Rona Borre is the president, founder, and CEO of Instant alliance. Since she launched her enterprise, she has been noted to be among the leading female entrepreneurs in the land of Chicago. She launched her company in 2001, and since then she’s been working hard. Of recent, she is ranked among the best-known business enterprise nationally.   Visit and read more about Borre and Instant Alliance.

According to Ideamensch Rona hard her dream right from when she was in college. She was eager and ready to learn what the trend in the current markets was. Also, she had the passion for learning technology.Through her hard work and passion, Rona Borre has received many awards including the Enterprising Woman of the year by the enterprising woman magazine. Moreover, Borre is a public figure who has been in the limelight on the media station like the CNN, CBS2 Chicago CNBC, Crain’s Chicago and the USA today. The National Association of women awarded her as the most influential woman in business.  For the full article, check on

Borre is an erudite scholar she received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona. Rona is a passionate and motivated individual in aiding to deliver quality companies in achieving their goals. On her interview, she was asked one habit that makes her more productive as an entrepreneur he replied that she is always looking how to learn and improve and she is never satisfied. This response shows how smart and focused Rona Borre is.

On the issue concerning how she spends her day she truly reflects her thoughts that she is passionate about his dream career. She explains her thoughts that she felt more productive and energized when his staff is energized. She further states that people are the ultimate transformational factor in any firm. To be successful virtues like perseverance and humbleness are one of the few traits one has to adopt to achieve a successful life.

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