Whitney Wolf Herd Hires New Creative Heads For Bumble Bizz And Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app now has a new advantage. The television producers and actresses Sara and Erin Foster have been officially announced as the new creative heads for Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF. The ideas between Whitney Wolf Herd and the Foster’s include panels, dinners, and TV shows with companies led by women. When Sara and Erin Foster spoke at the panel for Women in Entertainment regarding their careers, Whitney Wolfe Herd was not in the market for any new employees. This changed when the women began discussing they ways women motivate one another regarding business, and female friendships.

Whitney Wolf Herd was extremely taken by the passion the sisters revealed for Bumble’s mission, and their excitement. She decided she could not live without them. Sara and Erin are best known for their satire, and are expected to bring the company a fresh perspective. Sara felt the opportunity was about inclusion, and spoke of Bumble as a place a woman could be clever, creative, be a part of conversations, and find friends. Both women are impressed and inspired by Whitney Wolfe Herd. Erin sees her as a woman on a mission who never overcompensates. Sara simply said she is both a boss and humble, with a genuine happiness for other women’s success.

The sister talked about a lot of ideas before they officially began their plans for Bumble. Whitney Wolf Herd admits she was not looking to hire a creative lead for Bumble Bizz or Bumble BFF. She was not interested in looking at the currently famous, or in forming any type of attachment with them. She simply wanted someone capable of making the rally cry regarding her brand using a passion she couldn’t.

The sisters plan for the rest of 2017 are to focus on Bumble’s brand awareness. They want to inspire honesty, laughter, and make women realize the perceptions of the stars of Hollywood are fake. The sisters included themselves in this statement. They simply want to help women feel better. Their focus will shift in 2018, and deal with the apps content, and dinners and panels to bring together the influencers and the users. The plan is to establish more partnerships with companies run by women. A new Hive is being planned, with a networking lounge like the ones in Los Angeles and New York. The hub will be for real-life connections and conversations to bring powerful women together.

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