How the circle beat the stick: The Total Domination of EOS Over Chapstick

It takes a lot to get my attention online. Web browsing for me is pretty rare as a pastime. For me, online = work, so I make my entrance and exit as quickly as possible. One story that will always catch my eye is what makes innovative companies succeed and exactly how that spells demise for their antiquated competition. Trending news stories capture the death of retailer after retailer. Are companies losing because their products are inferior? Or are the tastes of consumers just changing?

Being a lipstick daily user, I rarely use a lip balm, hence rarely purchased lip moisturizers. Many consumers do include lip balm on their shopping lists- men, women, children, and my mother. A few years ago, while visiting my mother, she pulled out a pink round ball out of her purse and begins to apply it to her lips. This is surprising and stands out in my mind because my mother barely washes her face or bathes regularly. (She did not grow up with running water, as she firmly likes to explain.

I have seen EOS advertised here and there and have also seen it at checkout aisles. I always wondered how it was doing- and who was possibly buying it(besides the mother). I stumbled upon an article, by Elizabeth Segran, that details the fascinating tale of industry innovation at work. “The Untold Story of How Lipbalm Upstart EOS Out Did Chapstick” is an article that explains the rise, motivation and ultimate success of EOS.

The article begins describing Chapstick and lip balm history. Chapstick is the “Jello” of the cosmetic world. Everyone calls gelatin, by a brand name, JELLO. This made other brands insignificant because people would associate JELLO with just one product, and they would go to stores looking for JELLO and not gelatin. JELLO had a monopoly on the gelatin market, partly branding, partly consumer habits. Before the advent of EOS, lip balm options were limited. Red chapstick or black chapstick. Single or Triple Pack. Every now and then a consumer might mix it up and go with a Carmex. Chapstick reigned supreme in the simple, portable, lip-care department.  Check this on

Details abound regarding the early days of the EOS founders- the companies they went up against, their target audience, and decision-making behind packaging and aesthetic appeal. One of their focuses was ergonomics, handling appeal and design of the case itself. Interestingly enough, EOS was first marketed towards women, millennial women in particular. Sanjiv Mehra, company co-founder, received enthusiastic responses from female buyers who agreed to give EOS a chance. One female buyer, in particular, let EOS grace her shelves. Where was this buyer from….Walgreens.

Advertising strategies chronical how EOS gained popularity via a variety of channels, for added details, click on   As with any product, especially cosmetics, positive reviews will do a world of wonders. Glowing praise combined with social media marketing, an affordable price point, and staple health care item status- equals financial success. EOS had additional marketing plans up their sleeves. Partnering with shoe brands, fashion designers, and even Disneyland- EOS grew to dominate the market and shred competition.  For more, visit EOS here.

Mehra has plans to add spin-off products, such as shaving cream, to their brand. How well does EOS do? A million globes of EOS lip balm fly off the shelves per week.

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Lori Senecal: Reinventing The Advertising And Marketing Industry

To succeed in any field demands a strong foundation and an extensive background regarding the field. Lori Senecal, a gifted and talented executive leader in the advertising industry has established a name for herself. Speaking to Inspirery, Lori reveals her beginning and challenges in her career that pushed her to the position she is today. Like many last born children, Lori had a caring family who sometimes knew no bounds where caring was concerned. However, she had to think outside the box all the time in order to be different and to pave her own success.

Moreover, being a couch played a huge role in her career success. She learned team work and adopted leadership skills that she still sues to date. Being a leader entailed accommodating her team mates’ views and learning to listen and use the information given to make sound decisions. By first listening, Lori Senecal has been able to direct big companies like BMW and Coca Cola into increasing their revenue through placing meaningful and eye catching ads.

In an article on Salary, Lori Senecal has more than ten years in the advertising industry. Working with both large and small firms, she has learned a tonne of information about the industry and especially to network. She currently works at Crispin Porter & Bogusky as the global chief executive officer. Her role is to come up with strategic plans for the company and ensure that the plans are implemented. Through team work, she has been able to guide the company into tapping new opportunities in countries around the globe. More details can be found on Adage.

Previously, Lori worked at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal as the company’s global executive chairperson. She also worked at McCann Erickson, where her value was greatly appreciated and shown. Her departure from McCann devastated the organization to the extent of suing KBS. In all the organizations she has worked in, Lori has left a mark in her works.

Additionally, Lori is a firm believer in empowerment. She encourages team work in all the organizations she has worked. She has begun a mentorship program at CP&B that encourages subordinates to push themselves to reach their potential.

