10 Tips from Upwork to Super Charge Your To-Do List

As Upwork freelancers, we have to make sure our time is used effectively. An effective to-do list is a must. Here are 10 tips to help make yours super effective.

  1. Always prep your list the night before.

This gets list creation out of the way allowing you to use your morning energy to accomplish your most important tasks.

  1. Capture everything.

Your list must get all tasks out of your head. As long as it is taking up your brain power, it is blocking energy needed to accomplish your tasks effectively.

  1. Everything in one place.

Like your favorite to-do list software or management tool. This keeps you from wasting time and getting stressed keeping track of multiple lists.

  1. Assign energy levels to each task.

This allows you to match tasks that require high, medium or low energy to when you will be at those levels.

  1. Get specific with what time of day you will start each task and how long you need to complete each one.

This helps you detail how many tasks you can reasonably accomplish.

  1. Prioritize

What absolutely must get done? It needs to be first on your list so that when the inevitable interruption happens, that critical task is already out of the way.

  1. Re-evaluate

Any task that has been rescheduled more than twice, chances are it is low value and should be deleted instead of rescheduled.

  1. Or delegate it.

Let your team take care of it so you can spend your time on higher value tasks.

  1. Practice batching.

With Upwork, freelancers know that once your brain gets into flow with a particular type of task, it’s best to batch any others of that type together for immediate completion.

  1. Finally, gain momentum by breaking each task into smaller tasks and completing each in turn. As you complete the smaller tasks which lead to completion of each to-do item, be sure to zoom out and make sure your to-do list is still moving you towards your broad goals.

Upwork freelancers live and die by their projects. An efficient to-do list is a must for keeping your daily tasks from overwhelming you. Let us know if you have any efficiency tips you use with your lists. We would love to hear them.