Why Dr. Imran Haque Is So Loved By Patients

Imran Haque is a very well respected internal medicine doctor in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is known for not just his expert care, but for his empathy and caring for his patients and read full article.

Dr. Haque got his MD from the University of Virginia. He also got a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo.

Dr. Imran Haque says that as an entrepreneur, he canmutiltask. He says that this is habit that has become second nature to him. He says that he can do it on a level that most people can not. He says that it makes him a lot more productive.

Dr. Haque has been seeing patients for over a decade and a half. Dr. Haque provides services such as diabetes management, medical exams, and help with weight loss and what Imran Haque knows.

Dr. Haque says that he is excited about the technology trend in the healthcare industry. Technology can do a lot for patients. It can allow doctors to provide better services. It can help healthcare providers be more accurate and more organized, thus providing a better experience to the patient and his Linkedin.

Dr. Haque uses technology in his practice, Horizontal Internal Medicine. He is also known for cooperating with other doctors in order to provide the best care possible. Patients love Dr. Haque. This is because he has convenient locations around North Carolina. Of course, it is a lot more than that and follow his Twitter.

Dr. Haque is known for providing his patients with a customized health care service. He gets to know each patient and tries to find out more details about their lifestyle. He learns about their health habits, so that he can get a better idea of the things that may help them out. He is committed to outstanding results. His patients know that, and they trust Dr. Haque. They know he has been providing the best results possible for fifteen years.

Based on reviews of Dr. Haque, you will conclude that finding a better doctor would be hard or even impossible. Dr. Haque provides a whole range of services. He can treat any part of the body. He offers laser hair services and https://patch.com/north-carolina/greensboro/dr-imran-haque-has-some-back-school-tips-keep-your-family-healthy.

Life Line Screening Providing High Quality Preventive Health Tests

Life Line Screening is a privately owned company that provides preventative health and wellness products. Life Line Screening founded in 1993 and operates in Austin, Texas. Timothy Phillips and Collin Scully founded the company in Florida before shifting its headquarters to Texas in the 2000s. Since the company began it has completed over 8 million screens and it presently performs one million screenings per year. The company has an international presence in Australia and the UK. It started offering services in the UK in 2007 and in 2012 in Australia.

The company has added various tests to its list of services as technology has advanced. The tests offered include finger stick blood tests, atrial fibrillation screenings, ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs and blood screenings. Various independent studies from renowned institutions such as the University of South Florida have validated screening methods used by Life Line Screening. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Members of the BBB commit themselves to making good faith efforts when resolving consumer complaints. Life Line Screening has an A+ grade from BBB. BBB rates companies on a scale of A+ to F. BBB looks at factors such as waiting times, complaint volume and size of the business when accrediting a company.

Life Line Screening offers three types of health screenings used in preventive health. First there are ultrasound screenings, which use sound waves to create images of structures inside the human body. The ultrasound device emits high frequency sound waves that are transmitted to a body part and the returning echoes are logged helping to create an image of the internal body organ to learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/brotips/life-line-screenings-top-healthcare-tips-men/ click here.

Ultrasound is used to screen for diseases such as carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, osteoporosis (this is done by looking at bone mineral density) and ankle bronchial index screening. The second type of screening is done by using finger stick blood screens. This is achieved by pricking a finger, taking several drops of blood and then performing FDA approved lab tests. Blood screens are used to detect elevated liver enzymes, C-reactive proteins, cholesterol and glucose. The final type of screening test is the limited electrocardiograph which detects irregular heartbeats. All screenings offered by Life Line Screening are quick and non-invasive.

Staying Healthy with Life Line Screening

A prevention and wellness company, Life Line Screening has come up with tips that men can use to prevent different medical conditions and improve their health. When an individual has continuous stress, their cortisol level may go up and this may in turn make the immune system weak. This then reduces energy and also affects critical thinking. Some of the things that decrease stress include meditation, enjoying music, relaxing in a warm tub and participating in social gatherings. According to Life Line Screening, it is important for men to complete training sessions that are meant to enhance cardiovascular health. Consistent exercise is also known to reduce blood pressure and also reduce the cholesterol in your blood.

According to studies, frequent exercise triggers the release of excess norepinephrine, which enhances motivation, improves cognitive function and minimizes chronic stress. Regulating your blood pressure is another tip to prevent some medical conditions. Life Line Screening states that there are 3 daily tests that can be performed to evaluate a man’s blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then you have high chances of experiencing a stroke. Studies also suggest that chronic stress may be brought about by high blood pressure. Life Line Screening encourages all men to schedule a minimum of two medical appointments each year. You should also let your doctor know of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Established in 1993, Life Line Screening is a prevention and wellness company that is run privately. With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the company offers health screening services that are community-based for all adults throughout the US. Timothy Philips and Colin Scully are the founders of Life Line Screening. The company provides screenings to approximately 500,000 people in the United States and has even expanded to the United Kingdom. Life Line Screening started offering atrial fibrillation screenings in 2008.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-line-screening