, Eric Pulier has been dedicated to working hard and producing quality programing work. Following these rules has allowed him to create a career that is astonishing. Through his successes, he has been able to create resources to help people all over the world understand and cope with their diseases. While that is not his only notable philanthropic act, it is his first one, an act that surely paved the road to all his later charitable work. Eric Pulier is a hardworking business man who continues to help others whenever he can.

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