Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare has long established itself as the premier senior living home in that area. Since this respected healthcare institution opened its first privately run living home for seniors in 1985, Sussex Healthcare has been delivering top-notch care services for its lovely residents.

Now, Sussex Healthcare has announced the exciting opening of their large gym complex. This gym features state-of-the-art fitness related equipment and even boasts a warm whirlpool jetted pool that provides amazing hydrotherapy sessions for the residents and other seniors within the community to enjoy. This water therapy is especially beneficial to seniors with degenerative bone disease and other skeletal problems.

This astonishing new gym is staffed by highly trained physiologists and fitness instructors. Each gym member is thoroughly evaluated so these fitness experts can develop a highly individualized exercise program for each person. Those that need assistance for their exercise routines get professional service to ensure that they do not hurt themselves while participating in their exercise formats. Energetic exercise programs give the gym members a sense of community belonging. The gym is also available for severely disabled young adults living within the community as well. Sussex Healthcare continues to provide elite care services for many elderly and disabled community and care home residents.


This revered healthcare provider again shows how they deliver essential care services through a variety of various departments. Keeping seniors active is a goal that will be easier with the addition of this beautiful area gym facility. Water based exercise is highly recommended for seniors that have fragile bones or range of motion limitations. The fitness professionals are able to take a person through beneficial exercises using the gentle resistance of water to increase the effort. These exercises in water do not strain the joints, and these movements can help a person retain their current muscle mass or strengthen individuals who need this.

There are a number of great newer services now offered by Sussex Healthcare. Audiology services are now available to help those that have hearing loss. This outstanding senior living home provider has received double certifications by nationally recognized organizations that evaluate personal care homes. People can feel good about allowing these professionals to care for their beloved family members. Every resident has remarkable activities choices like cooking, music, arts and reminiscence sessions. There are specialized facilities that are perfectly set up to care for individuals suffering from dementia or disabilities.

Neurocore: Fighting Depression through Therapy

Neurocore is an American business focusing on the treatment of patients suffering from depression. Depression is considered as a mental illness, and Neurocore is helping the victims of the disorder to have a meaningful and happy life. If depression is not treated, it might lead to suicide. Depression is a deadly disorder, and thousands of people are drying every year from being depressed. Severe stress resulting from depression can kill someone, and depression must be treated before it gets worse. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering from the disorder, and Neurocore’s objective is to relieve them the feeling of stress. The company is using one of their latest technologies to treat people, who are suffering from depression, and according to most of their patients, the treatment is effective and it makes their brain think positively, relieving them from the pain brought by severe stress and sadness. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depression develops because of two reasons – genetics, and being spontaneous. Genetic depression is characterized as a kind of depression passed on by a parent to their offspring. The offspring will develop depression because of their DNA, and it can happen anytime in their lifetime. Spontaneous depression is what affects most of the people, and it is characterized as a kind of depression resulting from severe, unfortunate circumstances. People who are traumatized can also develop this kind of depression, and they have to undergo several weeks or even months of rehabilitation before they can go back to their normal lives. Scientists at Neurocore found out that depression is actually classified into four different types – depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. These four types of depression are affecting millions of people in the United States alone. It does not choose the gender or age of the victim, and Neurocore is racing against time in order to save a lot of lives in the United States.

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People who are suffering from depression can contact Neurocore and set up an appointment with them. The company has state of the art treatment facilities and equipment that will surely help the patients against depression, and most of their previous patients are recommending the treatment from Neurocore. Follow Neurocore on

Life Line Screening Providing High Quality Preventive Health Tests

Life Line Screening is a privately owned company that provides preventative health and wellness products. Life Line Screening founded in 1993 and operates in Austin, Texas. Timothy Phillips and Collin Scully founded the company in Florida before shifting its headquarters to Texas in the 2000s. Since the company began it has completed over 8 million screens and it presently performs one million screenings per year. The company has an international presence in Australia and the UK. It started offering services in the UK in 2007 and in 2012 in Australia.

