Academy of Art University Supports Local Community

The celebrated Academy of Art University has recently teamed of with the local community of Tenderloin in San Francisco to bring an augmented reality project to life. The school founded in 1929 has been a nexus of creative activity since its inception. Therefore, it is no surprise that an art school in the heart of Silicon Valley has used technology to strengthen its connection to the local community. The latest innovation is a new smartphone application called Tenderfeels that uses augmented reality to help users feel safe in the Tenderloin district.

In an area of San Francisco that is often overrun with crime and poverty, it is home to one of the youngest populations in the city to the cheap rents. The Tenderloin has always had a troubled history, but the app hopes to dispel its seedy past. Residents will be able to share the moods depending on where the live or hangout based on emoticon characters. As the app grows, users will be able to see and avoid locations with unhappy characters or be able to see places that are better populated with happier emotions. The app will be updated in real time as users express their feelings live on the app.

Augmented reality gained notoriety with the poplar Pokemon Go app where users were able to catch “live” Pokemon in the city. The app exploded as it introduced one of the first viral uses of augmented reality to the public. The Tenderfeels app will work in similar way to Pokemon as a crowd sourced informational tool designed to help the community. It works best when users are able to update their feelings according to their surroundings at will for each moment of the day.

The Academy of Art is one of the largest schools in San Francisco with over 12,000 students enrolled at the school at one time. It often churns out projects that act to make a dynamic difference in both the art world and local communities. The school has an open admission rate where students are able to explore studies in everything from computer design to fashion styling.

The Quality Solutions of Boraie Development and the Opening of New Jersey Real Estate Industry

New Jersey was always considered as one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States with its densely populated cities. During the financial crisis period, the state witnessed one of the biggest slowdowns of the industry with numerous foreclosures as well as delinquent cases. The New Jersey real estate sector was trailing behind other states, and this continued until recently. But, per the latest report by Philly Purge, the industry is on its way to a comeback. Per Zillow, the number of delinquency and foreclosure cases have significantly reduced in the recent months, and the industry showed the signs of revival.

When the industry is coming back, there is another serious issue is facing the entire industry – the shortage of supply. While a majority of New Jersey towns are facing the issues of shortage of inventory, an inflated pricing is expected across the industry. It may also compel the thousands of vacant homes, either second homes or vacation homes, hitting the market to utilize the pricing wave expected in the coming months. The government data also showed that there is a decline in the building permits in the recent months. For more details visit Crunchbase.

While the majority of the cities of the state show a similar trend, some cities are leveraging the high demand with an excellent inventory of apartments and homes. New Brunswick is the ideal example for this trend, and some of the highest quality developers based in the city like Boraie Development ensured that they are offering excellent housing solutions to its residents and people who wanted to invest there. As a leading developer of the region, Boraie Development is offering a comprehensive real estate experience to its customers by bringing best contractors, architects, and strong financial institutions together. It showcases reliability, capitalism, and vision in each of its projects. While giving preference to the residential real estate, Boraie Development also focuses on hotel assets, retail, entertainment, and commercial space. Check out

The real estate development firm was established by Omar Boraie in 1972 as he wished to change the sky of the city. He foresaw the development needs of the city as its proximity to New York City. The expansion plans of Boraie Development helped the city to create a significant business base, and that gave more influx to it. Apart from real estate development, the firm is also involved in marketing and sales, and property management. The real estate developer also invested in other cities in the state including Newark, Milltown, and Montgomery.

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Bob Reina: The Mission Is Real

One of the great joys in life is to read about a truly great person and find out what they are all about, what they stand for, and what matters to them in life. That is what it is like reading about Bob Reina. There is a particular article about him online which is incredibly touching, heartfelt, real, and honest. It talks about how he is on a mission to change lives. How many people out there have missions like that? Bob Reina is one of those one in a million types of individuals in that he cares about the world and the people in it. Learn more:


He keeps his ear to the ground and he is a tremendous listener. That goes for both his employees and for his customers. Talk Fusion is a video communications provider that offers video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences. These can serve many purposes. For some people, they are a way to keep in touch with people that live far away and have a way to actually see them and connect with them. For other people, it is a way to get their business off the ground and have a business that is uniquely their own, as everyone wants to put their own stamp on life. Learn more:


When working for another company, at times, it can be soul crushing and it can be draining. Someone can feel like their ideas are not being heard and they are simply punching a clock and coming in and out every single day. That is not very fun, which is an understatement. They have creative juices and they want to see them flow and they want to see them flourish. They want to let them off the ground and show the world what they are made of and what they can offer it.


That is how Bob Reina and everyone at Talk Fusion are changing lives. The mission has only gotten bigger and better. More people are being helped and more people are happy. It is all because of Talk Fusion, their products, their people, and Bob Reina.

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