Mike Baur Wants To See More Swiss Startups

You can clearly look at the work of Mike Baur and realize that he has an ambitious goal fixated on giving the world something it often doesn’t think about too often. He wants to make sure that Switzerland becomes the centerpiece of entrepreneurial spirit and he plans to do this by making sure everyone who wants to do business in Switzerland is able to get the resources they need. The Swiss Startup Company is designed around this very specific ambition. More than anyone else Mike Baur believes that people should do everything they can to help create new industry and he doesn’t mind putting his best foot forward. There are those out there who can’t understand why he puts up so much energy in trying to bring new business into Switzerland. If he manages to grow the Swiss Startup Company to the heights he wants to, they’ll fully understand why he does what he does.


There are so many things that can be said about the Swiss Startup Company. It clearly focuses on giving people the chance to do things that otherwise aren’t easy to pull off. Starting your own business is always a challenge because there are so many things to consider before you do just about anything. You need to prepare for the hurdles that might come up and you need to be able to do so in a timely manner. If you are trying to start a business in a foreign country, it’s especially important to have someone who can give you a helping hand. Mike Baur happens to be the perfect person for that and he has no problem with giving people everything they need to succeed. It can be difficult to fully prepare in the world of startups but the right voice can make a huge difference.


The Swiss startup scene is certainly ambitious and it needs to be mentioned that the likes of people like Mike Baur are only the beginning of this movement. If we can see examples of the past and use them to predict the future, it becomes painfully obvious that Mike Baur has the perfect means of making things go the way they need to. He’s trying to make the startup scene even better than it was in the past and he doesn’t mind putting in extra work. This company is just one example of that at work in his life.


Awesomize Your Potential with Jeunesse Global

Nowadays, we hear about youth-enhancement companies that are fixated on some proprietary, synthetic formula or technology that capitalizes on spurious breakthroughs of uncertain origin. It’s a meme of Internet culture that’s done more harm than not, but not all health companies subscribe to this model of marketing. Jeunesse Global is an example of such a company that promotes wellness the proper way, focusing on a complete restorative regimen built from totally natural ingredients.

Jeunesse was given life on September 9, 2009 in a move by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to show commitment to their vision of youthful wellness for everyone in the world regardless of age, sex or beliefs. The company was fired up over the coals of other successful ventures that the duo had found, and the best of their entrepreneurial knowledge came together under the banner of what would one day join the ranks of the fastest-growing direct-sales names in the world. With their loyal base of followers (the “Jeunesse family”), Randy and Wendy have expanded their offerings and developed into a company of excellent repute.

What They Offer

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is Jeunesse’s proprietary nine-step system to restore complete youthfulness on both functional and aesthetic fronts. Each step consists of a array of products under a banner name, and they all target a different series of problems in the human body that result in aging and general breakdown over the years of wear and tear. As such, the administration of each product line varies in approach and aims to tactically introduce essential resources that the body can then use to naturally regulate its own ailments.

These products cover everything from energy- and mood-boosting supplements for daytime performance to mind-sharpening blends that keep you on top of your game wherever you are. For the night, there’s a natural sleep-enhancing aid that promotes restful sleep and synergizes beautifully with the daytime line of get-it-done products. For those who take interest, there are also immune supplements, free radical defense blends, topical creams, coffee alternatives and fitness product lines to help you round out your wellness and bring back your lost potential once more.




OSI Group is a leading distributor of custom-made food products globally. The company supplies food brands in retail to various outlets in the world. OSI Group is one of the leading private food companies based in the US.

Other services that OSI Industries provides include developing custom food products for an extensive supply chain of global food products. This means that the company sources the raw food products takes them through production and delivers them to the various clients. These food products are produced according to the client’s preference. The global food company which has been providing these services for more than 100 years ensures that the food products meet the utmost quality assurance and food safety standards that are required.

OSI Industries has over 65 facilities that are present in about 17 countries globally. The facilities employ approximately 20, 000 hardworking individuals. The company ensures that the food products that it produces are of the highest quality and standards. Moreover, the production of the company is consistent and it meets the response rate that is required globally. Therefore, OSI Group ensures that it partners with the right kind of individuals who will ensure that their food products reach the masses in a timely manner. Some of the food products that it supplies include various meat products like pork, bacon, meat patties and hot dogs. In addition to this, the company also produces dough products, pizza, vegetables and poultry products.


