Coming To America Was The Right Move For Doe Deere

Every year millions of people leave their native home lands and move to the United States in hopes of living a better life. From many of these trials and sufferings came real life changing success stories. So is the case of Doe Deere, founder of the make up brand Lime Crime, Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia with the given name is Xenia Vorotova. She was an ordinary child with big dreams of someday being a successful fashion designer in the United States. When she was 17 years of age, she and her mother and sister decided to move to America in 1998.

New York was the destination that the family of three women sought. This place represented everything that was good in the United States. The three women were plagued with many trials and hardships after arriving. Doe’s mother was an accountant in Russia, but her documents took an excessive amount of time to transfer. For this reason, she had to take jobs cleaning apartments for other people. To help out, Doe walked dogs to earn money. Things got really difficult, so the three women had to move to a homeless shelter, and rely on free meals from a local church.

After a while, Doe and her family were introduced to a social worker who helped them get on their feet. The mother obtained a job as an accountant, and the two girls went to school. Doe went to a Fashion Institute based on sketches of designs that she had created. Things were beginning to be more positive for the three women from Russia. In the year 2000, The entrepreneur adopted the byname Doe Deere, and in 2008, she Founded her own make up brand, Lime Crime. The product was an immediate success for Doe as she started with 35 employees in the Los Angeles. She became a great inspiration for women and other entrepreneurs all over the world. She credits America for providing her the opportunity to pursue her dream, and make it a reality. She encourages women to do as she did to follow her vision, and not give up.

Career journey of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a famous guru in the field of finance. He is also an expert in business administration, and he has served a vast number of roles based on the fields. He is also passionate about investments and he recently he continues to express his interest in the real estate sector through partaking roles in the prestigious Newark apartment project among many other firms related to the industry. Through his recent advocations, he insists that every human being deserves a better living and he has mainly focused on the city of Baltimore. He believes that Baltimore ought to be changed into a town full of happiness, good hygiene, and security. As a result, he teamed up with other experts in the real estate sector to bring a revolution in the city. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

The renowned guru holds a bachelors degree in accounting and a masters in the same. Through his expertise, he has held various positions in many companies. A vast number of rims owners have relied on his expertise to develop their companies. In the roles he played, Kevin Seawright focused on developing strategies for firms with a focus on helping them gain insight into how they could improve their operations and overall sales. Additionally, he also played a significant role in helping companies market their products. He has proved to be a great leader with impeccable skills.

He has always been supportive of his juniors, and regardless of the high positions he has held in many firms, he strives to form great relationships with both his clients and workers. He also advocates for the creation of conducive environments for all workers. He encourages firm owners to evaluate the production of their firms to determine whether they ought to bring changes in the latter to address any issues raised in the evaluation process.



Steve Ritchie is Rebuilding Papa John’s Image

Papa John’s new CEO Steve Ritchie recently wrote a letter to customers apologizing for some controversy that affected the company before he became the CEO. Steve Ritchie has spent the past 22 years with Papa John’s. He started off as customer service representative in 1996 and worked his way up to become a franchise owner and operator in 2006. He continued to work his way up through the company before becoming Papa John’s Chief Operating Officer in 2014. He became President of the company in 2015 and was ultimately promoted to Chief Executive Officer in January of this year.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns addressed recent issues in the letter and listed a course of action the company would undertake to prevent these issues from occurring in the future. He addressed the racist and insensitive language that was used and said that type of language will not be tolerated under any circumstance. He also stated that Papa John’s is more than one individual. The company is made up of over 120,000 corporate members, franchise owners, and employees around the world who want to do the right thing for the communities they represent.

Steve Ritchie listed three things that Papa John’s would do to try to prevent any future controversies and regain the trust of its customers. First, the company would higher experts who would help the company improve its culture and diversity practices, find areas of weakness, and set goals. Second, Steve Ritchie and senior management will go around the country and talk to franchise owners and employees to get their feedback about what the company can do to improve its image. Third, Steve Ritchie wants everybody to be held accountable by being transparent about what is happening in the company.