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Sujit Choudhry: Comparative Constitutional Law Requires an Understanding of People and Their Current Form of Government

Sujit Choudhry is an expert authority in the field of ‘Comparative Constitutional Law’ which is nations and cultures working to develop their own ‘Constitutional Law’ based on studying in a ‘Comparative’ fashion what other nations and cultures have developed. This can create a lot of dissension as each culture must understand their own heritage and keep in mind how the people they govern will react to the idea of adopting even a portion of another nation’s constitutional law.

However, Sujit Choudhry has a unusual background that goes beyond the fact that he has law degrees from three different countries. He was born in New Delhi, the capital of India, and immigrated to Canada with his parents giving him a unique perspective by living in to vastly different cultures.  Related article on

He feels you need to move among the people in their ‘Natural State.’ The idea is, and keep in mind the examples are from different countries, to wander through the village market or stand inline for a cheeseburger or visit a social gathering event to listen to what people are really saying without using some sterile questionnaire. It is important to be able to engage them in conversation in a relaxed, natural setting so they will really tell you how they think and, more importantly, how they feel.

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After years of working as an adviser in constitutional matters for different countries working to form a government along democratic lines; Sujit Choudhry founded the Center of Constitution Transitions. The purpose of the Center for Constitutional Transitions is to not only gather knowledge; but allow the dedicated individuals that are involved in helping different governments fashion their constitutional law share the experiences be they of a positive nature or those where there is confusion and doubt.  Read his blogs, follow his page.

Additional article here.

As far as his educational and professional background; Professor Sujit Choudhry has received a law degree from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard as well as earning the honor and having the experience of being a law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.  Visit his website at

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New Brunswick’s Rebirth Thanks to Boraie

The rebirth of New Brunswick was an effort that a lot of people put into the town and that they all worked together to make sure that things could get better for the town. There are many new things in the town that people can benefit from and there are opportunities that were never present in the town before. It has allowed people to see that their own town can be better with just a little help from people who care about the town. There are many times that people who live in New Brunswick have Omar Boraie to thank for the changes.

Despite the fact that there was a group effort when it came to the opportunities that the town has and with the different things that were going on, Omar Boraie was the catalyst that allowed people the chance to show that they were doing more and that they were able to get more out of the different situations. It was something that created change for the town because he was an outside force that propelled people into making sure that things would be changed in the town so that it would be more comfortable and a safer place for everyone. See also.

The idea behind the Boraie Development is that the company works to make opportunities for people who are in different situations. Before Boraie development came into play, there were not many office buildings in the town and there really weren’t any opportunities for the people who lived in the town. It was something that was somewhat detrimental to the people who lived there because there wasn’t much to do besides try to stay out of trouble. There were not even that many job opportunities for people who lived in New Brunswick but there are plenty now with the new office buildings.

The first office building that Boraie Development, headed by Omar Boraie, did was Spring Street. This was something that was unconventional because of the way that New Brunswick had operated previously. The office buildings were not able to accommodate all of the opportunities that were present in the different facilities but that was something that allowed them the chance to make sure that they were doing what they could with the options that they had. Omar Boraie wanted the office building to help people have a better understanding of what they could do in their town.

Spring Street was so successful that it actually sold out of spaces within two months of it being built. Omar immediately began working on his next opportunity. The Aspire was similar to Spring Street in that it had luxury offices. It was different because it was more modern and it was backed by the town who knew the success that Boraie had in the past. They all worked together to create a rebirthing movement in New Brunswick through the use of the town options including Spring Street and the Aspire thanks to what Omar Boraie had done for the town.

The Importance Of Spiritual Beliefs

When it comes to life, it is important for people to find something that they value deeply. This is where spirituality comes in. People need to find some kind of spirituality in order to complete their lives. However, it is not enough to just find a spiritual belief. It is also important for one to actually take the time to study what it means to have that belief. For one thing, belief without the knowledge to back it up is rather dangerous. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah Center is available. It is there to help people learn not only about their spiritual beliefs, but also about the many different beliefs and the overall idea of the universe.

The Kabbalah Centre is filled with a lot of teachings that will help people get a better grasp about the world around them. For one thing, it teaches a lot of lessons to people that are willing to study. Among the things it teaches is the nature of reality. For one thing, people are only able to experience 1% of reality with their 5 senses. The 1% of reality is a result of all of the other aspects of reality and learn more about Kabbalah.

