InnovaCare Offers Important Health Care For All Their Medicare Advantage Members

Health care access today is governed by many factors. The world of health care in America is one in which many providers strive to provide the best possible treatment for their patients. This is particularly true of those patients who have chosen to work with Medicare Advantage plans. Such plans are designed to help provide older people with access to medical services as they age. One company that truly understands how important it is provide access to the best care possible is that of InnovaCare Health.

Strong Leadership

In order to help streamline the healthcare delivery process at every turn, those who run this company have done their best to develop new ways of delivering health care that are intended to make life as easy as possible for those relying on them. Rick Shinto, holder of both a medical degree and a master’s degree in business administrate is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. As such, he aims to provide strong leadership skills to help make this kind of health care delivery process a reality for those at InnovaCare. In this important goal, he is ably assisted by Penelope Kokkinides who is his Chief Administrative Officer and someone equally devoted to providing access to high level patient care at all times.

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Redefining Healthcare Management

At this company, the aim is also to help redefine healthcare management. As part of this process, old ways of thinking have fallen by the wayside here and new ways of seeing the world have taken their place. Those who with the team here know that all those at the company are fully committed to providing the best possible help for their patient. They also know that they are also determined to keep costs to a minimum, allowing patients to afford the healthcare they need with Medicare.

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Creating New Ways Of Health Care Provision

Those here also work with patients to offer them access to the latest in medical and technological innovations. Medicare Advantage patients can be assured of working with InnovaCare Health that offers them all possible options when confronting a one time condition or one that is chronic. This helps patients not only get the healthcare they need. It also helps patients retain their autonomy and become engaged as partners in any health care they are receiving. In short, this is why so many have turned to this company for their healthcare needs.

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Types of Products by Makari de SUisse

Different Makari Skin products are designed to effect the skin or treat the skin differently. The face cream, Caviar Face Cream and the Beauty Lightening Milk for the body are designed to get rid of blemishes by fading them and as a result they help in evening out the skin tone. There is also the Skin Repairing Serum is effective for blackened areas of the skin especially the elbows, knuckles, chin and the forehead. The Whitening Exfoliating Soap is manufactured to have high whitening ability that helps in eliminating and preventing acne.

Makari skin lightening creams are categorized into two, the Day and the Night. The Makari Day Treatment Lightening cream is suitable for normal oily skin types. It helps get rid of dark spots and blemishes and totally and also assists in the development of new epidermal cells with no unwanted pigmented marks. It also contains sunscreen. The Night Lightning Cream is oilier. Thus it is good for people with dry skins. It leaves the skin silky smooth and improves the complexion by lightening dark patches and eliminating blemishes. It also provides essential moisture to the skin to keep the skin beautiful.

and according to their site , The Makari Skin Products is also helps in cleansing and preventing major skin bacterial breakouts like acne include the Deep Cleansing Lotion, Peel-Off Mask, Whitening Exfoliating Soap, Sulfur Soap and Clarifying and Scrubbing Cream. They are all to be used or applied gently on the skin to prevent irritation. The Deep Cleansing Lotion for example has been made with ingredients that fight bacteria and the cleaning process goes beyond the surface of the skin. It clears acne and blackheads resulting in smooth skin for the user. It also hydrates the skin clearing out oily residues and it also contains natural oils and vitamins to restore a balanced rate of moisture.

The Makari Exclusive Toning Milk Organiclarine evens out the skin tone and leaves a glow to it. It is also a skin whitening product and it is highly effective at that and may be too strong for people who have not used any skin whitening products before. It targets scars,discolorations and dark hyperpigmentations.

Susan McGalla’s Success Tips to Women

The desire to succeed is a thing that cannot be stopped. Many men have achieved success in the various fields, but the same cannot be said about women. Women have also achieved the success, but there is always an issue about how to measure their success. Inequality and the low number of women in boardrooms have continually been an issue. However, women are known to have a blend of bold personality to handle various roles in organizations on Women with these characteristics have always taken control of the business world and moved companies to better profitability.

The business community has seen very successful women in the past, and more continue to unveil themselves. It was a field that was a no-go zone for most women. However, successful women like Susan McGalla have played role-model for most women. She continues to lead the way for more women to succeed in business. Susan continues to share her success and the various methods for rising to management roles within organizations. Also, she details to women on how to be competitive and maintain a good name while in top management. Her work has made various women attain leadership positions in their organizations. A majority of them are easy to trust and poses high networking skills.