This letter was the second of two letters. The first letter did not have an apology or show any empathy for the offensive things that were said. The second letter quickly followed the first letter and is showing to be a positive first step in rehabilitating Papa John’s brand and image. Papa John’s names COO, restructures company leadership.

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Live With Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

Earlier this year Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa began their second season hosting “Live With Kelly and Ryan” together. The two were on a summer break for two weeks before that time. TV host Ryan Seacrest is almost always an extremely busy man. He says the break was the longest span of time he had gone without having a full schedule in a long time. He spent that time with his girlfriend in Italy and France while Ripa spent it taking her daughter on a college tour. Prior to the first season, Ryan says he really wasn’t sure he wanted to do it but is now very glad he did.

It was Kelly herself who talked him into it. The two have been close friends for years. This year will have big stars on the show like Jennifer Garner, Jake Shears, and Matthew McConaughey. The new season began this month in what is being called “Livetember” on “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” The two started things off by showcasing the new “Guinness World Record 2019.” The week that followed was known as “Record Breaker Week” in which some of the record holders appeared and performed their feats. This has been something that has been a tradition of the show for many years. Find out about Ryan’s workout routine here.

The acts this year included a juggling married couple cutting up the most apples while juggling knives together, the most people doing the Floss Dance (349 people), the most basketball under-the-leg slam dunks using a trampoline in one minute, building the world’s tallest house of cards in one hour, and fastest time to wrap a person with wrapping paper (accomplished by Seacrest and Ripa).

The American Idol host was recently honored by “US Weekly Most Stylish Awards” as one of the most stylish New Yorkers. He and his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, have often been seen sitting on the front row of the Naeem Khan Fashion Show (

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Whitney Wolfe Bumble Launches Special Feature for bumble know as Snooze

Whitney Wolfe is among the few women who have managed to achieve so much in the world of business. As the founder of one of the leading dating applications available in the United States, the serial entrepreneur is the true definition of a hard working woman. Her dating app, Bumble, has grown and acquired so many followers in a very short time. The site has a special place for the modern woman when it comes to dating, and this explains why it has grown so much. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe Goes Offline

For the last three weeks, the Bumble chief executive officer and founder, Whitney Wolfe, has not been available on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The successful career woman decided to sign off these platforms because of various reasons. First of all, she was travelling in an area that had no internet access. Later on, people realized that this decision was intentional. Whitney was doing this for his company. The twenty nine year old felt that this was a life changing experience although it sounded silly to many people. Mrs Herd wanted to show the world that most of the social platforms being used in the modern times have a huge impact in the lives of people and how they feel about themselves. Health experts have been warning people to control the amount of time they spend on social media platforms because it is highly addictive.

New Feature for Bumble

Whitney Wolfe was trying to make people understand the new feature that has been introduced by Bumble. The businesswoman used her personal experience to show that Snooze is a great feature that will let its users to take the much needed break from the usual messaging and swiping with their matches. This feature is available to all the users of the application, and it is very easy to set up. The CEO believes that this is the perfect way to ensure that her customers spend some quality time away from the media so that they can focus on important things that take place in their lives. The Snooze mode is available in different time rages. Customers can chose to stay away for twenty four hours or even more.

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Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Owner Plans to Expand their Worldwide Presence

DAMAC, a real estate development company based out of Arabia, chairman Hussain Sajwani is looking to expand the presence of his organization to new regions worldwide. Hussain, as DAMAC owner, is specifically interested in development opportunities in Asia, more specifically China. With room for economic growth and an emerging middle class Hussain Sajwani plans to increase DAMACs activity in the region. Already delivering upwards of 20,000 homes the DAMAC owner is looking to leverage this to their benefit to expand their market presence throughout the world. The open real estate market of the early 2000s was a perfect opportunity to develop DAMAC properties and build the foundation of the organization.

