IC Systems: Core Values and Highest Standards

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System is an account receivable management company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. IC System’s prides themselves on providing ethical and honest service to their customers and pride themselves on being one of the leaders of innovation in the field of accounts receivable recovery. IC System’s utilizes the most state-of-the-art collection tools and in 1968 was the first collection agency in the United States to replace typewriters with computers. IC System’s has a set of core values that help to guide their decision-making process and maintain the highest quality and standards within their office culture. These core values include treating people with dignity and respect, doing the right thing, delivering results that exceed expectations, being proud of everything they do, and finding better ways to get tasks completed.

IC Systems’ maintains the highest compliance standards by utilizing extensive auditing, through documentation and extensive training to ensure that all policies are clearly documented and understood by employees. In addition to high compliance standards, IC Systems adds an extra layer by having a Director of Internal Audit to ensure that standards are being met and they report directly to the CFO and Audit Committee to ensure that standards are being met and sustained. Because IC Systems deals with sensitive information they maintain the best security features including have audits done by a third-party to make sure they are keeping with their high industry standards (https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=22790619). In order to achieve their high standards, IC Systems is licensed and bonded in all 50 states as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. Because they are a collection agency it is important to make sure they are licensed throughout the United States because many individuals who owe money are located hundreds of miles outside of where the original service was provided and without properly bonding and licensing they would not be able to provide the best service to their customers.

IC Systems is a company that has been able to operate and excel since 1938 by maintaining the highest quality and industry standards and requiring that employees have the best training and also meet and maintain their highest standards. IC Systems not only maintains high standards they also pride themselves on being at the forefront of advancements of technology that help them provide the best service to their customers.