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Susan understands one can get whatever she wants in life as long as they are determined. They ought to have passion and work hard, and they will see success. Also, they affirm that self-confidence is essential while climbing the management ladder. Susan McGalla teaches women to understand their strength and focus on them. They should concentrate and take them from ordinary to extraordinary.

Since a tender age, Susan understood that she had powerful abilities. Also, she knew it was only her that could unveil them and make an impact in the business world. Susan McGalla grew up with a father and a brother that made her strong and taught her to handle life with a string heart. The aspect of determination and not letting people look down on you were the first lesson she learned as a lady.

After a long spell in management and boardrooms of various companies, she decided to venture into consulting. She saw it as an opportunity to start and grow a business, for the benefit of the young ladies looking at her. She began P3 Executive Consulting. He has raised the organization to desirable levels within a few years. Source:

RPS Solutions Set to Bring New Life to Baltimore

Kevin Seawright, representing RPS Solutions, recently appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show to talk about his company’s efforts to revitalize Baltimore’s image through boosting affordable home ownership. It’s an effort, Seawright insists on Twitter, is both good for the under appreciated sections of the city and keeping in line with RPS Solutions’ own ambitions in real estate.

It is no secret that the city of Baltimore has had trouble drawing new people into its more urbanized centers, and it’s those areas of the city that has drawn the attention of RPS Solutions.

The majority of clients that come to RPS Solutions are seeking property for the first time in their lives. With a market that is still unsure of how to treat these new home buyers in a real estate market that’s still trying to engender confidence in the public following the housing crash in 2007. RPS sees these areas as a perfect fit for their clients who are looking for affordable housing in Baltimore. It provides them with an investment that is relatively low risk while also affording them the opportunity to be part of an emerging community as an influx of home buyers attracts new business.

At present, Baltimore has a home ownership rate of about 48%. Seawright has stated that the mission of RPS Solutions is to boost that number significantly in a relatively small window by making the city more attractive to young and intrepid people looking to help develop the areas in which they live.

Kevin Seawright is a project manager that has worked for both governments and private organizations that have taken him to many major cities in America. He’s chosen to make Baltimore his home, putting his experience to work to revitalize the city’s image by boosting home ownership.

In addition to restructuring infrastructure for public school and managing homes for the elderly, Seawright has worked for the the Department of Recreation in Maryland as its Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. His office was responsible for the management of tens of millions of dollars from state and federal governments to maintain the state’s many parks. Kevin is also the Vice President of NCEDC, which works to improve the economic status of Newark and New Jersey as a whole.

Dick DeVos Giving Back to the Society

Dick DeVos, firstborn son of Richard DeVos Snr. is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Michigan. He was once listed by Forbes magazine as the 67th richest males in the United States. DeVos has worked for various companies, including Amway, co-founded by his father. He however left Amyway in the year 1989, to start a business of his own, Windquest Management. He later was reappointed to Amway Corporation and ended-up succeeding his father in various capacities in the firm. He has seen the company transition to what is now known as Alticor Corporation.

Have amassed wild success through the various company- owned business, DeVos only sees it fit to give back to the society. Dick is one of the biggest philanthropists, known in the USA. In the spirit of giving back and sharing the wealth that they have been blessed with, Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos started The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

With The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Dick and his wife are able to contribute to the education status of the country. Together, they help increase opportunities for education to students coming from the less fortunate backgrounds. In this regard, they collaborate with Thunderbird School of Global Management to support students entering the school for a Master of Arts Degree, Master of Science and Master of Business Administration. They also award scholarships for students entering Northwood University for Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree.

The company is also community focused. They plan charities and donate to projects that have an aim of increasing the sustainability of various communities. This is by making it easy for people to access quality and affordable health services. In addition, they also provide support to increase the quality of life for different individuals.

The company is also a steward for leadership. Having tried his hand on politics, DeVos definitely knows what is required for successful leadership. With the foundation, he trains and supports potential leaders with the aim of equipping them to be great future leaders.