The company has added various tests to its list of services as technology has advanced. The tests offered include finger stick blood tests, atrial fibrillation screenings, ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs and blood screenings. Various independent studies from renowned institutions such as the University of South Florida have validated screening methods used by Life Line Screening. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Members of the BBB commit themselves to making good faith efforts when resolving consumer complaints. Life Line Screening has an A+ grade from BBB. BBB rates companies on a scale of A+ to F. BBB looks at factors such as waiting times, complaint volume and size of the business when accrediting a company.

Life Line Screening offers three types of health screenings used in preventive health. First there are ultrasound screenings, which use sound waves to create images of structures inside the human body. The ultrasound device emits high frequency sound waves that are transmitted to a body part and the returning echoes are logged helping to create an image of the internal body organ to learn more: click here.

Ultrasound is used to screen for diseases such as carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, osteoporosis (this is done by looking at bone mineral density) and ankle bronchial index screening. The second type of screening is done by using finger stick blood screens. This is achieved by pricking a finger, taking several drops of blood and then performing FDA approved lab tests. Blood screens are used to detect elevated liver enzymes, C-reactive proteins, cholesterol and glucose. The final type of screening test is the limited electrocardiograph which detects irregular heartbeats. All screenings offered by Life Line Screening are quick and non-invasive.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens New Plastic Surgery Center

Fellowship-trained aesthetic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the U.S. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Walden specializes in breast augmentations, facial surgeries, liposuction and even less evasive procedures like Botox and Restylane and what Jennifer knows.

Dr. Walden graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch with high honors in 1998. She went on to complete an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Manhattan’s prestigious Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She also built a very successful practice of her own in New York before pulling up stakes and heading back to her Texas home.

Dr. Walden has received numerous awards for excellence including Who’s Who Among American Universities, Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence In Medicine Award, Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement, Merck Manual Award and the Donald D. Duncan Memorial Scholarship Award and read full article.

Because of her wealth of expertise, Dr. Walden has been featured on several networks including CNN, ABC, Good Morning America and Botched. She has her own weekly blog where she covers a variety of issues involving plastic surgery and overall health. Dr. Walden says it has always been her goal to empower women and help them find self esteem and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Walden says that no one should be ashamed of having plastic surgery. She’s even admitted to having a few non-invasive procedures herself. She says she is all for a women using plastic surgery to gain confidence and better self image.

Dr. Walden has opened a new practice in Westlake. The Walden Surgery Center is a fully-staffed clinic that utilizes all of the latest devices and surgical procedures. Dr. Walden offers a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for all customers. She and her staff is committed to making all patients feel and look their very best.


Managing osteoarthritis with modern technology

Arthritis is a pain for all those suffering from this disease. It is a common misconception to assume that arthritis is a single disease. It refers to joint pain or joint disease in general. This form of the disease affects more women than men, and it is an aging disease. It occurs in more than 100 forms, and the most common type is the osteoarthritis or a degenerative joint disease. This type of arthritis has no cure. It occurs when there is degeneration of the soft tissue between the joints called the cartilage (HealthGrades). Though there is no cure, there are many ways anyone suffering from the pains can manage the pain and improve the quality of life. Osteoarthritis is likely caused by excess weight, family history, age, and previous injury. This disorder is purely self-managed, hence needs determination for success and relief. Regular exercise and medical treatments on routine is the best way to go about this pain management.

There are several institutions handling patients who are dealing with managing osteoarthritis. Among those institutes is the Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore. It offers the best-advanced osteoarthritis knee treatments available in Monmouth County and the neighboring areas. Osteo Institute offers up-to-date technology to deal with a range of knee problems forms minor pains to severe osteoarthritis. The heavy investments in the equipment have made it easier to locate where the pain is originating from the knee to offer precise and top notch treatment for the osteoarthritis. Osteo Relief Institute operates on the principle that everyone deserves to try every option available to them to help prevent further aggressive and invasive procedures. This is so because they offer free introductory screening to help any patient determine if the treatment options can offer the relief needed.