There is a lot of evidence to this as well. For one thing, there are a lot of things that the human eye can’t see. Science has revealed blood cells, atoms and plenty of other things that are too small for the human eye to see. The Kabbalah reveals things of a spiritual nature. People who study the Kabbalah will definitely discover something that they haven’t read before. The Kabbalah has lessons on many different religious items such as the Bible. One of the best selling books in the world is addressed in the Kabbalah Centre.

One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah is that there is a lot of ideas that are so complex that it is traditionally not taught to people who are not students of Kabbalah and over the age of 40.

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Bruce Levenson, Managing Partner Of Atlanta Hawks And Founder of UCG

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur who is best known for being the managing partner of one of the biggest NBA teams, that being the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the most prestigious teams in the American Basketball scene and are also known to be one of the richest teams among the lot. A lot of the team’s progress and development can be attributed to the help from Bruce Levenson, and all the positives that he had brought along with him when he became managing partner of the team. He leads this position along with his long-time friend and business partner Ed Peskowitz. The duo had formed a company together back in 1977 which is what raked them a fortune which was enough to buy out a $750 million men’s basketball team, reveals Forbes Magazibe. The duo acquired possession of the team in 2006 as part of an auction, where they emerged victorious among other bidders. With the experience that Bruce Levenson had gained all through the years while working with numerous companies, he helped the team become what it is today. By giving the team all the help they need and the best of resources to guide them, the Atlanta Hawks have shattered all expectations to emerge as one of the best teams in the NBA.

Bruce Levenson has always been an entrepreneur who has possessed a relatively good business sense. When he started United Communications Group (UCG), he had no idea how big the company would end up being, as it is today. Through hard work and dedication, he took the brand and brought it up right from its roots to make it the company it currently is.

When Bruce Levenson first had the idea to start up his company, he was faced with numerous challenges which stood in between him and his success. He began working at United Communications Group right out of his home in Maryland with his business partner. Back then, the company began as a newsletter which gave readers all the necessary information regarding the oil and petroleum sector. The newsletter quickly caught on, and its viewership began to increase, soon gaining the attention of big oil companies who wanted to invest into it.

Today, United Communications Group offers database management services to oil companies and provides other industries all the necessary information regarding the oil and petroleum sector. The company also provides analytics to these businesses and helps them develop their companies further.

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The Traveling Vineyard

Who wouldn’t want to drink wine for a living and make money while doing it? Sounds like a great life to me, please sign me up! The wait is over because there is a company that is giving people the opportunity to make a decent living from throwing wine tasting parties. Yes, you read that right.

A company by the name of The Traveling Vineyard is providing a great pay for high quality wines to be tasted by wine lovers everywhere and it’s easy to get in on the action. To get started, you’ll find a guide who will training you and get you ready for your exciting career in wine tastings. Then you pick a plan and select the type of membership and wine that you would like to showcase. Last but not least, you’ll receive your wine shipment in the mail and you can begin throwing your parties as soon as you can get those boxes open.

What a fun way to live your life and make a profit. Can it get any better than this? You can find the site by typing in your web browser “The Traveling Vineyard.” It will talk about the guide that you will be provided with as well as the fun training courses that they hold at different places throughout the U.S. The site will also reassure you that you will have one-on-one access to your guide for a more personalized training experience depending on your location. Traveling Vineyard will also elaborate on the knowledge you will receive to give you the confidence to speak the language of wine without having to sound like some uppity wine salesman.

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Planning a party in NYC should not be a difficult job. It is important to plan and organize your resources early enough to ensure that your party goes on as planned. Here are methods you can use to plan for your party.You can also consult event planning companies in NYC or corporate event planners in Nyc for assistance.


Good organization


Having a to-do list is essential to ensure nothing vital to the party is left out. Besides, you should also continuously update your to-do-list whenever there are any changes. It is also important to have a guest list. The guest list must have full contact information and their dietary restrictions.


Create a theme relevant to your party


A good theme not only transforms your party but also sets the tone for the party.Make sure you have a good theme for your; birthday party, weddings or even reunions.This can only be successful with the help of corporate event planners.




Although technology has made it possible to send even last minute invites to your friends and families, traditional sending of invites via mail is necessary. Sending your invites via mail not only shows gratitude but also it is a sign that you value the person you are sending the invite.


Avail a self-serve bar


The self-serve bar is essential to a great party. The self-serve bar allows your guests to mix their cocktail as they prefer. You should, therefore, stock up a variety of liquor in your bar.


