Tammy Mazzocco Uses Deliberate Tactics To Obtain Real Estate Sales

When Tammy Mazzocco started in the real estate business it was as a secretary for a nine-man real estate company. She stayed at that job and similar ones for a few more years until she decided to give sales a try. She had known people who had gone into the sales end of real estate and several of them were doing well.

She had a friend who managed a unit for RE/MAX so Tammy joined that group and her life has not been the same since. First of all, she couldn’t believe the freedom she had, and she took advantage of it right away. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy quickly figured out that the best activity that was the most profitable was to be out in the field showing houses to prospective buyers. So she began to organize her time so that showing houses was taking up at least 80 percent of her time. The office duties like email, follow ups, paperwork and the like can be delegated, so that is what she did.

Tammy Mazzocco also surmised that people who are buying new homes are somewhat out of their normal pattern, and for the most part are somewhat uncomfortable. First, they are out of their comfort zone geographically. Second, they are just about to part with a great deal of money which makes anyone uncomfortable.

Consequently, Tammy Mazzocco has made it a point over the years to make things very comfortable for her clients to be. She always has the coffee on in the office, and she always buys the family lunch when they are out hunting for houses. It is the little things that count.

Tammy also makes it a point to put herself in her clients’ shoes, so she listens very carefully to their concerns and what they like about the houses they see. It is the bonding that gives them confidence, and they usually buy.

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