Hussain Sajwani Career Journey

To run a business and be successful with it needs the heart of a bold man. The journey to success is not always an easy one; it requires believing and risk-taking. A little more effort has to be put in place for the best to be achieved.

Hussain Sajwani has a journey full of victory. His success was through working that extra mile and taking chances. He was born in a family where business was part and parcel of them. His father imported products such as pens, watches, and shirts then sold them. Hussain was among the lucky people who managed to acquire a scholarship to study in Washington. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

His career started at an oil company called Abu Dhabi Oil Company in Dubai where he worked as a contracts manager. He worked for some time then decided to start his own business in catering. His skills in economics made him run the business correctly. His business was to supply foodstuff to the US military and also the Bechtel Corporation.

As we all know, opportunity comes once in a lifetime, but if not utilized in time, it will be of no use at all. Hussain shifted business into property development. This was after foreigners were allowed to own properties in the Middle East. This was a loop to make a real company. He established DAMAC properties and became chairman. DAMAC Group is responsible for the construction of real estate and luxurious household in the Middle East. Its popularity has attracted attention from great people such as Donald Trump who has looked forward to doing business deals with Hussain. Through this, DAMAC Group constructed the Tiger Woods Golf Course which is managed by the Trump.

DAMAC Group has developed real fast which has made it be listed among the top fastest growing companies in the market by the Forbes.

With all the success Hussain Sajwani has, he is a philanthropic man. He never forgets to give back to the society. He once participated in contributing AED 2million in raising money for supporting needy children worldwide as he knew that children needed good support for them to have better future.

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Glen Wakeman Unveils New Organization

Building a successful business is a dream that many people have. While creating a small business and turning it into a successful organization is a big challenge, some individuals continue to show that they have the ability to turn new ideas into successful ventures in a quick period of time.

One person that has show that he has the ability to turn a new business idea into a successful venture is Glen Wakeman. Glen Wakeman is a successful business owner and consultant that has helped to grow a variety of organizations. Today, he is best known for starting Launchpad Holdings, LLC. This organization is a new business concept that was formed in 2017. The business is a new consulting organization that aims to help new business owners turn their business idea into a successful career and organization. This new concept goes along with the rest of his career that has been dedicated in building new businesses from the ground up.

What helps to separate Glen Wakeman and his new company from other consulting firms is that he has a proven strategy that can be used to help any business in any industry. Today, his business focuses on helping grow other organizations using his five pillar approach to success. To be a successful organization, Glen Wakeman believes that a business will need to excel at business execution and sales, human resources and employee management, leadership development, risk management, and finance. Those that are able to excel in these five areas will soon find that they are able to do very well in any industry that they operate in.

The main reason why Glen Wakeman started his new venture was that he wanted to help other companies grow. Over the course of his career, Glen Wakeman has seen many new organizations come up with a great idea but fail to get the business off of the ground. The reason why an organization will fail varies considerably from one business to the next. However, it tends to date back to the fact that it is not meeting one of the areas of focus that his company specializes in.

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