Currently, OSI Industries is among America’s top 100 food companies. The company which is based in Aurora, Illinois, was started in 1909 in the Chicago area. The food-based company was started by an immigrant from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky. The company started as a family-based meat park. By 1928, it had already expanded to various Chicago suburbs and it was known as Otto and Sons. The company was among the first to supply McDonald’s with meat patties when it was just a mere start-up.

During the 1960’s when the Cryogenic method of food processing began, the company continued to produce fresh meat supply using the freezing method that employs the use of liquid nitrogen. By 1973, the company had expanded rapidly into West Chicago. However, in 1975 Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries.

Throughout the years the company has managed to expand rapidly by producing quality food products. By 2011, OSI Industries had listed by Forbes as 136th in the list of the top private companies. By then the company was raking in 3 billion dollars in revenue annually. Forbes listed the company as number 58 in the same list in 2016. The company’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin.

AvaTrade Review: Safe and Easy to Use

AvaTrade is a multidimensional system that prov ides investment solutions online. They offer forex market services in addition to different crypto currency trading standards. With more than two hundred and fifty different instruments available, AvaTrade makes it possible to get lasting results in an ongoing way based on their continued commitment to excellence.

AvaTrade review has also developed robust solutions with user standards of operation in mind. Their technology is one way that infrastructure and software have been developed with the best methods of practice in mind. Since AvaTrade has created so many different methods of implementation it is important to notice the way that they have expanded in order to address incumbent challenges and methods of operation.

Overall, AvaTrade is considered one of the safest and useful methods of investing online. They have over two hundred thousand customers that attest to the quality and easy to use infrastructure that they have made available. They have also created some of the best software that makes it easy for users to check into their accounts from remote locations.

AvaTrade wants uses to have the best online trading experience and works hard to ensure that users can learn the necessary skills in order to succeed. They offer a crash course among others that are designed to improve the prospects of trading for people no matter how much experience they have had in the past. Crash courses as well as other introductions make a big difference in the way that AvaTrade functions. They also provide standardized updates to ensure that users are protected and safe throughout the development of their system.

AvaTrade is improving on a regular basis in order to offer high-quality outcomes for users. They also try to prepare early traders by offering them the necessary training for success. There are so many ways that AvaTrade is a safe and effective platform. it is important to notice how they are able to use infrastructure, customer service as well as other systems in order to make an institution that has lasting benefits. Overall there are a lot of benefits to going with this safe service provider.

Financial Publisher, The Oxford CLub

Every trader knows that the market revolves around information flowing between organizations and individual traders. Every investment such as stocks or bonds can go up and down in price because of major news events and new statistics being released by government organizations. One of the best things you can do as a trader is to subscribe to a financial news organization that knows how to pick out the important information and also knows how to give their subscribers was the best chance possible to on a profit in trading. But choosing a financial news organization can be a very hard and daunting thing to do because there are hundreds of news organizations that specialize in financial trading on the Internet. One of the best financial news organizations that you can subscribe to is called the Oxford Club. This financial news organization is geared towards people that daytrade investments such as stocks or forex, and are also great for long-term investors that aim to gain profit from their portfolio.

The Oxford Club gives their trader the ability to quickly gain the financial news that is important to their investments and also gives them the opportunity to look for new money-making opportunities in the market. This is why the Oxford Club has quickly become a leader in the financial news industry and is quickly becoming one of the most subscribed financial news organizations by every type of trader. Every trader knows that when it comes time to trade that information is key. If you are let out of new information your investments can easily lose money and can lose money in the future. Being a trader is not easy but with the Oxford Club, you are a gaining organization that is dedicated to making sure that every subscriber has the best chance of earning money in the markets.

Trading can be a very hard task because of the stress and also the experience and knowledge necessary to make the right trades for your portfolio. With the Oxford Club you gain not only a news organization that specializes in financials but also a partner in trading.

Shervin Pishevar: A Recap Of Two Of His Splendid Executive Profiles Today

There are too many ingenious things we can say about Shervin Pishevar. Where do we even start? Serial entrepreneur, check Leading venture capitalist, check.Investor of new innovations and programs, check. Surely, there’s not a lot of knowledgeable business people out there that could be at par with Mr. Shervin Pishevar’s competence. In this article, let’s try to recap some of the ways where Mr. Shervin Pishevar has really led the pack.

