George Soros, The Man Who Changed the World Against All Odds

George Soros is one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. With his recent donation of eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has joined the ranks of the top philanthropists in history. However, ideologues in the Republican Party continue to spew conspiracy theories about him. According to them, he is busy taking over the world.

There is no denying that his Jewish identity is what is fueling a lot of these hateful conspiracy theorists. If you ask the extremists who are spewing hatred if that is the case, most will deny it, but if you look at the conspiracy theories that they are spewing, you will see that there are recurring themes of antisemitism in them. They build on long-held anti-semitic beliefs that can be found in the Elders of Zion and other antisemitic publications. In other words, they say that his care for the poor and oppressed and his desire to help out people all over the world is only because he wants to take over the world. The call him a globalist, which is a word that is often used by the antisemitic alt-right and their ilk.

The Open Society Foundations, however, continues to do good in the world. They have been a driving force for world improvement ever since George Soros started it a few decades ago. Over those few decades, the Open Society Foundations have given away fourteen billion dollars to charity and will continue giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, or even billions of dollars, every year from now on. George Soros recently gave them a boost by donating eighteen billion dollars of his own money to the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros now helps people out in over one hundred countries. His first efforts were to help black students in South Africa who were suffering under the system of apartheid. He helped them get scholarships. He then turned his attention to Europe. He started out in Hungary, the country where he was born. He helped anti communist people print out various publications that attacked the communist regime. He had first hand experience with communism in Hungary, as he had to flee from it as a young man. So much for those who call him a communist. He got printing machines for them, which they could not afford on their own. He helped students travel to other countries so that they can see what democracy is like. He helped students get scholarships as well so that they can get a better education.

George Soros also started the Central European University. He now supports efforts by immigration activists to help immigrants live a better life in Europe. He donates money to people who are suffering in war torn countries and are making their way to a European country in search of a better life for themselves. All of his causes have to do with promoting freedom, promoting civil rights, obtaining social justice for all, and so on.

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The Napa Art Walk

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A Visit To The Auberge Spa Will Be Awesome

At the Auberge Spa, you will get to relax and feel pampered. Enjoy baths and massages that will make you feel so good.

What About A Cooking Class For Even More Fun?

Taking a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School will give you another wonderful time in Napa Valley. Make some great dishes and find the wines that you want to go with them.

Take Some Time At The Park

The park offers some wonderful things for you to enjoy. Be sure to spend as much time there as you can. It will be a fun time, and all the things that you can do and see will be worth it.

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