Use a specialty concoction


Make sure you have your unique special blend for your visitors. Serve this mix to your guests at intervals. The purpose of this blend is to ensure your guests have a long-lasting impression of your party.


Use simple appetizers


Make appetizers from ready-made ingredients at the market instead of making appetizers from scratch. Keeping your appetizers simple and mouth watering saves time and also helps to avoid making awful appetizers.


Set up a kids table


Allow kids to have fun on their own by setting them their table. It is important to include fun activities for kids like availing them with drawing pencils and paper.


Twenty-Three Layers


Twenty-Three layers is a company that deals with the planning of events. It is based in New York.The uniqueness and creativity incorporated in the planning of the events have made this company to be among the best corporate event planners in New YorkCity. Unlike other event planning companies in New YorkCity, this company guarantees perfection in the planning of events.






George Soros, Trying To Help People towards a Better Future

George Soros is a name that has been echoing across countries as a man who has pioneered various political movements across the world. A hedge fund investor by profession, George has made quite an impact on the world of politics through this great involvement with political parties to try and shape the course of governments and justice in countries. When George was a young boy, he grew up in a part of Hungary that was under the rule of the Nazi’s which caused quite a problem for George’s family considering they were all practicing Jews at the time. It wasn’t long before George began to realize the repercussions of the political turmoil that was happening around him and all the political unrest that his country was facing. This was one of the main defining factors that led George on the path to helping people all over the world fight for justice.

Through his life, George has always tried his best to mitigate corrupt parties and prevent them from coming into power. George was also a large investor for the Democratic Party in 2004 when he was against President Bush and the Republican party’s ways. He invested almost $26M into the party for its presidential campaign and all the organizations they support. However, when those efforts turned out to be unfruitful, George decided to back away from the American Political scene and focus on his organizations and foundations which he built to help people.

In 2016, George Soros started an organization towards the aid of refugees and individuals coming from war-torn countries. The organization invested into these refugees business, especially the ones who were seeking exile in other European countries. The group benefited many refugee lives and helped them rebuild their careers and help their families out in this time of need.

George has been mentioned on the Forbes top lists for numerous years now; with the most recent one being him featured on the richest hedge fund investors lists. When George’s family has moved out of Hungary, to go to London, George enrolled in the London School of Economics, where he lay his foundations for what he would need when he would set up his company. When George came to New York, he began working on Wall Street where he invested in his first hedge fund which set him on the road to success.

In spite of deciding to stay away from the American Political Scene, George decided to re-enter and re-invest into the Democratic Party due to his allegiance to Hillary Clinton and his tremendous faith in her to lead the country in a preferable direction. Last year, George donated over $25M towards the Democratic Party and the numerous organizations they support. Read this story at about George Soros.

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TIDAL Surges, Backed By Desiree Perez

TIDAL, the streaming music service co-owned by top-tier recording artists, has seen major hits recently with albums by some of the co-owners, namely Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna. Since the third week of February 2017, the app has added a million trial members and charted its highest position in iTunes Store sales. Read interesting article on

To cut costs, Tidal has de-emphasized an extensive catalog in favor of focusing on hot new releases. Its Tidal X live performance streaming, Tidal Rising emerging artists section, and Tidal Discovery, the curated section, will be the service’s main focal points moving forward.

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The service owes its recent success, in part, to the behind-the-scenes moves of executive Desiree Perez. A business associate of Jay-Z for over 20 years, Perez’s background includes running SC Enterprises. With her husband, Juan “O.G.” Perez, Desiree Perez also runs Roc Sports Nation, the American sports management agency.  Hop over to

With a reputation as a hard-as-brass negotiator, Desiree Perez played a critical role in Rihanna’s recent deal with Samsung. She also mediated the terms of Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. Ms. Perez forms part of Jay-Z’s inner Hova Circle along with Mr. Perez, Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, Ty Ty Smith, and Jay Brown. Together, these talented executives manage the Roc Nation properties.

The streaming music market is a highly competitive one, and one in which major players Apple Music and Spotify dominate. Still, even swimming in this shark tank, Tidal manages to keep its head above the water, appealing to millennial music consumers.

Few artists have such a deep understanding of the business side of the music world as Jay-Z. Mr. Carter has consistently shown his superior skill in surrounding himself with high-performance execs. With Desiree Perez in his corner, Tidal can expect more success on the horizon and less of a hard knock life.  Read more articles, visit Dez’s

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