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Francisco Domenech is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he attained Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Juris Doctor where he was he also was a president of the General student body counsel, Academic Senator and student body president in the College of Sciences at some point.

He participated in comparative law at the University of London for a full semester during the same period. Domenech was ranked as one of the best oralists in his campus tenure. He was born 1978 in Ocala, Florida and attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High school. Learn more about FrancisicoDomenech at

Domenech is a certified lawyer who can practice before courts of Commonwealth, Puerto Rico, United States District Court of Public Relations, District of Colombia, US Courts of appeal for first Circuit, International trade, and US supreme court.

Besides practicing, he exercised his political science training by representing the Young Democrats of America as a member of the Democratic National Committee between 2007 and 2012.

Currently, Francisco Domenech is the director of POLITIK, a law firm that manages government affairs. He has been a Director of Office Legislators Services of Public Relations Legislative assembly where he led 130 employees and the annual budget.

Francisco Domenech participated in consideration of 800 pieces for legislation and expanded services to the physically impaired using the Legislative Library. Before that, he was the senator’s representative before a court.

As the manager of Politank, he participates in philanthropic endeavors like Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Clinton Foundation, Museum of art Puerto Rico and The Washington Center for internships and academic seminars, TASIS scholarship fund, and Museo De Arte de Ponce.

He has participated as Hillary Clinton’s member of the National finance committee and campaign manager and in Puerto Ricco on two occasions, all times she got majority votes against the other candidates, Senator Obama and, Senator Sanders.

His participation in Hillary Clintons campaign garnered him popularity demonstrated by ‘Most popular 40 under 40 awards ‘ of 2016. He also successfully spearheaded a campaign for Jennifer Gonzales bid to represent Puerto Ricco in the US Congress as the youngest and even first female.

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Sujit Choudhry is a Leading Constitutional Law Expert Chosen to help the Ukrainian Government

Sujit Choudhry is a leading figure in the world of constitutional law. This man has been an advisor that has assisted in the constitutional building process of many nations including South Africa, Jordan, Egypt and Sri Lanka (  He has a keen insight into constitutional governments and what they need to thrive. Sujit’s in-depth knowledge and practical experience makes him one of the best in this field.

The Ukrainian government has been undergoing a lot of problems with stability. There are many reasons why this government cannot remain stabilized for its people. The primary reason has to do with how this nation defines itself. Over the years, Ukraine has switched its governmental system back and forth between the political parties that have been vying for control of this nation. There are communists, democrats and pro-Ukrainian parties. Each of these different groups bring their own brand of politics when they take power.

Sujit Choudhry knows that the Ukrainian government will always be in turmoil until the nation can figure out how to consolidate these parties. Truthfully, it is extremely challenging for one party to gain control in the land. That is why constitutional law experts like Choudhry is needed. He is there to help them to find a practical situation to the formation of their government (

When Choudhry is not helping nations to establish their government, he is working hard as a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Choudhry also provides very important lectures to many nations and developing countries around the world. (  Many people find his work to be respectable and they typically invite him out to events and programs regarding the subject of constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry is truly one of the best constitutional legal experts in his field.

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