His biggest and most notable donation was that of a $ 22.5 million to the DeVos Institute of Arts, which is currently known as the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

This post entitled, “8 Online Reputation Management Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know” explains how to take care of the brand’s reputation proactively. Beyond question, every entrepreneur should have the basic knowledge when it comes to managing online reputation even before setting up a business to avoid costly dilemmas. Additionally, in reputation management, the involvement of everyone doing the business is critical. Recently, a book labelled, “Mechanics of Online Reputation Management: Repair and Control Your Name or Brand Reputation Online” by Tyler Collins, an expert of digital marketing, is assisting the entrepreneurs who need to use the tools essential in building and repairing a reputation online. According to Tyler, first off is by ensuring that consumers using the search engine can find the business on the main webpage as the leading ten spots of the search results. Second is by checking that the new companies have acquired the online reputation management before their brand is even launched. Third is by taking measures with the right mind set when negative content about a brand emerges online since a business can still recover the adverse reaction of it in just months. Fourth is by handling the online reputation of those executives in the company because people have the tendency not only to research it but also its employees if doing business with them is considered. Fifth is by seeking an expert’s help when building or repairing an online reputation is needed. This expert must truly have strong knowledge of search engine optimization factors, is knowledgeable in choosing the right places to publish content, and is acquainted in making relationships right with media outlets and properties. Sixth is by finding the best specialist for search engine optimization to take control of the reputation and be accountable for the scenarios online. Seventh is by repeatedly posting content into the social media accounts of the company and replying to posts especially those negative reviews that sound legally. Eighth is by following the important steps before starting a reputation management online campaign. In this connection, one of the websites, which is, is a good place to begin for cleaning up bad reviews online. or has helped hundreds of people.

Business Genius Brian Bonar Set To Be The Finest in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant business is all about offering value package to a customer who experience the value of the service and consumes the same in concurrence.

This calls for precision in service delivery, which ultimately lies with the person delivering the value. In the restaurant business therefore, the buck stops with the people and that is why who is who matters.

Scottish-born business person Brian Bonar is the owner of Bellamy’s Restaurant. Bonar says that he started the restaurant to bring change to the old dining establishment known as Tango, and he aims at providing his customers with more progressive cuisine. Since Bellamy’s was not Brian’s first business establishment, he already had enough background in business. This knowledge of business has helped him come up with a successful restaurant that features French style cuisines. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The restaurant has given not only Brian profits but also great praises from both his clients and reviewers. He knew Ponsaty from his favorite restaurant ÑEl Bizcochoin Rancho Bernardo Inn. Brian was aware that Ponsaty could help him achieve his plans of turning his Bandy Canyon Ranch into a four-star event destination with a signature restaurant. Read more: The New Frontier

A master French Chef in Escondido, Ponsaty has not received the celebration he should have from his great works and accomplishments. But the vision of the ranch and Bellamy’s restaurant will get him there. Here he is also getting the freedom he has for long been looking for.

Ponsaty, who describes his cuisine style as “French” coached Gavin Kaysen while at El Bizcochoin from an upstart talent to an up star talent. Later Kaysen took Ponsaty’s job spiking a respectful rivalry between the two.

At Bellamy’s, Ponsaty’s menu is another thing. Local mushrooms, sea, scallops duck Sauvage, Spanish hare, and wild boar. Working together with Brian’s step daughter Gianina Pickens, the combination of these three will give the restaurant good management, finances and irresistible delights which are a recipe for the restaurants success.

Brian Bonar has a bachelor’s degree in technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a master’s from Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds a Ph.D. in business. Brian has not always worked in the hotel industry but also for corporations like Rastek and Itec Imaging, as Director of Engineering and as Sales and Marketing President. Read more: Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on and Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

The president and chair of the board at Trucep also have had various leadership positions in companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar also was once procurement manager for IBM. His first business was Bezier systems. In 2000 Brian received the award of Who’s Who in America. His personal likes include playing golf, boating trips and spending time with his family.

Winners of the arbitration awards have had to endure, Sands Brothers & Co. filing for an appeal. This has caused a delay in the winners of the settlement to receive their funds. In addition to filing appeals Sands Brother & Co have filed a broker-dealer withdrawal form with the NASD. In the event that they are removed from the NASD, winners of the arbitration rewards may not ever see a dime of the settlement amount. This is due to NASD rules. With Sands Brother & Co. removed from the NASD, then the NASD will not be able to force the company to pay their settlement amounts.

Laidlaw & Company along with Matthew Eitner and James Ahern (directors of the company) have been accused of being a scapegoat for Sands Brothers & Co. Previously, cases have been won again Sands Brothers & Co. One of these cases includes an award in the amount of $261,000. According to reports Sands Brothers & Co. have been trying to convince the Oklahoma City attorney that won the arbitration award for the doctor to take a lower settlement amount. The lower amount has been refused and as a result those that have been awarded a settlement fear that they will not see the funds that were awarded to them.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

In addition to being removed from the NASD, some believe that Sands Brothers & Co. are now currently working under the London firm, Laidlaw & Co. If this is true, this move by Sands Brothers & Co. goes against the NASD rules, which states that a brokerage firm must seek approval in the event that they transfer 25% of more of its assists to another firm.

