Master Limited Partnerships joins with freedom checks to empower investors

Freedom checks have become the new talk of the day especially on the social media platforms because most of the people think that it is a scam. The main reason that they believe it is a scam is that they have a lot of benefits that most of the people feel that they are too good to be real. Checks were introduced by Matt Badiali who is a successful and one of the most prominent investors in the United States. He has been talking about the checks in various social media platforms to try to make people understand how the checks operate, the companies that are qualified to issue freedom checks and the requirements for companies to offer Checks.

According to Matt Badiali, freedom checks are a form of investments which are said to be legit because of the many benefits they have to investors. They are issued by the Master Limited Companies that specialize in the production, transportation, storage and distribution of oil and gas in the United States. The partnerships are not taxed as ordinary corporations because they combine the benefits of a partnership with those of a public company. This is one of the benefits that investors enjoy by investing with the Master Limited Companies because they do not pay the income taxes meaning that their net income on their investments is much higher than an investor who has invested in other companies. Read this article at

For the master Limited Companies to qualify to issue the checks, they must have 90% of their income generated from specific operations which are the production, transportation, and storage of oil and gas across the United States. Another requirement is that the companies must be in a position to issue the checks to the shareholders on an annual basis.

Matt Badiali says that those people who think that checks are a scam because of the many benefits should understand that the freedom checks are not given for free. But what he is doing with the idea of checks is to sell membership of the Master Limited Companies where he recommends only five master Limited Partnership companies for the investors to invest in.

Besides, Matt Badiali being an educated person and with vast experience in the financial sector, it’s enough for the investors to trust his freedom checks as a legit investment opportunity with enormous amounts of benefits rather than taking it as a scam.