The goal of the organization is to be a gateway between the East and West building a strong unified nation. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani believes all DAMAC employees are responsible for the growth, innovation, and performance within the organization. Varying views, perspectives and ideas, a direct result of the company’s diversity with over 77 nationalities from each continent employed, are a invaluable advantage to the company. Creative thinking within the organization is encouraged on a team by team basis through brainstorming, sharing ideas, and company wide fitness challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle. Social media is also an important marketing tool positively promoting two way, relevant, respectful communication between DAMAC and their clients.owner

Hussain Sajwani, the 10th richest Arab in the world, and DAMAC do not concern themselves with policies and changes in exchange rates, trade wars, tariffs, unpredictable oil prices, and geopolitics unless they directly affect the company. This way the DAMAC owner can make small, but pertinent, as per bezaat, adjustments and changes within the organization to grow, adapt, and make the best of each opportunity presented while simultaneously reducing negatively impacting factors. DAMAC is a public company, with books open for public review, promoting transparency throughout the company. Both education and experience are responsible for the progress, worldly knowledge, and enriched experiences of DAMAC. By welcoming ambitious, goal driven, high performing individuals with a desire to improve the organization continues to grow exponentially.

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Brian Torchin Helps the Medical Community

Brian Torchin is the founder of HCRC Staffing, a medical field staffing company. With a large database of medical professionals, the goal of HCRC is to match qualified candidates to clients who need a staff position filled as soon as possible. HCRC promises to have candidates in the client’s inbox within 72 hours of the job search request, even if over the weekend.

Brian Torchin has many years of experience in managing and staffing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. This personal experience directly led to the formation of HCRC Staffing, a company that has grown tremendously since its inception in 2007, and one that is now present in many other countries. Visit to find out more.

The founding of HCRC Staffing is Brian Torchin’s biggest accomplishment thus far in the medical industry. He saw the need for efficient and fast staffing in the medical community and decided that he would make providing this service his role in the medical community, while at the same time providing useful employment to people who need jobs.

HCRC Staffing’s business model provides a service that links a vast database of job applicants to medical clients in a mutually beneficial way. The services provided to the clients are on a contingency basis, where the client does not pay unless a HCRC recommended applicant is hired. HCRC also provides a job search service for job applicants. Brian uses Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote HCRC Staffing, and to alert the public about job opportunities with HCRC Staffing by posting available job openings. Brian also is available via phone and email.

For clients looking to fill an office position, the advantages of using these services is the fast service provided, and the greater knowledge and expertise in the area. Doctors do not typically have the time to compose an advertisement, post it and then read all the responses. HCRC does all the work and the client receives the full benefit of HCRC’s vast resources. For job applicants, the advantages are having a ready-made job search list available that is current, which can help tremendously in finding the job they need. Learn more:


Discover How Michel Terpins Pulls into the Rally with his Partner to Success

Lately, driver Michel Terpins and pilot Maykel Justo of the Bull Sertões Rally Team are going to mount the track for longer than 3,300 kms.


With various off-road directions, Terpins and Justo composed the second model in the T1 prototype class on the leaderboard, the T-Rex, produced by MEM Motorsport for the following continuous year. The vehicle underwent a few changes which allowed it to be a lot more robust and ambitious for this release,


Currently, Michel Terpins finishes his 10th partnership in the race. His start in the bike class in 2002 was his premier, which then soared for his sibling Rodrigo Terpins cars and, in the past four years, transitioned into his driving with T-Rex. The pilot from Taubaté who has a decade of Sertões Rally in the program and has now obtained four titles. Terpins says that Maykel has profound rally expertise and provides him with added protection with immaculate tuning, allowing them to lead the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototypes T1. It’s also valuable to mention that the first two stages of the tournament will ramp up to the national championship position. You can check out Ideamensch for more.


It’s extremely satisfying being able to participate in the 25-year release along with Michel Terpins, described the racer. Let’s concentrate on the several stages and compete for a great position in this mentioned Justo, previously navigating in seven tournaments in the truck class and going on to the fifth edition in the car category, successfully adding to his vast experience. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Several years ago, the enthusiasm for agility and off-road racing got the siblings from São Paulo Rodrigo Terpins (44 years and with 5 Rallies in Sertões racing in the tournament) and Michel Terpins (40 years and 9 participation in the Sertões Rally) to create the group Bull Sertões Rally. Each pilot has competed for four periods with the T-Rex vehicle, produced by aforementioned MEM Motorsport, for the Sertões Rally. Concurrently, they race in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and hasten into the Mitsubishi Cup.


