Dr. Mark Holterman Impacts Healthcare in the U.S. and Beyond

Dr. Mark Holterman grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and worked for his father’s construction business when he was a teenager. He received a scholarship to Yale University, graduated after four years, and continued his studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. There he met his wife, with whom he later had three children. Dr. Mark Holterman also went to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center for his residency training, and he continued to learn pediatric surgery there. He is currently a pediatric physician in the Chicago area as well as a professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria.

One of Dr. Mark Holterman’s greatest desires is to make healthcare available to all children. In particular, he would like to make stem cell therapies available to children, not only in Chicago but in other places as well.

Dr. Mark Holterman helped to form IPSAC-VN, an organization that helps to provide medical care to children in Vietnam. The organization provides training to Vietnamese medical students, and the surgeons also teach current Vietnamese doctors new techniques. Sometimes Vietnamese doctors are brought to the United States for further education and training. Some members of IPSAC-VN donate equipment to medical facilities in Vietnam. Other members travel to Vietnam to perform free surgeries and provide other medical care for children. In addition to assisting with organizational tasks, Dr. Mark Holterman contributes financially to IPSAC-VN.

Mariam Global Health is another organization which was founded in part by Dr. Mark Holterman. Marian Global Health helps to provide funding for new medical technologies and ideas. Dr. Mark Holterman personally had trouble getting adequate funds for his own ideas in the past and understands how important it is for medical startups to be able to get the money they need to succeed (http://mariamglobal.com/).

Because of his years of experience, Dr. Mark Holterman is also able to mentor other people who have good ideas and provide them with valuable advice. He is known for his kindness and enjoys making a difference in the medical community.