HIPPEAS: Livio Bisterzo’s Healthy Gift to the United States

Having a healthy snack that has low calories and makes one full is rare in a majority of the food stores. In the recent past, it has become necessary to store healthy snacks to meet the changing needs of shoppers in the market. Hippeas is a dream comes true for a majority of the store owners and the population at large. Hippeas refers to organic chickpea snack that is high in fiber, gluten free, low in calories and a great source of protein. This is the reason why many people across the United States love it. Hippeas is not a boring snack as it comes in six flavors, giving the consumers a wide variety to choose from and thus satisfying their needs.

Livio Bisterzo is the brains behind this great snack in the peas market. He originates from Italy and has mainly concentrated his businesses in the consumer goods and hospitality sectors of the economy. In the year 2015, he was determined to use his experience in the food industry to create healthy commodities that would also give back to the society. It is during this period that Livio Bisterzo built Green Park brands. His main aim was to offer a healthy snacking option to the consumers. In the month of July 2016, he launched the first healthy brand by the name Hippeas. The brand has all the healthy qualities and people prefer it as opposed to other snacks available in the market. Its contents and high quality have led to its popularity in the United States with a majority of the young people loving it. Bisterzo also reveals that the current trends in the market influenced him into choosing peas as the core ingredient in Hippeas.

The product is also against the common norm that “healthy products do not necessarily have to be tasty”. It follows the basic principle of what is good has to be tasty. It ensures that its products are tasty to the consumers. In addition to the target market, the Hippeas also targets giving back to the less fortunate. The Hippeas brand has partnered with Farm Africa to ensure that it helps chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa; for each of the packets sold it gives a portion of the sales to the organization. The brand has gained popularity in a number of cities due to its health benefits as well as the charity mission. You want a healthy snack, get Hippeas.

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