Steven and Martin Sands (directors associated with Sands Brothers & Co.) are also listed as investment advisors and directors at LaidLaw along with other Sands Brother & Co. staff. Though the Sands brothers and other members of the Sands Brother & Co. Staff are associated with LaidLaw, they state that the company was not created as a scapegoat for Sands Brothers & Co. LaidLaw has been in business for a couple of years and has its own full staff.

Is George Soros Right To Be Bearish In 2016 Like He Was In 2008?

At 85 years of age billionaire investor, political bon vivant, hedge fund manager, author, and philanthropist, George Soros came out of retirement again to take an active position in investing. Soros had not been an active trader for himself or for the more than $30 billion that his Soros Fund Management LLC since 1992 although representatives that manage his fund claim he has been more of a force than is commonly known.

In 2008 Soros made money for the people that invested in his hedge fund by going against most authorities and analyst’s predictions for the future. George Soros took a position that leveraged political and economic conditions to his advantage. Investments in gold and betting against the value of the British pound made a big score for Soros.

Soros’ most recent position and his renewed involvement in directing trades for his company are again based on Soros’ anticipation of political changes that will impact market conditions.

Soros bought gold and stock in gold miners. This position means that he anticipates gold to increase in value as currencies decline in value. There are several present indicators that this position is not only safe but will produce a high return at least in the near future.

China is losing momentum as the new economic star of the world. Growth has stalled in part due to better than possible expectation from the Chinese government. The yuan continues to fall versus other currencies. The Chinese government has not only loosened restrictions on stock trading but reduced prices on goods to improve their position.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

China’s poor performance has led to lower rates of foreign investment and forced China to sell over 30 percent of the United States paper that it held at a loss. China may be experiencing a mini-depression that government action will not correct in the short term or five years.

Britain’s waffling about exiting the European Union is another reason Soros has gone to metal. The recent murder of one of Britain’s most staunch advocates for exiting the EU has put any decision on hold indefinitely. The value of the pound went down showing that Soros had indeed seen what was coming.

Another of the major concerns that Soros has is the huge number of refugees from wars in the Middle East, Africa, Iraq, and Iran. The continued strife means no business. The welcoming of refugees by some governments may place an excessive tax burden on business and consumers for at least ten years.

The most recent reports on the United States economy show that the U. S. is no where near as strong as the government would like to claim in preparation for the upcoming election. Unemployment and lack of spending are the chief concerns. More troubling to Soros is the potential for a Republican win by Trump.

Based on his past record, Soros is most likely going to reap large benefits due to his new direct involvement in the investment strategy of his hedge fund. The U. S. condition may be settled in November but the world conditions that told Soros to buy gold are years away from resolution.

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Doug Levitt and the Poignant “The Greyhound Diaries”

“The Greyhound Diaries” is a project by Doug Levitt. Levitt is a singer-songwriter who is native to Washington, D.C. in the United States. He was born there in 1972. Levitt writes and performs music in the pop, Americana and folk-rock genres. The Greyhound Diaries was a project that took eight full years for Levitt to complete. Levitt started penning stories and tunes about people who took the Greyhound bus in 2004. It wasn’t uncommon for Levitt to notice people who seemed to be in the middle of difficult times. His observation of Greyhound bus travelers came to a close in late 2012. The musician had traveled 80,000 miles via Greyhound buses by that time. Levitt’s poignant project has had mentions from many extremely well-known media outlets and publications in the United States. These include Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, Billboard, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. The Greyhound Diaries was an extremely productive effort. Levitt created a web series that was inspired by his project. The project also inspired a program and two full EP (extended player) albums.

Doug Levitt wasn’t always a traveling musician. Before he started the Greyhound Diaries, he served as a foreign correspondent. He resided in London, England at that time and covered many news stories from faraway locales including Bosnia, Rwanda and Iran. He worked for television networks such as NBC and ABC.

Levitt’s mother is Carol Schwartz, a politician who was born in Greenville, Mississippi on January 20th in 1944. His father is David Schwartz. When Levitt was growing up, he went to schools that were part of the area’s public school system. He is a Woodrow Wilson High School alumnus. This secondary school is in the heart of the American capital city. Levitt later went on to get his education at the Ivy League institution of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After that, he went to the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. He completed an International Relations masters degree at the prestigious school. The Greyhound Diaries creator wears many hats these days. Although he’s a musician, he’s also both a photographer and an activist.

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