The World Affairs Feature

No executive profile of Mr. Shervin Pishevar would ever be taken seriously without including the profile available at World Affairs website. In the website, we learned that Mr. Shervin is popularly known as the bright, enormously successful co-founder as well as the past Managing Director of Sherpa Ventures, which is based in San Francisco and is mainly a capital firm dealing with angel investments and trading. You might also have learned in the website that Mr. Shervin Pishevar also became the managing director of Menlo Ventures, which is a company that handles tech-enabled companies and helped them create a traction that they needed to succeed.

We should also say here that Mr. Shervin has been able to generate around 100 million users in the programs that he had been developing. Some of the programs and companies he launched include Webs.com, Hyperoffice and Social Gaming Network. It should also be noted that Mr. Pishevar has been able to help invest in at least 60 angel companies in the social commerce and media sectors, that comprised a collective gains of around $50 million.

United States Department of State Feature

Another professional profile you can read about Mr. Shervin Pishevar is the one from the Department of State itself. You can read from the certified government records that Pishevar is a member of the U.N. Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council and he’s served also as the U.S. Department of State’s Entrepreneurial Ambassador to Middle East and Russia affairs.

You may also remember Mr. Pishevar as the keynote speaker last Summit on Entrepreneurship in Algeria. It’s also noteworthy to recap that the work he did for the Department of Homeland Security had been so remarkable, that it earned him the “Outstanding American by Choice” award.

To Learn More : medium.com/@shervin

The Impact of Market America on Online Marketing

Just as the name suggests, Market America is an internet product brokerage, and Marketing Company has put in focus one-on-one method of marketing. The company has over the years been able to acquire  significant popularity with over three million customers and around one hundred and eighty thousand shop Consultants as well as Unfranchise® Business owners across the globe. Just to account for the accumulated retail sales, Market America has made a record of 3.8 billion US dollars since it was founded. As a result of this financial excellence, individuals earned a total of 2.2 billion US dollars from commissions and approximated retail profits. This company has offered employment to over six hundred individuals from around the world. It conducts its international operations in Canada, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and Taiwan.

Market America fully recognises that internet has a lot of power. Putting this into mind, it combines the knowledge of people and the internet to create the ultimate destination of the internet. By doing this, the industry of online marketing has been revolutionised to a brand new industry. Being regarded as a multi-level marketing company, Market America was founded by Loren Ridinger and James Ridinger in the year 1992. With its headquarters in Greensboro, the company has constantly associated itself with items such as electronics, coffee, flowers, apparel, and water filtration system as well as oral hygiene products. It is able to do this through working together with outside companies interested in advertising these products on the firm’s website.

2008 marked a major move by Market America when they made an announcement that they were going to partner with iMirus for the aim of producing MA Newsstand and hence providing print and digital versions of catalogues, books and magazines. The company was able to purchase Shopping Comparison Firm in late 2010. As a result, the firm was prompted to change its retailing domain name from marketamerica.com to Shop.com. The change was effective as it expanded the Cashback program that the firm had previously introduced in 2008. In terms of a business model, the firm maintains its core structure where all its products are manufactured by involved companies with Market America marketing these products.

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How Eric Pulier is Changing the Tech Game

There are very few entrepreneurs living in Los Angeles who have had the sort of success that vAtomic Systems founder Eric Pulier has had. Eric Pulier was born in a small neighborhood in New Jersey and he was raised with a fascination for computers and technology. Pulier would quickly learn that his calling in life revolved around technology and he would follow it straight into adulthood. Now, Pulier is located in Los Angeles and his endeavors are enough to grab the attention of every entrepreneur seeking to follow into his footsteps. Let’s take a peek at those footsteps and see where they lead us.

A Fresh Start
Eric Pulier obviously grew up in New Jersey but he was never afraid to head to Los Angeles and embrace the big city and all of the things within it. Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1992 after he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. His education at Harvard helped to prepare his mind and outlook on the things he’d need to do in order to stay competitive in a market that was absolutely booming at the time. The early ’90s were the Wild West of the tech world, it was a completely different place than it is today.

Pulier would land in Los Angeles and hit the ground running. He would immediately focus on the healthcare and education industry, making both more available for the impoverished one of his primary focuses. Pulier’s success with his first company, People Doing Things, would open up the doors for further exploration in the crowded field of entrepreneurs.

