Coming To America Was The Right Move For Doe Deere

Every year millions of people leave their native home lands and move to the United States in hopes of living a better life. From many of these trials and sufferings came real life changing success stories. So is the case of Doe Deere, founder of the make up brand Lime Crime, Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia with the given name is Xenia Vorotova. She was an ordinary child with big dreams of someday being a successful fashion designer in the United States. When she was 17 years of age, she and her mother and sister decided to move to America in 1998.

New York was the destination that the family of three women sought. This place represented everything that was good in the United States. The three women were plagued with many trials and hardships after arriving. Doe’s mother was an accountant in Russia, but her documents took an excessive amount of time to transfer. For this reason, she had to take jobs cleaning apartments for other people. To help out, Doe walked dogs to earn money. Things got really difficult, so the three women had to move to a homeless shelter, and rely on free meals from a local church.

After a while, Doe and her family were introduced to a social worker who helped them get on their feet. The mother obtained a job as an accountant, and the two girls went to school. Doe went to a Fashion Institute based on sketches of designs that she had created. Things were beginning to be more positive for the three women from Russia. In the year 2000, The entrepreneur adopted the byname Doe Deere, and in 2008, she Founded her own make up brand, Lime Crime. The product was an immediate success for Doe as she started with 35 employees in the Los Angeles. She became a great inspiration for women and other entrepreneurs all over the world. She credits America for providing her the opportunity to pursue her dream, and make it a reality. She encourages women to do as she did to follow her vision, and not give up.

Career journey of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a famous guru in the field of finance. He is also an expert in business administration, and he has served a vast number of roles based on the fields. He is also passionate about investments and he recently he continues to express his interest in the real estate sector through partaking roles in the prestigious Newark apartment project among many other firms related to the industry. Through his recent advocations, he insists that every human being deserves a better living and he has mainly focused on the city of Baltimore. He believes that Baltimore ought to be changed into a town full of happiness, good hygiene, and security. As a result, he teamed up with other experts in the real estate sector to bring a revolution in the city. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

The renowned guru holds a bachelors degree in accounting and a masters in the same. Through his expertise, he has held various positions in many companies. A vast number of rims owners have relied on his expertise to develop their companies. In the roles he played, Kevin Seawright focused on developing strategies for firms with a focus on helping them gain insight into how they could improve their operations and overall sales. Additionally, he also played a significant role in helping companies market their products. He has proved to be a great leader with impeccable skills.

He has always been supportive of his juniors, and regardless of the high positions he has held in many firms, he strives to form great relationships with both his clients and workers. He also advocates for the creation of conducive environments for all workers. He encourages firm owners to evaluate the production of their firms to determine whether they ought to bring changes in the latter to address any issues raised in the evaluation process.



Brian Torchin Helps the Medical Community

Brian Torchin is the founder of HCRC Staffing, a medical field staffing company. With a large database of medical professionals, the goal of HCRC is to match qualified candidates to clients who need a staff position filled as soon as possible. HCRC promises to have candidates in the client’s inbox within 72 hours of the job search request, even if over the weekend.

Brian Torchin has many years of experience in managing and staffing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. This personal experience directly led to the formation of HCRC Staffing, a company that has grown tremendously since its inception in 2007, and one that is now present in many other countries. Visit to find out more.

The founding of HCRC Staffing is Brian Torchin’s biggest accomplishment thus far in the medical industry. He saw the need for efficient and fast staffing in the medical community and decided that he would make providing this service his role in the medical community, while at the same time providing useful employment to people who need jobs.

HCRC Staffing’s business model provides a service that links a vast database of job applicants to medical clients in a mutually beneficial way. The services provided to the clients are on a contingency basis, where the client does not pay unless a HCRC recommended applicant is hired. HCRC also provides a job search service for job applicants. Brian uses Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote HCRC Staffing, and to alert the public about job opportunities with HCRC Staffing by posting available job openings. Brian also is available via phone and email.

For clients looking to fill an office position, the advantages of using these services is the fast service provided, and the greater knowledge and expertise in the area. Doctors do not typically have the time to compose an advertisement, post it and then read all the responses. HCRC does all the work and the client receives the full benefit of HCRC’s vast resources. For job applicants, the advantages are having a ready-made job search list available that is current, which can help tremendously in finding the job they need. Learn more:


Michael Hagele Recognizes the Contributions Made By Small Legal Firms

Michael Hagele is the unattached counsel for a range of companies in the technology field. He offers outside counsel for companies working in aerospace, defense, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and the internet. Michael Hagele has made a name for himself for his love of start-up companies in the technology field. He is a shrewd investor with interest in other areas that he knows generate significant revenue. Mr. Hagele also has investment interests in the restaurant and catering services sector.