Osteo Relief Institute has dedicated its staff to treat incoming patients like family hence establishing a doctor-patient trust which is a critical thing in today’s world. They help their patients avoid surgery by using other efficient and safe methods. The staffs at any Osteo Relief Institute locations are highly trained with relevant certifications to help patients get the required care and treatment . With the steps Osteo Relief Institute is taking to manage patients with osteoarthritis is something to be appreciated.

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Life Line Screening Expands With Preventive Health Commitment to Individuals Worldwide

When it comes to health and wellness, Life Line Screening has the pulse of those wanting to remain in the best medical condition possible. As a preventive service, for individuals of all ages, Life Line Screening encourages tests that will fit the medical situation an individual basis, rather than a one size fits all approach. The company presents options available to individuals, for making the best choice, based upon their current medical conditions, risk factors, family history and medical history.

Life Line Screening began in 1993, when it was founded by Colin Scully and Timothy Philips based solely in the state of Florida. Mr. Scully has remained as Chief Executive Officer with the company. Life Line Screening now offers more than 500,000 health screenings to those within the entire United States and expanded to the United Kingdom.

In 2007, Life Line Screenings elevated screening services to include lipid panels, for cholesterol counting, and also diabetes screening to determine glucose levels. These screenings are conducted using a finger-stick blood test and then captured by a capillary tube. Since Life Line Screening’s expansion, the company has conducted well-over eight million screenings world-wide; averaging one million screenings on a yearly basis.

In 2012, Life Line Screenings created a subsidy, Screen for Life, and began providing its services to the citizens of Australia and more information click here.

Life Line Screenings has partnered with several insurance companies across the globe, for using their preventive health services with covered benefits, and they are extensively utilized by numerous hospitals as part of their patient care. A clinical study completed by Oxford University, found in over 290,000 vascular screenings completed by Life Line Screenings between 2008 and 2012, cardiovascular disease in relation to men and women occur approximately ten years earlier in men. The study contributed to an expansive awareness to make significant changes, for preventive health and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Life Line Screening is committed to offering the most beneficial and suitable screenings to help every person achieve empowerment, for their health and wellness, using preventive measures. With medical science evolving around the world, Life Line Screening will naturally be a part of any expansion developed and Lifeline Screening’s Website.

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Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides’ Leadership Roles At InnovaCare Health

Workplaces require dynamic leaders who possess high moral and ethical standards. They should also be men and women of integrity. Effective leaders build a sense of communism within the workplace, a strategy that not only improves productivity, but also employee retention. Good leaders communicate and implement visions by working with their juniors and instructing them on how things are supposed to be done. An organization that has visionary leadership achieves its set objectives in all its operations. InnovaCare Health, a leading company in managed health care industry, is a successful firm that owes its excellent performance to its strong team of leaders.

Richard Shinto, M.D., M.B.A

Dr. Richard Shinto has extensive experience in clinical and operational managed care. His career that spans over two decades has seen him work for diverse companies in the industry. He worked as president and CEO of Aveta. In addition, Rick was a member of its management team until 2012 when the company was sold. He also worked for NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Shinto studied medicine at the University of California at Irvine and the University of Redlands where he graduated with his degree and an M.B.A. He started his career in Southern California as a pulmonologist.

Penelope Kokkinides

Initially, Penelope Kokkinides worked for InnovaCare Health as the chief operating officer before assuming her current role. She is highly knowledgeable in government programs and managed care. Over the years, Penelope specialized in developing clinical programs and managing health care processes. She has worked for different companies, including Americhoice, Touchstone Health and Centerlight HealthCare where she was part of the management team. Penelope is an alumnus of Binghamton University, New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health where she pursued Biological Sciences, Classical Languages, Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Public Health respectively. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

About InnovaCare Health, Inc

InnovaCare Health is an industry leader in providing managed healthcare services in North America. They serve their clients through Provider Networks and Medicaid Advantage and Medicare Programs. The company strives to ensure that people can access quality and affordable healthcare by creating plans that are sustainable and fully integrated with advanced technology. At InnovaCare, the needs of patients are prioritized. The employees of the firm are committed to providing quality medical care and build strong patient-provider relationships. They have an able team of physicians who observe sustainability, and efficiency in a bid to offer innovative medical practices and networks. The company’s success is anchored on it diverse and reliable teams.

