Fabletics Affordable Activewear Wins

It’s very clear that Fabletics is an online rival that is ready to take on the big e-commerce sites like Amazon. Amazon currently holds about 20 percent of the online e-commerce market, but Fabletics is attracting a considerable percentage of those customers that are searching for trendy fashions at affordable prices. Fabletics has grown to a 250 million dollar business in 3 years. What’s their secret? Co-founder Kate Hudson has attracted much attention and many loyal customers. However, the big secret to Fabletics amazing success is taking advantage of the reverse showroom technique.


Fabletics Marketing Approach

The fact is that online competition is very high. Often, it is very difficult for a new e-commerce site to carve out a niche for their online store. However, Fabletics, is an online subscription site that offered high quality, trendy clothing at very attractive prices. This led to instant attention and posts on social media sites about the online store.


Reverse Showrooming

In addition, Fablietics decided to use the reverse showrooming technique to their advantage. It’s a common fact that most consumers go online to browse and look for items that they would like to purchase. Many of those consumers end up going to a physical store to purchase those items at a lower price. Fabletics customers would browse the company’s online site for trendy clothing. Many of those customers would go to the physical store and purchase the items that they spotted on the Fabletics website. The reverse showrooming technique paid off for Fabletics in a big way.


Kate Hudson’s Take On Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a popular actress that is obsessed with clothing, health, and keeping fit. She combined all her passions and created a clothing line that is meant to inspire women to stay fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Kate Hudson is actively involved with all phases of Fabletics. This includes clothing selection, design, marketing, to viewing statistics about the name brand. She believes it takes team effort to keep the company going strong. Kate Hudson also states that she loves working with Fabletics team, but she is not a business woman. Her true passion remains with acting.


Fabletics LIfestyle Quiz

Are you ready to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz? Now is the time to take the short, lifestyle quiz. The quiz only takes a few moments of your time. Afterwards, the quiz will provide you with very fashionable, personalized outfits for your lifestyle.

Whitney Wolf Herd Hires New Creative Heads For Bumble Bizz And Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app now has a new advantage. The television producers and actresses Sara and Erin Foster have been officially announced as the new creative heads for Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF. The ideas between Whitney Wolf Herd and the Foster’s include panels, dinners, and TV shows with companies led by women. When Sara and Erin Foster spoke at the panel for Women in Entertainment regarding their careers, Whitney Wolfe Herd was not in the market for any new employees. This changed when the women began discussing they ways women motivate one another regarding business, and female friendships.

Whitney Wolf Herd was extremely taken by the passion the sisters revealed for Bumble’s mission, and their excitement. She decided she could not live without them. Sara and Erin are best known for their satire, and are expected to bring the company a fresh perspective. Sara felt the opportunity was about inclusion, and spoke of Bumble as a place a woman could be clever, creative, be a part of conversations, and find friends. Both women are impressed and inspired by Whitney Wolfe Herd. Erin sees her as a woman on a mission who never overcompensates. Sara simply said she is both a boss and humble, with a genuine happiness for other women’s success.

The sister talked about a lot of ideas before they officially began their plans for Bumble. Whitney Wolf Herd admits she was not looking to hire a creative lead for Bumble Bizz or Bumble BFF. She was not interested in looking at the currently famous, or in forming any type of attachment with them. She simply wanted someone capable of making the rally cry regarding her brand using a passion she couldn’t.

The sisters plan for the rest of 2017 are to focus on Bumble’s brand awareness. They want to inspire honesty, laughter, and make women realize the perceptions of the stars of Hollywood are fake. The sisters included themselves in this statement. They simply want to help women feel better. Their focus will shift in 2018, and deal with the apps content, and dinners and panels to bring together the influencers and the users. The plan is to establish more partnerships with companies run by women. A new Hive is being planned, with a networking lounge like the ones in Los Angeles and New York. The hub will be for real-life connections and conversations to bring powerful women together.

To know more visit @: www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/bumble-app-whitney-wolfe

What Makes Fabletics Thrive In the Amazon Controlled Industry?

Leading Fabletics to become a $250 million organization has been a remarkable milestone for Kate Hudson. Given that the fashion e-commerce industry is controlled by Amazon with over 20 percent of the market share succeeding in such a market is challenging. A combination of convenience, membership and unique brands has been highlighted as the major factors driving success at Fabletics.


In particular, Kate Hudson managed to change the conventional definition of high-quality brands, which was based on price and quality. Today, customer experience, gamification and brand recognition are the new determinants of high-value clothing. Moreover, the well-crafted strategies and excellent positioning are now coming to fruition.


The Secret


Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ general manager, believes that their success has been as a result of the commitment to their concept of revolutionizing the fashion industry from the start. Further, Fabletics’ membership offers their clients with an opportunity to get on-trend style and customized service at half the price offered by Fabletics’ competitors.


Reverse Showrooming


Unlike other companies, which are facing adverse effects of Showrooming, Fabletics is reaping big with reverse showrooming. They use a strategy that ensures that about 30-50 percent of the customers who visit their stores are members and about 25 percent of them become members before leaving the store.


Focus On the People


Fabletics rapid growth has been associated with their focus on consumer lifestyle, education, and experiences. They have unmatched ability to understand new customers in new territories. As a result, Fabletics has been able to achieve an annual growth rate of 35 percent. With all these factors put in consideration, Fabletics has managed to thrive without being faced out by Amazon.


Kate Hudson’s Tips for Success


Co-founding Fabletics has played a significant role in boosting Kate Hudson’s reputation. This prominence is owed to the impressive performance of the brand since its inception in 2013. According to Kate, spotting marketing opportunities that other companies have not explored is a step towards success. She also advocates for entrepreneurs or individuals to remain hands on when operating a business.


To attain success, you need to rely on data before making decisions. Doing so has allowed Fabletics to turn inventory quickly, determine prices and create models of what fashion clients will need in the future months. Hudson believes that one should seek inspiration in a bid to succeed. For her, the inspiration comes from her mother. Additionally, it is imperative to take risks and believe in yourself.


Since every individual has a different taste and preference; it is advisable to take up the Fabletics’ Lifestyle Quiz to enable Fabletics’ experts offer you with the perfect match.

When You’re on a Budget but Need a Desk Update

When you are on a budget but your desk desperately needs an update, don’t worry! You are in luck! There are some very easy tips to update your desk quickly and money efficiently!


First, go onto google and search whatever images you like such as flowers, pets, or geographical landmarks. Then, print out your favorite picture and trace your mouse pad onto it! Once you have it traced, cut it out and glue it onto your mouse pad. Use some sticky plastic to cover the paper and cut the excess from the edge.


Second, make a really cute calendar by opening Word and making a 7×6 table. Label the top column with Monday-Friday and then the rest with the corresponding days of the month. Change the font style, size, and color to whatever you prefer. Move the column to the bottom of the page and add the month to the top with whatever font and picture you prefer!


Last, get some modeling clay and roll it out into a log shape. Get another one, whatever color you like, and roll it out to the same size. Twist them together and roll them out together to help incorporate them. Fold it in half, twisting it again, and then roll out another smaller colored piece if desired, to add. Make it into a ball and flatten it. Place any shape paper on top and cut out that shape in the clay. Follow Wengie instructions to bake it and paint the edge if desired. You now have coasters for your desk!

There you have it, your DIY desk update on a budget!