Why The Middle Age People Used Trabuco During War

Trabuco had its origins in China. This is a type of siege weapon, dating from the middle Ages. At the time of the Crusades, it was used by Europeans in war; other human beings also used it. For that time, it indeed happened to be an efficient and a terrifying weapon. Trabuco had the purpose of crushing stone walls of the enemies or shoot projectiles over them.

Trabuco mechanism consists in transforming the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy based on youtube.com. Not all possible energy is converted into kinetic energy: one part dissipates in the form of heat and sound. The size of the counterweight is directly proportional to the velocity of the projectile, because the larger the counterweight, the stronger the projectile will be launched.

In contrast to catapults, Trabuco does not use any complicated mechanism. Its popularization was even for its simple manufacture and maintenance. Its prominence was also due to him being able to launch projectiles much heavier and at a greater distance than the similar arms existing until then.

According to zomato.com, although capable of giving up to four shots per minute, something impressive for the time, and even compares favorably with modern heavy artillery, there were some restrictions to this weapon. Controlling the teams of human beings was difficult. It was also almost impossible to get them to pull strings with the same force for each shot. Because of these unfavorable characteristics, this form of Trabuco remained in use only until the eleventh century.

The first traction tables were operated by humans. The short end of the beam was made to be moved by people pulling attached to it. This being one of the biggest weapons in the world, it is fed by more than250 people, and hurling a 140-pound stone at 80 meters. This type of large machine was relatively rare due to the complicated logistics of controlling the large teams of operators. The traction Trabuco was taken to the Middle East by Arab merchants. They refined the design by adding weight to the short end of the arm, thus adding a little extra reach to the weapon.

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