Finding Success
Being an entrepreneur in the early 90s was completely different than it is today. Back then you had to have the drive and the grit to face your failures in person. There was no wide social network to hide behind as you promoted your concepts. Pulier credits this difficult upbringing with helping him become the determined individual he is today. Now, Pulier is in charge of several foundations as well as a slew of different fast rising tech companies. The future is looking bright for the kid from Jersey.

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Nutrition boost with IDLife Company

IDLife provides a marketing platform where clients can purchase nutritional products. It is dedicated to the marketing of quality products which improve the health and vitality to the people. The unique strategy with the IDLife`s products is that they are tailored to meet the individuals’ health goals. The company, therefore, focuses on the marketing of customized products to different people in the world. IDLife is based in Frisco, Texas. For its consistency in delivery of quality products, it was featured in the DSA Magazine Issue, December 2014.

IDLife Company is the soul provision of high-quality customized nutritional vitamins and supplements in the world market. The company has an online platform, ID Assessment that collect information about prospective client. The customer is expected to sign up to be a member, and the IDLife Nutrition’s specialists use the data from the clients portal to develop a customized product that meets his/her needs.

The company goal is usually to treat a customer into his/her satisfaction. The nutritional products are tailored differently because people have different health issues, activities and lifestyle. The client has to specify the health goal so that to benefit more from the services.

IDLife Company works handily with Garmin Company. Garmin Company deals with the development of GPS devices and wearable fitness equipment, including Garmin Vivo Fitness tracker which has been designed to synchronize with the company`s IDWellness app. With the app, the clients can track their pace and daily fitness exercise as they evaluate the effectiveness of training.

IDLife Company provides three basic steps on working on your weight to live a healthy life. It is the IDLife`s ideology that people will only hit their nutritional target if they get encouraged and holds on to the use of right tools. That’s why the company is setting the pace by bringing appropriate tools and knowledge to the world market.

ID Nutrition is one of the nutritional program offered by IDLife Company. It focuses on the nutritional science rather than working out. It is also an individually customized program. The products from ID Nutrition are of exceptional quality and clinically researched and tested ingredients.

Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads the Firm in Excellent Service Delivery

The leadership structure of an organization dictates its performance. With good leadership come invaluable results with excellent key indicators of good governance. That is why from mid July 2008, Securus Technologies has been swimming in a plethora of excellence. The appointment of Rick Smith as the chief executive officer was interestingly a moving decision that has seen the firm grow into a productive organization. Rick Smith is the head cheerleader of Securus Technology. Since his appointment, he has exuded nothing but support in the firm. Under his guidance, the firm has risen to the top managed ranks.


Rick Smith’s appointment was influenced by his experience in technology and leadership. To the board of directors, he fit the leadership position. Smith boasts of a rich academic background thanks to his commitment to advancing his education. From technology to communications, information management and finance, Smith harbors a plethora of experiences that better define him as a perfect match for the position. With a unique skill set of upper hand knowledge in critical decision making, he has been guiding the management in production and decision making. Smith is trusted to deliver excellent results within a minute period of time.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional agencies that service prisons, correction facilities, public safety and the society in general. The services include providing communications gadgets to prisoners as well as the management. This is done with the aim of ensuring that the society is safe from harm. With reports indicating the importance of availing communications gadgets to prisoners, Securus took the responsibility of ensuring that prisoners enjoy these benefits. This is not only useful to inmates but also family as well as friends. For years, Securus has been developing new and high-tech gadgets for communication. With Smith on the lead of these projects, Securus has protected the society by serving over 1000 inmates across North America.


In 2009, Securus Technologies entrusted Rick Smith with the chairmanship of the firm. Since then, he has expanded the company’s ability to provide products and services. With the better programming that he initiated, Securus Technologies has achieved admirable results when it comes to offering societal protection. With a company like Global Tel Link as a competitor in the market, Rick has done a great job given that Securus registers better performance than GTL. Rick Smith understands the value of incorporating team work to achieve results. With that in mind, he has initiated a call center that is managed by Securus Technologies. The department has a team of trained technicians who provide communication platforms for inmates, friends as well as families. Securus Technologies remains a national leader since it is committed to excellence in service delivery. Its success stems from Rick Smith, the head cheerleader. His skills have played a concrete role in the development of the company.