Vinny Parascandola’s Proficient Vocation in the Insurance Trade

AXA Group is among the leading firms offering life insurance policies, consultation services, retirement, and employee benefits, established in 1859. The company has nearly 43 conglomerates located in various parts of the globe with its primary offices located in New York. AXA Group is dedicated to advising its customers so that they can efficiently sort their finances for future benefit. Additionally, the corporation has expert staffs that work to live up to the firm’s objectives.

Vincent Parascandola is the organization’s Senior Executive Vice President and is one of the top talents that are responsible for the company’s remarkable triumphs. Vinny, as he is commonly known at the firm, began his career at AXA Group in 2004 where he worked in several posts leading up to his current position that he assumed in 2014. In his current leadership position, Mr. Parascandola has shown significant commitment and exceptional performance elevating the status of AXA Group. Among his responsibilities at the firm include productivity, sales, development of financial experts, recruitment and retention of personnel, and management development.

Vinny has assisted many families and companies to secure the future through financial security. For this reason, companies consulting Vinny have managed to remain operational, securing jobs for their employees while at the same time making decent returns.

Before joining AXA Group, Mr. Parascandola was the Chief Sakes Officer and President of the Continental Division of AXA Equitable and the President of the Northern Division of AXA Equitable. Additionally, Vincent was also an executive president and CEO of Advantage Group. Because of his excellent track record, Mr. Parascandola has received various awards including being named the National Rookie of the Year while he was serving as an agent at Prudential.

Vinny also has the proper educational foundation with a Bachelor of Science Degree obtained from Pace University. Vinny Parascandola has an active social media presence with a Twitter handle and a Facebook page. He regularly updates his Twitter feed, updating his followers on where he plans to make appearances. Additionally, he tweets tips of losing weight to his followers. In his Facebook, he updates photos taken with officials and customers that he encounters.