Different Ways That Depression Can Affect The Partner Who Has No Experience With Depression According To Roseann Bennett

While there is a lot of information available on depression, there are still tons of people who don’t understand it. For one thing, some of the people who have not experienced depression before or had no loved one who is depressed might have a hard time understanding their partner if they get hit with the disorder. Roseann Bennett goes into the possible effects that depression can have on a marriage when only one person is depressed and yet the other person has not experience with this mental disorder. The effects can be very devastating in a marriage for both partners.


In an article for the blog “Central Jersey Working News”, Roseann Bennett talks about how depression damages a relationship and how to fix it.


One thing that Roseann Bennett has pointed out about depression is that when one partner is suddenly affected, this can cause a lot of changes in the marriage. This change can be quite jarring for the partner. This can cause the partner to have his own set of emotional reactions to depression. For instance, the partner might become bitter and resentful of the depressed individual. One of the common symptoms of depression is a lower sex drive. The reduced intimacy can bring a lot of challenges into the relationship that can cause a need for adjustment. However, the partner is not always going to be able to adjust because of a lack of understanding. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


The only thing the other partner can do is get help. One of the worst things a partner can do is try to force the depressed partner to get help. The partner who is not depressed can get help for himself in order to gain some more understanding on what to do with the depressed partner. It is up to the depressed partner to get help all on his or her own. If they are able to work through this issue, then they are going to be able to become closer. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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