Awesomize Your Potential with Jeunesse Global

Nowadays, we hear about youth-enhancement companies that are fixated on some proprietary, synthetic formula or technology that capitalizes on spurious breakthroughs of uncertain origin. It’s a meme of Internet culture that’s done more harm than not, but not all health companies subscribe to this model of marketing. Jeunesse Global is an example of such a company that promotes wellness the proper way, focusing on a complete restorative regimen built from totally natural ingredients.

Jeunesse was given life on September 9, 2009 in a move by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to show commitment to their vision of youthful wellness for everyone in the world regardless of age, sex or beliefs. The company was fired up over the coals of other successful ventures that the duo had found, and the best of their entrepreneurial knowledge came together under the banner of what would one day join the ranks of the fastest-growing direct-sales names in the world. With their loyal base of followers (the “Jeunesse family”), Randy and Wendy have expanded their offerings and developed into a company of excellent repute.

What They Offer

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is Jeunesse’s proprietary nine-step system to restore complete youthfulness on both functional and aesthetic fronts. Each step consists of a array of products under a banner name, and they all target a different series of problems in the human body that result in aging and general breakdown over the years of wear and tear. As such, the administration of each product line varies in approach and aims to tactically introduce essential resources that the body can then use to naturally regulate its own ailments.

These products cover everything from energy- and mood-boosting supplements for daytime performance to mind-sharpening blends that keep you on top of your game wherever you are. For the night, there’s a natural sleep-enhancing aid that promotes restful sleep and synergizes beautifully with the daytime line of get-it-done products. For those who take interest, there are also immune supplements, free radical defense blends, topical creams, coffee alternatives and fitness product lines to help you round out your wellness and bring back your lost potential once more.

Lime Crime Launches in China with Revolve at Their Side

When LimeCrime announced they would be launching their brand in China, there was a lot of speculation and doubt on if they’d be able to stay true to their company’s ethical policies.

LimeCrime is known for being one of the most exclusively vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics companies in the beauty industry. On the other hand, Chinese law requires companies to test any wholesale cosmetics on animals before selling to consumers.

Kim Walls, the Global General Manager of Lime Crime, confirmed the worry of working around this dilemma in an ethical and legal way that left both LimeCrime and China satisfied.

In addition, Walls also admitted worry over another obstacle during their Chinese launch: counterfeit products. The majority of Lime Crime fakes sold last year (over 1 million) came from China. Officially launching in China would only make it easier for unauthorized vendors to sell counterfeit products and more difficult for consumers to confirm whether their product was the real deal, ultimately discouraging sales.

The most obvious solution to the problems presented would be to ship directly from USA warehouses to Chinese consumers. However, the massive scale of transportation logistics this would require would be too much for a smaller brand like Lime Crime. They needed a different, more practical work around.

Enter Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform. By partnering with Revolve and through the magic of social media, Lime Crime was able to target a large enough audience in China and encourage them to try Revolve’s e-commerce service. After that, all it took was a two-hour early access window before the official launch for pre-existing fans to spread the online word and gain Lime Crime the attention they wanted.

By selling their product exclusively to Chinese consumers through Revolve, Lime Crime both eliminated the problem of having to test on animals and ensured that customers would be guaranteed a legitimate product. Revolve is now the only source for authentic Lime Crime products in China.

Along with Revolve, Lime Crime has joined forces with a plethora of up-and-coming influencers who are passionate about advocating for the brand.