Michael Hagele; Background and Educational Career Path

He is an experienced lawyer with a specialty in negotiating and drafting of agreements and deals in the technology industry. That means that he has accumulated experience in patent matters relating to technology dynamism. His services span the local and international markets. He has helped in drafting agreements in the software, hardware and the telecommunications industry, including the internet. He has also advised a host of companies regarding marketing and promotional agreements. Mr. Hagele does an in-depth analysis of the intellectual property situation of each company, or individual, and advises, objectively, on the facts that will affect operations, and on the possible legal barriers.

Hagele has worked with several organizations playing different roles as a legal counsel. He has advised a large number of internet companies pursuing venture capital businesses. He successfully crafted and executed the intellectual property strategies for the companies that he has worked for. He also advised on matters relating to staffing, stocks, merger and acquisition and corporate governance. Earlier on, he worked for Fenwick &West LLP as a licensing and online commerce officer. He is a graduate from the Berkeley School of Law of Michigan University where he got his J.D. Michael attended the University of Iowa for his Bachelor of Arts degree. Follow Michael on Twitter.

The Interview

Michael Hagele says that he has discovered from his practice as an independent counsel and as a lawyer attached to organizations that even the small legal firms have the capacity to provide the needed services to the companies that need them. He says that some of the small firms provide the highest quality legal service but at a much lower cost to the technology industry. Michael was asked how he spends his free time. He said that he always finds some time off his busy schedule to smell the roses. He says that it is during such times that his creativity is unlocked.





Paul Mampilly the Outspoken Investor will be a Guest Speaker at Total Wealth Symposium in 2018

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his career on Wall Street at Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. His expertise in investment helped him progress to other top positions in the ING and the Deutsche Bank where he was managing multi-dollar accounts. The American businessman and investor were later recruited by Kinetics Assets Management where he oversaw the firm’s hedge funds. During his leadership, the firm’s assets grew by $25 Billion, making the company gain recognition as the World’s Best hedge funds provider. He also worked in a private Swiss bank and even the Royal Bank of Scotland. As proof of his prowess, he won a competition for Templeton Foundation Investment. Follow Paul on Twitter.

At 42 years Paul Mampilly became tired of the position at Wall Street and shifted his focus to helping the American people to take advantage of the opportunities of their investments. Paul Mampilly founded the Profit Unlimited, and he is currently the senior editor. The firm operates around stocks, and he believes the venture will progress due to his expertise in the business. He also writes for an investment company named Banyan Hill Publishing, which has $80 million of assets. The firm provides investment strategies and helps people grow their investments and explore other better opportunities.

The Total Wealth Symposium is an event that is held each year, to help the investors by addressing various topics are of their interests. Paul Mampilly and his partners have an excellent plan for the symposium in the year 2018. The group wants to assist the attendees of the event earn $1 million by the year 2019. The investors who attended the event last year got profits that were amounting to 1665 percent. The brilliant investors Paul Mampilly a financial assistant, Matt Badiali a professor of geology, Ted Bauman a business consultant, Jeff Yastine a financial journalist and Ian King analyzer of financial markets will be the guest of honor who will address the audience on that day.

The symposium attendees are going to get informed with the best winning ideas by the brilliant speakers. They will have broad information on how to invest in 2018 and the other coming years. The attendees will now obtain the knowledge on how they can get a profit of $1 Million before the year ends. Like for instance the expert in technology with be addressing the audience of that changing trends in technology in the coming years. It’s going to be a profitable event for entrepreneurs worldwide. Learn more:



ICO Trends and the Inspiring Life of Jordan Lindsey

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) momentum is expected to increase in 2018. 2017 was a great year for CIOs since they did exceptionally well. In the last one year, $5 billion has been raised by the 752 ICOs that were launched. As a result, a majority of international companies like Microsoft started to embrace the blockchain. KIK and Aptoide are among the mainstream companies that entered the ICO space. The momentum is expected to significantly increase in 2018 as well.

At the moment most investors are seeking to understand the future of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain technology. One of the predicted trends is the development of new structures that will be used for bonuses and pricing. In 2017, most ICO companies were successful at aiming big numbers. However now, most of these companies have gone lean. This is due to the fact that most nations have joined thus creating regulations and limitations of the amount that can be raised by a single company or the amount of money that can be contributed by an individual in a calendar year.

Jordan Lindsey is a highly knowledgeable individual and the founder of JCL Capital. In a recent interview, Jordan Lindsey said that he was raised in New York. Lindsey enjoyed sports, competing, and wanted to be a prominent entrepreneur. Since Jordan was young, he wanted to invent something that could change the lives of people.

Currently, Jordan is a respected algo trader and an expert in the financial and technology industry. Mr. Lindsey says that the strategies he uses to stay productive include being determined, staying healthy, planning, and actualizing plans. Jordan says that the key to success is trying out different things. He adds that people should not be afraid of failing because failure results in invaluable lessons.

Apart from pursuing his career, Lindsey loves to spend time with his lovely family. Lindsey has three adorable daughters who inspire him. He enjoys spending time with them to help them out and to also learn from them. Jordan says that parents should understand the importance of being there for their children.