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How InnovaCare Health is dedicated to promoting its members’ well-being

InnovaCare Health is one of the largest managed healthcare providers in the United States. Through innovative models, InnovaCare Health is able to coordinate care for over 275,000 Medicare beneficiaries as well as over 270,000 commercial members. At InnovaCare Health, the health of the patient comes first; the end goal of everything they do is to provide quality medical care. They practice strong patient-provider relationships and teamwork among the staff for the pursuit of clear visions, willingness to find solutions to challenges and not forgetting, effective communication; all this leads to healthier outcomes and improved quality of life.

InnovaCare Health is a leading giver of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans. This enables them to provide quality healthcare to patients by creating sustainable, cost-effective models that are fully-integrated with modern technology. Also, a successful physician practice services not only ensures quality patient care but also, ensures that all patient bills are done correctly, and payments are received efficiently. InnovaCare Health is also a Provider Management company. It focuses on building provider networks, Patient-Centered Medical Homes as well as models of care that involve managed care and global risk. InnovaCare Inc. headquarters is found in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

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Medicare Advantage Plan
Medicare Advantage Plan is a health coverage plan for people with Medicare sold by private insurance companies. The plan covers Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) with some also covering extra benefits such as dental, hearing and vision care. With this plan, you are required to use hospitals and doctors in the plan’s network but for certain services; you may need referrals to see specialists thus you will get prior authorization from your Primary Care Physician to see the specialist. Most plans also include a Plan D that covers drugs. For this plan, the patient must still pay the Medicare premium plus your plan’s premium if it charges and your plan sets its own copays and deductible.

The leadership at InnovaCare
The growth of InnovaCare Health as an organization is partly due to experienced leadership, corporate integrity as well as achievement of result-oriented goals. The organization is headed by Rick Shinto who is the President as well as theChief Executive Officer. He has experience of more than two decades in the field of health. He has also authored several articles on health care issues throughout his career. InnovaCare Health also boasts its success in Medicare to their Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides who has over two decades of experience in managed care industry as well as specializing in government programs (Medicaid and Medicare).


InnovaCare Offers Important Health Care For All Their Medicare Advantage Members

Health care access today is governed by many factors. The world of health care in America is one in which many providers strive to provide the best possible treatment for their patients. This is particularly true of those patients who have chosen to work with Medicare Advantage plans. Such plans are designed to help provide older people with access to medical services as they age. One company that truly understands how important it is provide access to the best care possible is that of InnovaCare Health.

Strong Leadership

In order to help streamline the healthcare delivery process at every turn, those who run this company have done their best to develop new ways of delivering health care that are intended to make life as easy as possible for those relying on them. Rick Shinto, holder of both a medical degree and a master’s degree in business administrate is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. As such, he aims to provide strong leadership skills to help make this kind of health care delivery process a reality for those at InnovaCare. In this important goal, he is ably assisted by Penelope Kokkinides who is his Chief Administrative Officer and someone equally devoted to providing access to high level patient care at all times.

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Redefining Healthcare Management

At this company, the aim is also to help redefine healthcare management. As part of this process, old ways of thinking have fallen by the wayside here and new ways of seeing the world have taken their place. Those who with the team here know that all those at the company are fully committed to providing the best possible help for their patient. They also know that they are also determined to keep costs to a minimum, allowing patients to afford the healthcare they need with Medicare.

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Creating New Ways Of Health Care Provision

Those here also work with patients to offer them access to the latest in medical and technological innovations. Medicare Advantage patients can be assured of working with InnovaCare Health that offers them all possible options when confronting a one time condition or one that is chronic. This helps patients not only get the healthcare they need. It also helps patients retain their autonomy and become engaged as partners in any health care they are receiving. In short, this is why so many have turned to this company for their healthcare needs.

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