Meet the Multi-Faceted Milan Kordestani

If you need inspiration to keep moving toward achieving your goals, you need look no further than at the accomplishments of Milan Kordestani. He may not yet be a household name but as a college student, Mr. Kordestani is already a company founder and CEO, accomplished equestrian, and widely read author.

Mr. Kordestani has many passions and pursues each of them with the same fervor. He has been riding horses since he was 10 years old and has a love for these animals and a natural ability that is impossible to teach. He began competing early on and in 2015 and 2016 won two out of three legs of the Worlds Championship Horse Show and is currently ranked second in his division.

His greatest love may be his farm. His agricultural goal was to raise poultry in a humane way and in 2015, while still only a sophomore in high school, he founded Milan Farms. The farm sells eggs, saffron, and herbs that are completely organic, pesticide free, and non-GMO. The chickens are free ranging and eat only organic feed and vegetables. This all natural, caring approach is part of the company mission and Milan Kordestani puts his personal message directly on the company’s homepage. He refers to Milan Farms as a family and wants to offer products that make customers experience that same type of feeling.

Milan Farms is already a successful venture that connects farms across the nation with similar missions. But Mr. Kordestani is always seeking to improve and so he is conducting growing saffron using hydroponic and aquaponic systems in addition to the traditional drip irrigation method. He informs the public of his agricultural studies and of recent events in the fields of politics and mental health by writing for the Huffington Post on a regular basis. He has always believed that the consumer wants honest and wholesome options and he has worked to provide that type of choice in all of his endeavors.

Ryan Seacrest: Wired For Sound

Ryan Seacrest started his career and has done the same thing, but not, for over 27 years, entertainment media. At 16 years of age and while still attending high school, Ryan began sharing his personality via the airwaves. He’d won an internship with the local radio station, WSTR in Georgia, the state of his birth. His suspicions confirmed, he eagerly grasped the details of running a radio station.

From the early 1990’s to the early 2000’s, Ryan Seacrest hosted children’s game shows, and the popular Ultimate Revenge prank show. Later, in 2002, he joined the Fox Television Network to co-host its new show, American Idol. His engaging manner fit impressively with the rest of the crew. Ratings soared. From 2004 to 2016, he received 11 Emmy Award nominations for his performance as sole host of the popular reality TV show.

Ryan Seacrest also earned an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters degree from the University of Georgia, the school where he matriculated after he graduated high school but decided to leave it that same year in order to pursue his passion in media relations in Los Angeles, California. He currently participates in several media venues as host and producer including New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (formerly Dick Clark’s), On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and most recently, Live With Kelly And Ryan. Of the latter, Ryan also functions as the executive producer.

Growing up, it wasn’t trucks or baseball card collections that thrilled him, but microphones. His parents recognized this personality trait in him and nurtured him toward articulate speech, intriguing interviews and public presentation skills. Ryan Seacrest’s career life is a testament to the importance of preparation and timing. At each juncture of his vocational progress, he learned and contributed more, thereby successfully encountering new opportunities. He fearlessly excelled by standing on the kind shoulders of media giants such as Tom Sullivan, Dick Clark and Regis Philbin.

Ryan Seacrest has wisely used his notoriety to springboard products in the fashion and cosmetic industries. You can find them under his labels Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish (as mentioned in He also founded his own media firms, Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) and Ryan Seacrest Media (RSM). As part of his dedication to giving back to the community in addition to public appearances for fundraising events, he also started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) and fighting cancer through medical research and patient respite is another of his passions. When you see Ryan Seacrest without a mic in his hand, don’t worry, it’s probably attached to his vest.

FB: @ryanseacrest
IG: ryanseacrest

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