Awesomize Your Potential with Jeunesse Global

Nowadays, we hear about youth-enhancement companies that are fixated on some proprietary, synthetic formula or technology that capitalizes on spurious breakthroughs of uncertain origin. It’s a meme of Internet culture that’s done more harm than not, but not all health companies subscribe to this model of marketing. Jeunesse Global is an example of such a company that promotes wellness the proper way, focusing on a complete restorative regimen built from totally natural ingredients.

Jeunesse was given life on September 9, 2009 in a move by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to show commitment to their vision of youthful wellness for everyone in the world regardless of age, sex or beliefs. The company was fired up over the coals of other successful ventures that the duo had found, and the best of their entrepreneurial knowledge came together under the banner of what would one day join the ranks of the fastest-growing direct-sales names in the world. With their loyal base of followers (the “Jeunesse family”), Randy and Wendy have expanded their offerings and developed into a company of excellent repute.

What They Offer

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is Jeunesse’s proprietary nine-step system to restore complete youthfulness on both functional and aesthetic fronts. Each step consists of a array of products under a banner name, and they all target a different series of problems in the human body that result in aging and general breakdown over the years of wear and tear. As such, the administration of each product line varies in approach and aims to tactically introduce essential resources that the body can then use to naturally regulate its own ailments.

These products cover everything from energy- and mood-boosting supplements for daytime performance to mind-sharpening blends that keep you on top of your game wherever you are. For the night, there’s a natural sleep-enhancing aid that promotes restful sleep and synergizes beautifully with the daytime line of get-it-done products. For those who take interest, there are also immune supplements, free radical defense blends, topical creams, coffee alternatives and fitness product lines to help you round out your wellness and bring back your lost potential once more.

Equities First Is Taking Over The UK Loan Market

Equities First Holdings is taking over the UK loan market by opening new offices and expanding their range of services. The company has offices with live staff around the UK, and they take applications, negotiate loans, and take payments. The UK offices are part of a European expansion, and the company has offices in the Southern Hemisphere, as well, and learn more about Equities First.

Equities First Holdings originated the stock based loan, and they help reduce risk by asking for traded stocks as opposed to real property or valuables. The collateral at Equities First protects the company without pushing the customer into a corner.

The offices help customers feel as comfortable as possible, and the offices are open every day to walk-ins and appointments. Stock based loans are underwritten, funded, and managed through the office, and anyone in the UK needing cash flow should drop by the speak to a customer care associate.

Glen Wakeman – Global Business Executive and Traveler

Glen Wakeman is known as a top notch entrepreneur, management expert, and start-up business consultant. He has built his impeccable reputation by working in various high level management positions with multiple companies. Those different positions led him to live in 6 different countries and work in 32. With a market full of different business advisers he has become the obvious choice for any entrepreneur that wants the best chance of building a long term successful business.

Although Glen has accomplished many great things in his professional life, he still remains humble in his success ( Not only does he possess the knowledge of what it takes to be successful as a high level business executive, he is also no stranger to working manual labor jobs.

He once described the worst job he ever worked during college in order to pay the bills. Glen was the bathroom cleaner in an automobile factory. It was a dirty job however it taught him 2 valuable lessons that stick with him to this day. Those lessons are always take pride in your work and always be grateful for any opportunity in life that comes your way. (Glenwakeman) graduated from The University of Scranton with a BS in economics and finance and from The University of Chicago with an MBA in finance.

Today Glen is the CEO of his company LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company was founded in 2015 and it was created to help new entrepreneurs take an idea and turn it into a viable business plan. Glen also helps companies grow by implementing his own 4 step approach to business focusing on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution of business. He also encourages new entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in as many aspects of their business as possible. This strategy helps the owner get a great understanding of day to day operations and build transparency between employees and management.

Anyone who is in the market for a business adviser should set up a meeting with Glen and his company. He will guide you down the road to long term success.